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Found 4 results

  1. hey me again... my male laid couple of days ago and just went to check it out and the eggs were out of his log pretty much scattered throughout the tank.... so i netted them (as many as i could see) and put them in one of those fry saver square nets... is that alright to do???? the water flow where it is placed is pretty good.. help help!! cheers
  2. Ok so i have pindani's 5females and 1 male and they have kicked out the only male and he is sitting in the top of the tank which i no i should take him out but as it is the only male i am stumped as what to do? I am about to put them into a bare bottom breeding set up so i was thinking i would see how it goes with a change of scenery and then make the next judgement. any advice would be AWESOME as i am completely and utterly stumped as what to do next I do want to breed these guys, they will be my 1st colony that i am going to try and breed sooo yer cheers
  3. As above, got home today and several eggs had been kicked, wondering if there's still a chance for them. Also, what is the best way to immediately tumble eggs without constructing some masterpiece? Cheers.
  4. hi everyone yesterday i had the some great news my peppermint bristlenose which i brought only 1 and a half weeks ago have spawned. but here is the bad news the male kicked the eggs out. i have put them in a strainer on top of an airstone, is that right? and because all the shops here are dodgy and dont have meth blue i used some multi cure would that stop fungus from spreading? this morning 1 egg went fungusy because the air stone moved and was not under the strainer. i cant access the fungus one without disturbing the others is it ok to leave it in their? any help would be great thanks.
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