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Found 7 results

  1. We are proud sponsors for the upcoming event of the International Conference Presented by Queensland Cichlid Group 14/03/2015 We are also accepting payments for the event (cash) $130 for QCG Members and $150 for non members. Should be a excellent event so get in and get yourself down for the event. Here is some more details...
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. It looks like the dates are coming together for Ad Konings to come to Australia and all going according to plan it looks like for Queensland at least the temporary date at this time is the 14th March which should be confirmed later in the year. For things like this to happen it all costs money and the same for bringing new information from the lakes and the costs for his expeditions and one of the ways is through his Cichlid Press Books. This is one of the main reasons we support Cichlid Press and have them as cheap as what we do. It goes to a good cause that helps the hobby. Although it can be easy to simply google information - the best and more importantly correct information seems to come from him. His books are awesome reference materials available and if you know anyone with one of his books ask them what they think. If you have one of his books, and you do not mind add to this post and tell people what you think. It all goes to a good cause. Now for the prizes. The Tech Den are going to give away two books - not just any book and not a cheap book either. It will be the Celebrating Cichlids book and it will be personally signed by Ad Konings himself. The first book will be for the best Cichlid Press Book review based on the reviews below. The second book that we give away will be a lucky dip - and all you have to do is buy a Cichlid Press Book from us and be a QLDAF member in the next 3 months. So make sure you use the QLDAF discount when you purchase. The books that qualify are as follows. Aquarium Fish Books The Back to Nature range of books. Celebrating Cichlids Enjoying Cichlids 2nd Ed by Ad Konings Malawi Cichlids In their natural habitat 4th Ed South American Dwarf Cichlids Tropheus in their Natural Habitat This is what the prize looks like -
  4. Have 3 copies for some lucky cichlid finatics. There are 3 copies of Celebrating Cichlids book is personally signed by Ad Konings in El Paso so if you are quick you might be able to pick up something a little special. This took a lot of work and effort to make it happen and rather than sell them dearer and profiteer from it we would like to see a couple of lucky QLDAF members pick up this great book and enjoy it and be a bit of a talking point. Please note that you can not purchase more than one. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Celebrating_Cichlids_by_Ad_Konings_p/celeb-cich.htm
  5. Happy to say The Tech Den will be one of the first to have the awaited book by Ad Konings - Tropheus in their Natural Habitat. You can now place your order with stock due to arrive to us early next week. For pricing and more information for those Tropheus peps... Back to Nature Tropheus in their Natural Habitat
  6. I was just on the phone to Ad Konings' Australian Representative and he was telling me that Ad Konings returned from his trip to Tanganyika on Sunday and mentioned that the Tropheus in that location was considered in danger to the point where they may become extinct. Some of the reasons that this was due to over fishing and the collection sites. His recommendation was to collect them and breed them but do not cross the variants. If you have Tropheus - look after them.
  7. Hey guys Who here is heading up to Brisbane on the 15th of March to catch Ad Konings Ill be there for sure Brad
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