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Found 7 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone could suggest some globes and pumps for the lighting and filtering for the Juwel Lido 120, I'll be picking up a Juwel Lido 120 this weekend with tank, stand, non working light, non working filter, heater, apparently the filter and light don't work but it could just be needing a new globe and pump.
  2. This weekend I will be picking up the Juwel Lido 120 I got for a carton of Coopers Pale Ale. I'm pretty much sold that I'm going to take the 2 Empire Gudgeons and 3 Desert Goby from my Mr Aqua 45l and put them into the Juwel Lido 120l a long with all the plants, driftwood, gravel as well, I'll also use the Eheim 2213 canister, 100w heater and an Ista 60cm LED as well. Just wondering if I should leave it at that in regards to fish, or should I get 1 really nice native or 3 natives, can anyone suggest some nice Australian natives? I was looking into some Desert Rainbow but they are out of stock at AquaGreen, was thinking maybe asking on here about some Rhads, anything else I could look into? Cheers.
  3. .So after selling up and only having a two footer i could not just settle at that so purchased a tank off here and set off to set it up here is the run down thus far ,only have had this tank up and running for a week so early days Hardware: Tank;Juwel 120 Filtration: Fluval 306 Co2: ista 1l cylinder,ista regulator,ista inline diffuser Lighting:2x petworx 6500k 60cm led Substrate:bottom layer is a thin layer of ada aqua soil middle layer ,sand/1mm gravel ,top layer 2 bags of eco complete Plants: Ludwigia glandulosa,Hygrophilia pinnaifadia ,crested java ,bolbitis,crypt wenditti red ,crypt balanese,heminathus callitrichoides,glossostigma elatinoides Livestock:(to be put in yet) Cato river tri Coen river tri cories l080 and a few others at the moment running co2 @ 2 bps
  4. Hi guys, after some help with juwel aquarium lighting. I need to replace my light globes as my plants seem to be yellowing a bit. My question, would 2 nature globes be better than 1 nature and 1 day light even though they say one and one work in conjunction with one another? I'm no expert but are they just saying i get the complete spectrum with one of each globes? I think I want more light around the 64-6500k temp so my plants stay greener. At present I tried glowing glosastigma with no success so I'm 90% sure it's light related. Let me know need some help!!!
  5. I somehow ended up with a fish tank that uses light bulbs that are specifically only used in these Juwel fish tanks. I need to find replacement bulbs and have had no luck. Tried a online Melbourne fish shop but at checkout it said the seller details are not correct so the place must be shutdown. Preferably someone on the sunshine coast that sells them or else anyone that could post these bulbs would be great. If anyone can tell me how I can get hold of:Juwel T5 High Lite Tube 54w 1047mm Please help.:confused:
  6. Dreaming of a Juwel tank? Bring that dream home this month! For the entire month of November, buy a Juwel tank, get the stand for free. That's a savings of up to $450! Juwel aquariums are state of the art (made by robots) and come with filtration and lighting built in! Let us help you design your new family "tv" with an underwater garden! One interesting fact that I learned about Juwel tanks is - yes they are made by robots, but because the heavy glass and timber is controlled by a robotic line, (meaning an entire tank can be lifted by a person using the robot with one hand) they have employed a largely female workforce. I bet that is a factory that smells like rainbows and roses
  7. My juwel Rio 120 light has died. It is a T8 version, the tubes are a few months old, so they should be ok, I noticed the other night the rear one was flickering a bit, this morning nothing. I have read on a UK website that because these units do not have starters that if one tube is faulty then the light won't fire up. Has anyone had any experience with juwel lights. I want to convert it to LEd at some point but not just yet.
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