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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Guys Sorry To Bother You At this time but my kribensis have had some babies and wanted to know what they eat do they eat brine shrimp or artemia for the kribesis thanks do they eat brine shrimp or do i need the artemia food also do theyeat the flake food
  2. My little boy told me I had tadpoles in my tank. On closer inspection they were tiny fry about 2mm. I bought these kribs from my lfs at the same time, so I assume there brother and sister? Question is what do I do with them? They seem like awesome parents, anything that goes near the fry is shoed away, they take turns in sitting with them ect. There in a community tank with a dozen others species so I'm guessing they won't last real long. I do have another tank that has half a dozen neons in it, do I suck them out or will they just die anyway cause there interbred? I must have a healthy tank at least! Cheers Lippa
  3. Hi guys, I recently purchased two kribensis cichlids and I've read up on how to tell their gender but I am still finding it difficult.. I think I have one normal kribensis and one 'Red' krib? Please help me, pictures below.
  4. hey everyone just wanted to now how long i should wait till i take the krib fry from the parents they have been free swiming for nilly a week and starting to eat flake food
  5. i have several kribs, these are from 3 or 4 different places, i've got them in a community tank and will be moving them into their own tank next week, my question is can i keep 6 or 7 females with 2 or 3 males, or do i need to pair them up, also do they like living together in a breeding group, or will i have to seperate the pairs when they are ready to breed, the tank is 3ft x 15 x 18, i will have lots of hidy places, and heaps of fake plants, when and if i get eggs or fry, can they stay in the same tank, or will they get eaten, i'm using a mixture of rain water and town water, tank is cycling now, cheers, steve and jules............
  6. Yay!! Finally my kribs have decided on a nice spot in the tank and laid a few eggs. Well over 50 I think, can't really see very well. So excited, I haven't had anything breed for me yet. Just thought I would share Hopefully I will have little swimmers in a few days time
  7. I think my Kribensis is egg bound? Does anyone know how I can help her? I have heard a couple of stories about using tweezers to help release the eggs but I not sure if that is the right thing to do? If anyone could help me out I would really apprecaite it.
  8. hi all looking for advice on what to put in with my kribs?? currently have a trio and 2 common bristlenose in a 3x15x18. any ideas? also how would a couple of juvi red forest jewels go in there? as there in a 2ft im looking to use as a fry tank. any help is appreciated cheers jacob
  9. hi all new to the hobby so unsure if this is the usual or not. brought 3 kribs on saturday and found them to be very shy hiding almost all the time when light is on and 60% of the time when it is off. they do not come out when be feed either. they dart out and pick up crumbs when the light is off. is this right or is there something wrong. all help is appreciated jacob..
  10. I recently purchased 3 kribensis i was told that they were all female. 1 of the kribs are severly bullying the other 2 its the largest of the 3 fish. 150L 3 foot tank moderatly planted . Driftwood and rocks for hiding places PH 7 everything else reads at 0 Any idea why? And what are my options? any help is appreciated cheers
  11. Have a mate who has a tank full of Semi community type species including Barbs, Swordtails Gourami's, Angels, and Bristlenose's. But he keeps loosing Kribensis with no apparent reason is there anything particular that would affect Kribensis and not these other species? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey guys my female krib looks like she is just about to pop, I dont really know what it is, if its a disease its the first one in the tank apollogies for the bad pics iphone dont take fantastic pictures
  13. I've had a breeding pair of kribs for about 6 months in my 2 foot tank. Every month or so when their fry hatch the mother looks after them for about 2 - 3 days then seems to lose interest and i've witnessed her eat & swallow them on a couple occasions (not just putting them in her mouth to move/protect them as she does in the first couple days). Has anyone else encountered this? I may try moving the fry to a seperate tank next time.
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