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Found 7 results

  1. Sorry I have not been on much - Telstra has been fixing the problem for some time now....... I think our hobby has a problem. Our desire for cheap fish. Downwards pressure on price means the seller has to source fish cheaper to meet the demand. The end result is we get the bottom of the barrel fish. We do not get the best, we get at best the mediocre. I have heard people say that Asian fish are not good quality. However when I have been in Asia I have seen great fish. Maybe our desire for cheap means we do not get the quality fish sent here. If goes further to the commercial breeder. The breeder to make a dollar when downwards pressure is on may not be culling as he would desire. He needs to raise enough dollars to cover his cost of raising the fry. This may not affect the hobbyist, who is not as concerned about profit, but does those who depend on the $$$$$ There are places you can get quality at a great price, but do not expect it to be cheap! Remember you do get what you pay for!
  2. These dam rhodacs are a pain when they spread out and start killing corals. This one is one of three offspring off the whopper in the bottom tank The poor coral is expanding out and away to the left but all that is under this local rhodac is suffering big time. Can’t move it, its stuck solid, oh well that’s nature as we set it up.
  3. Oh well it won’t kill it all, I mean its one of my fav algae, so I am certain this acan can spare a few polyps. The first pic is from around two months back, the next is now. As you can see one of my tubastraea has fallen to a lower point from the left, probably knocked by one of my biscuit sea stars, they like to dig under things and it is probably safer now, the algae and the morphs are killing the tubastraea as well, but they are expanding polyps backwards away from the threats, so it’s all-good. The capensis is taking over a little in this tank as well, that I don’t mind at all, that was planned.
  4. I just gave my orange head fry a big feed of fresh hatched BBS last night for the first time in a few weeks. the fry are just over a month old and were going strong. had a couple die early on but none since. So this morning I woke up to 5 dead bubs. Did a water change and fed crushed pellet. Got home from work this arvo to another 5 dead Now hours later there are another 2 dead. And when I think back, the last few deaths I had was when I had fed the BBS. Is it possible to get a bad batch? I know the shells are bad but I've been really careful with that. I'm pretty upset about whatever's going on. All I can say is I'm not feeding anymore of that and I hope they stop dying soon. I think I have about 40 left. I'm hoping I don't wake up to a heap more dead babies. Any thoughts?
  5. I am after some advice on killling snails and their eggs on plants before introducing to new tank
  6. my common bn trapped one of the gold fish in its breeding log and wouldn't let him out and killed the goldfish is this normal??? any ideas ???
  7. Just a theory. Measured GH and KH of my tap water. Prior to dams filling GH 120ppm (6.72 gH), KH 100ppm (5.6gH) After dams filled GH 60 (3.36gH), KH 50 (2.8gH) The pH in peoples tanks are most probably slowly getting more acidic... do a fast water change with higher pH and not all fish will cope. Gradual changes in pH up or down are quite well tolerated, but not sudden ones. Sth Americans seem to handle pH swings better than other fish though.
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