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Found 19 results

  1. Just Arrived- SAIKOH Goldfish and Koi pellets! This floating food contains colour enhancers and will not cloud your water. The pellets also contain extra vitamins and minerals for the overall good health of your fishy friends. Available in Mini, Medium and Large pellets. 500g - $9.90 1kg - $16.95 5kg - $55.00 And dont forget your QLDAF discount as well!!! Click on the link below to check out our newest Goldfish and Koi food today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/searchresults.asp?Search=saikoh
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. https://www.facebook.com/facebook/videos/10153231379
  4. Does this give us bragging rights over the Kiwis ? Decades-long wait pays off for Australian koi fish champion breeder
  5. Hi just thought I'd share another video of the koi pond in the hilton village Waikiki. I noticed they have thrown in some Africans which have just about taken over the pond. Also saw a different section with red Devils as well but on my short visit they didn't seem overly happy to be there.
  6. Am on holiday in Hawaii and thought I'd share some footage of their koi pond.
  7. Don't know if anyone has posted this before but really cool none the less...... Awesome Animals : These are NOT Fish!
  8. This area is dedicated for you to show off your Koi and goldfish and tanks and ponds
  9. Two of my sons feeding beautiful Koi in Thailand yesterday. It was a good test for my new toy. GoPro2 with the dive housing.
  10. Hey guys...just putting out some feelers out there on ways to improve the Goldfish & Koi section...with the "Articles and Species" section also to add to now as well...I figure people might want to suggest some things we can add to this part of the forum...maybe things like "care sheets" for each variety...possible "lists" dealing with varieties available both here in Australia and worldwide and maybe a brief description of each variety....also breeding articles for any of the varieties people may have had experience with or might be interested in....maybe possible diets for different guys and maybe some "homemade" goldfish food recipes etc....aquascaping....ANY ideas!!...no right or wrong answers...only sharing experiences/opinions and finding out what has worked for people,etc.... So what are some things you'd like to see in regards to goldfish and koi?....
  11. Hi All, For you QLDAF members not based in QLD here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Koi Food The new JPD range is considered the best koi food in the market in Asia / USA. On a side note we do have a large amount of American cichlid keepers / Large Africans that love the range of JPD also. Ben
  12. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  13. Gday all, It is my pleasure to announce that Goldenswimmers is now the dedicated SM (Section Mod) for this sub forum and If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask Brent for help. Regards John Welcome aboard mate.
  14. With flash and without flash he has a nice amount of cover too just thought i'd share thanks matt
  15. My girlfriend's parents are wanting to set up an aquaponics project and asked me where they can get freshwater fish like Koi and Carp from. I have no idea so I've turned the encyclopedia of fish. Who in the brisbane area sells these fish? Thanks guys.
  16. im currently in melbourne for work. and the boss and i were talking about fish and cichlids ect. he said when he was younger he was living in lismore(nsw) he had 2 koi fish that were atleast 20cm long if not bigger one was black and gold and the other was silver and red. i googled them and some actually look REALLLY nice why are they illegal in QLD? i tried to look it up on the government website but they just have it listed as a noxious species but dont say why.
  17. I have a platinum female and albino koi male pair that i have recently put together.... I have never crossed the two before and was wondering what variety of fry i should expect. pics to come Thanks to all the genetics people out there!! thanks matt
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. thought i'd chuck up some pics of a koi fish i just finished making. took about 5 days to make. all hand sown. cheers
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