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Found 17 results

  1. Just sharing my new boy... he's a beast. about 20cm and still growing Your comments are welcomed 20150730-IMG_8234 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150730-IMG_8237 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr Cheers Matt
  2. Just sharing some pics of my Betta Macrostoma group....these are beautiful fish and I know there are a couple of people on here with these guys...so would love to see your fish guys .... And some of the girls(pretty sure they are all girls!!)....
  3. King pearl flowerhorns with (big Kok gene) for sale, 40-50mm, $30 each or 4 for $100, crazy pearling and colours already, shipping available, . And before you get a chance @mbunamad I know this is general aquarium discussion, I don't need your input every time thanks. Just Wunna give people a chance too look that don't realise there is a hybrid section,there posted there also.
  4. Hello everyone I'm new to this so here I go..... Can anyone help me out PLEASE.... I got my King Kong of my mate 8 years ago and he had him for 5years, two days ago after a storm we had, stopped my filters and I lost every single one of my Red Devils and my pride and joy King Kong..... After doing some research yesterday he looks more like a red mammon...... Can someone PLEASE put me in the right direction to find another one he was a BEAST... My bought him from a great aquarium from the q super centre but they rant there anymore.... Need some help to find another one or few of him.....
  5. All the talk about bloodlines and breeding,etc has got me keen to share a goldfish variety that has a deep history of bloodlines and is known in the goldfish world as the "king" of goldfish.....the TVR or topview ranchu.....It is a product of japanese breeding efforts and came from the lionhead goldfish (China back in the 1800s)...it is pretty much the "true" ranchu and it has deep established bloodlines that are not easily "bought" as they have cultural significance which is viewed as more important than the commercial value(something nice to see in the aquarium hobby if you ask me)...this might also be the reason why people in general are unaware of these guys..they havent been pushed around the world with profits in mind..it is hard to get the bloodlines and not cheap either...and yet some true breeders give the fry or baby black ranchu(called this due to their dark colour before they begin to "colour" up) away for free to young students of the "game". ...so heres some examples of the topview ranchu....
  6. Hello everybody. I just ordered a Keg King 2.6kg co2 bottle and I have a couple of questions. 1. Would a Tunze regulator suit? Specifically this one https://aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3818&catID=58 2. What other accesories will I need to start off without spending a fortune? I'm thinking about getting a reactor for my canister but not too sure. 3. I've heard a variety of opinions about turning co2 off at night. I'm still undecided so any advice would be appreciated as I'm wondering of a solenoid is worthwile. I work close to Age of Aquariums so thats probably my 1st choice for getting stuff but I have no issues with ordering online if need be. Any and all help is much appreciated. Cheers Phil Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. My female King Kong.
  8. just wondering has anyone got either the black or red king kong shrimp in Australia.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Did a vid on some new bubs coming through.
  11. hey guys i have a few kingsizie in my tank and im intersted in knowing what the signs are for breeding??? at the moment there is a male and female doing circles around each other with a couple of shakes thrown in there ...is it a terratorial thing or perhaps a sign of breeding love to know what you think. cheers mickyd
  12. Hey everyone, about 2 weeks ago the kkp laid, male sgt did his job... and here are the fry atm, plenty to go round Dad - Mum - Batch - Fry - The fry are in a 3 1/3ft x 2ft x 2ft tank atm.
  13. Just the one shot of this bad boy. He is my stand out favorite in the tank. It is uncanny the way he seems to know when I have the camera out. It really feels like he is posing for me at times.
  14. Check my WTB Thread in Trader, 7 Available http://www.qldaf.com/forums/hybrid-trader-29/wtb-king-kong-parrot-42037/#post251812 I thought some people might miss this as I started the thread as a WTB Cheers
  15. Hey all. first of all, the idea of using bleach in or even near my fish tank scares the S@#T out of me, but after extensive reading on this forum im getting over my fears and want to treat a piece of wood. I plan to soak it for 48 hours in a 50-50 mix of bleach-water. My question is... Can i Use white king?? Regular, Premium Bleach Active Ingredients: Sodium Hypochlorite 42g/L (available chlorine 4.0% m/v) AT USE BY DATE: Available Chlorine 2.0%m/v, Sodium Hydroxide 9g/l Anyone had any experiences with this?? And if i cant use it how can I tell what kind of bleach is safe?? Cheers Jesse
  16. These are the fish that were caught out at the wreck on a very nice day. The vis was only around 7 metres and the swell was nearly a metre, but it didn’t prevent a top day out. This wreck is nearly half way from Stradbroke Island to Moreton Island just out behind the surf on the bar. The recent rough seas have exposed a lot of it and it is a reasonable wreck now to have a top snorkel at. The following pics are what was gotten there and a couple of ordinary videos of a swim around the wreck. The only cray seen on the day would have been 3 kilos, missed it by that much!!! There are two more trips in our members section of our forum,the trip two days ago is a mind blower. This is where we were,just next to the wreck,which is just under the water down to 30 plus feet. These are the fish we got. Videos of the wreck.
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