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Found 22 results

  1. All the best toys go to Marine. The test kits are cool, and also damn expensive. Can you get replacement chemicals for test kits. I believe my tests kits are too old, and not giving true readings. I just want chems for Redsea as I have all the cool toys that come in the box. Thanks, Steve
  2. Just wondering if anyone here on the forum uses any of the small Fluval, Aqua One, Ista or other small CO2 kits that are getting around and if they are any good. Thinking of grabbing one down the track when it's time to flood the up and coming 'Monte Carlo' nano. Cheers.
  3. Do you have a pond or outside water feature that you can't run a power cord to? The Aquagarden Solarfree 1000c could be the answer for you! These pump, solar panel and fountain kit sets are ideal for smaller ponds. They have max output of 980 LPH and a max head height of 1m. They also include a telescopic fountain riser with a secondary T-piece outlet. Wow! And all that for only $189.00!! And dont forget about your 10% QLDAF discount!! Click on the link below to head on over to our website and check them out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquagarden_Solarfree_1000C_Solar_Water_Pump_p/22075.htm
  4. Sera is one of the most trusted brands and we have all of their products on special. Don't miss out and you may need to be quick at these prices. 10% Off plus 10% member discount = time to buy and load up !! Here is the link shopping starts now..... http://www.thetechden.com.au/10_OFF_SERA_SPECIALS_s/2117.htm
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent nitrate test kit? I have been using API, I'm on to my third nitrate kit and they all seem to stop working after a short period of time (maybe 3-6months?). I go from a steady 10-20ppm to 40-80 and no matter how many water changes I do, the result stays the same. Thanks in advance!
  6. Unpacked a brand new Aquasonic ammonia testing kit. Did a test last night. Followed instructions precisely for 5ml sample. Results after 10 minute wait showed darkest green = 10ppm or more !!! Looked at the fish very closely. Swimming about. Looked at gills. No redness no inflammation. Cories and bristlenoses all down below. Fish ate when I fed them. Gave the kit the benefit of the doubt. Did another test to instructions at 6.30am this morning (Wednesday). Results after the 10 minutes process time - black/green ?? Did a 25% water change with Supachlor. Came back home from work checked out fish (tropicals; gouramies and Danio, cories & b/noses). I can not see any signs of stress, or gasping, or inflammation, or fish all at the surface. Observation does not indicate ammonia poisoning. Which am I to believe my fish, or my Aquasonic ammonia testing kit ?? A week ago when there was a real ammonia spike the fish were obviously distressed and all at the surface. The water went cloudy. None of these indicators this time round. Yet the test results show 10ppm ???
  7. ..We received an offer for some of the Aquael Pond Filters and Pond Systems and we just had to jump on these. Due to the price we got them for, we are taking 30% off and you still get your QLDAF discount off that again! To give you an idea just how good these prices are do a google search on the Aquael Klarjet 15000 and compare the prices. The Klarjet 15000 is designed for ponds up to 15000 liters - it comes with a Aquael PFN 7500 pump (we normally sell this for $219 by itself) and a massive filter box 52x100x75cm with media and also includes a 11 watt UV and comes with a 2 Year Warranty. By the time you take off all the discounts - the QLDAF Member Price ends up a bargain price of $472.50 With a bit of thought you might find these useful with IBC's too. Anyway - here is the link to all the specials so check them out... Aquael Pond Filters
  8. Deal of the Day - Aquapet Glass 14L Aquarium Kit. Today only $12.00 !!!. Normally $39.95. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquapet Complete Starter Kit 14 Litres This is way below normal wholesale so grab a bargain !!! AQUAPET Fish Home 2 Go contains everything a junior aquarium needs! Made from the best quality glass, this tank will hold and is suitable for tetras, shrimp etc. It comes complete with an internal filter, AquaPet Water Treatment, AquarWorld Fish Food, AquaPet coloured gravel, quality silk plant and a background! JUST ADD FISH! Dimensions 30.5cm x 18.5cm x 24.5cm
  9. Hey guys. I have a 4 ft planted tank with a tropical community. I use fertiliser at the moment but I'm looking to get a c02 diffuser kit. Anyone know the best place to get one in Brisbane or which would be the be the best to use? Hopefully cheap too
  10. If you are thinking on getting a KH (Carbonate Hardness) or GH (General Hardness) test kit you might want to take a closer look at Aquasonic. It is an Australian Made test kit that does steps of 10ppm, which makes it almost twice as accurate as most will do steps of 17.9. The other good thing about 10ppm steps is that you can multiply them in your head and do not need to refer to the chart on the instructions or a calculator to work the multiples of 17.9ppm. The next time you need a Gh test kit or Kh test kit give the Aquasonic ones a try. Here are a couple of other reasons to get the Aquasonic test kits. Australian Made Laminated instructions - great around water. Plastic storage box - no soggy box. You can buy additional fluids without having to buy a whole new kit. The measuring tubes are wider and made of plastic so they are more stable and do not fall over and break like glass ones.
  11. Hi All. We now stock a selection of Complete Bulkhead Kits. Link - Bulkheads Ben
  12. Hi all, just a quick one, I need to buy a master test kit for my tank, I have been getting tests a LFS but work is getting to busy to get there when i need too, I want to get my own, question is,, any recommendations of brands? Or are they all similar, AOA online has API Brand which seems ok value, any opinions would be welcomed? Also mods or sponsors can you please advise do the sponsor give discounts to members and if so how do u go about that if you order online? Cheers Ben
  13. Hi All, We have just received our order of Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Aquarium Kits. These are the perfect starter kit for someone looking to venture into the shrimp world. Priced at $189.95. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Aquarium Kit Ben
  14. I had a Gh and Kh test kit from API and found that it did not give me results. I bought another one and the same thing. Now that I have moved I really needed to get it sorted and went to LFS and got two kits - one the API test strips and the other the same Gh and Kh liquid test kit and just asked if they could check it as I had some issues in the past. Yes I know its a bit different asking a LFS to check their water. It worked fine so took it home with the test strips. Now I found the Gh and Kh was different between the liquid and the strips? I checked the Ph and again the Ph on the test stripes were different from API liquid. Tried another lot of API liquid Ph test and the liquids matched but the strip seemed out. This is not the first time that I have found this. Is it just me or do the test stripes just seem to be out and pretty useless if you want a accurate test? You should not need test kits for test kits. Has anyone else found the same as it has happened twice. The test strips are going back. It just makes me angry why you just can not buy a test kit and trust it.
  15. Just wondering if someone can explain to me in simple terms please about planted tanks and Iron? I have brought an iron test kit as I read that it is dangerous to have too much iron in a planted tank, and I do dose a couple of times with Flourish Iron along with other flourish products. My first reading is 0.25 which I suspect is good (safe). What should I be aiming for though? Should I be aiming for a higher reading for the tank? Or is this test kit just to make sure you are not overdosing and keep below 2 ? I believe that over 2 is dangerous? Thanks
  16. hi i have just set up a new 4ft tank up and was looking for a hp test kit. just wondering what would be the best one for me and where i might find one. cheers
  17. Seen this so many times people owning an aquarium without having a test kit , so thought i'd just see how many people dont have one as part of there set up Test kits should be on the to get list before an aquarium is setup other wise really how do you know what your tank is doing with out it ?? Also why do so many people test there water after they do a water change? you should know whats going into your tank before it goes in , its too late after its in you tank to worry about your fish then just some reading here : http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/test_kits.php Terry
  18. hi guys I just read a post about "rose is done", ...... I am at the very beginning of starting a tank and it sounds like I should have paid more attention during chemistry at school. I knew I would need to get a kit, but what testing kit do you buy upfront and be done with it (rather than buying cheap) and try not to incur losses like rose. (I know losses happen but "fish are family") Thanks in advance for info Garry
  19. Recently I've been thinking about starting a heavily planted tank, and have seen/heard that co2 injection kits enhance plant growth. Was just wondering if anyone has experience with these and could tell me a little more about them. There is a lot of information about them on the net but not many personal opinions on them. Are the kits expensive? also how long does a bottle of co2 last? Is it expensive to fill back up? If anyone could tell me a little bit more about them that would be great. Cheers
  20. went into petbarn yesterday and saw a these little learner kits for $45 but if your a club member( have a friends for life club card) the'll drop the price down to 34.75, comes with everything you need! 21L glass tank, plastic lid, 350L/h filter, mixed black and white gravel, lil plant onament, and one of those statue ornament things, little tub of flake food, and water conditioner to start you off and also a poster for the back, and they give ya 3 goldfish all for $35!! I thought this would be a perfect fry saver tank and couldnt refuse the offer. Just letting everyone know, good lil present too for the kiddies.
  21. I was just thinking about setting up a little 1st aid kit for fish! What meds do you all keep or think should be kept on hand for parasites internal/ external, bloat, fungus/ fin rot, colluminous worm etc etc? I keep pima/ melafix, para-cide, and praziquantel. What are the shelf lives if any of these meds and any that you suggest? Cheers Steve
  22. has anyone used a windscreen repair kit to cover up chips? I have a chipped tank, and was thinking of either replacing the damaged end, or doing the good old cover-up. Would like to hear from anyone whos tried this. tony
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