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Found 11 results

  1. Just wondering if there is a risk of cross breeding of these 2 are kept on the same tank? I currently have 4 L066 in a tropical community tank but I am unsure of sex. If they can cross breed I don't want to mix them. Is there any other cats that can be kept with L066? Algae eating species would be good. If not, is anyone selling female L066 or know how to determine gender? Cheers
  2. Hey guys just wondering what sort of size L134s have to be for breeding. Cheers
  3. Hi All, I was hoping some people could help me sex my L134's - pictures attached, let me know if you need more. They are 6-7cms long and approx. 1 year old. Any help would be much appreciated, also any tips on how to sex so I know for the future would be great. Thanks, Chris
  4. Ph:- Between 6.68 - 6.78 (rising during day) Ammonia:-Between 0 - 0.25ppm (closer to 0) Nitrate:- 30 to 40ppm Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- 50ppm Kh:- Size of tank:- 5x2x2 Temperature °C:- 28 Been running for:- 4+ months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- FX5 x 2 with sponge inlets Fish in tank:- cherry shrimp, L134's, Rummynose and couple of common BN Plants in Tank:- Java's, various mosses, and some dwarf blyxa Feeding:- Mainly Hikari Massivore in the evening,supplemented once a week with frozen FFC Community (new) and Hikari Mysis Shrimp Recent Medication Treatments:- Nil Last water change:- 5 days ago Water change every 7 days (40%) Observations: Yesterday noticed this little guy out and about darting around erratically around 11am (nothing prior to this). He seemed to settle down when he got under some cover and didn't see him out again. At about 9pm saw him on his side and noticed he was twitching/spasms (see video). Netted him to keep the shrimp etc off him overnight and in the morning he was dead. I admit I've been struggling with high Nitrate for a while and been managing it with water changes sometimes twice a week. All other fish appear fine and show no signs of stress etc - in fact they look pretty good. Post-mortem pics show redness around the gill area. This is the second L134 I've lost like this, however the first one was in another tank - same symptoms, wildly darting around before being on its side and eventual death while all other fish including other L134's are fine. Can anybody shine some light on what is happening? These guys mean a lot to me and a little devastating to see one die especially after losing 6 juvies to an unfortunate mistake earlier on. Have about 30 in the tank with different sizes growing them out from juveniles to a sub-adults. I suspect high Nitrate is a factor, but I would expect other fish to show some stressing as well. Pics Below: Video: http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/plec134/media/Sick%20134/Vid5mb_zps53c6b9cb.mp4.html
  5. Hello there These beauties were sold to me for $600 Due to personal reasons we must sell them for $300 Were sold as a 3 year old (a year ago) pair not breed Most beautiful fish I have ever seen but due to personal reasons I do not have the time to breed them Located Toowoomba Qld (1 hr from Brisbane)
  6. Hi, Looking at getting info on how to sex these L's, what are key signs for difference in sex? L134 L066
  7. Hey guys just wanting to get some info on L134. Wanting to know the going rate is for a 3cm fish? What age and size do they breed? And how to tell the sex?
  8. Can some one please help tell me what is on my l134? What cause this to happen? Should I be concern? Coz I am ;( how to treat, if need treating? And should I remove her from the colony? Many thank you This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 768x1024.
  9. Hi guys, what do u think about this. I already have a colony of 5x l134 (2m3f)in a 4ftx18x18 tank. With 4 caves, rock, driftwood plants and 100-200 redcherry shrimps. I am thinking of putting in another colony of 4 x l201 (2m2f) , in the same tank. Will add 2 more caves and a fewmore drifwood. What do you guys think? Good idea or bad. And Will they breed if the 2 conlony is together? Any advice is welcome.
  10. Look what I found in my L134 tank last night. Two fry had been kicked out of the log and while they still have egg sacs, they are still like lightning to catch. I already had angelfish fry in a frysaver so I popped the froggies in there and will leave the rest with dad in his log. Hopefully he won't kick any more out before their sacs are gone. The angelfish pair were sold since I don't think the L134 particularly liked sharing their tank with a breeding pair of angels. Been trying to get them to spawn for a while now and they just wouldn't do it. I fed them so much rich conditioning food that I lost one a few weeks ago with bloat. They were then put on a diet of Hikari algae wafers, Sera Flora flake and cucumber so I didn't lose any more. As normal I did water changes with rainwater which is all I use. There is undergravel filter as well as a power filter internally. I did a couple of different things. First I put a seasoned canister on the tank. I also added a reptile cave over the males ceramic round log cave. Its been showering rain everyday almost lately and the weater is now cooler and not hot. Breeding end of 4ft tank photo. No its not dirty glass, those are microworms for the angel fry. Angelfish fry freeswimming for a few days now. I feed them microworms and Sera Micropan which should also suit the baby leopard frogs when they start eating. Even the cherry shrimp in the tank are having a breeding frenzy.
  11. heres a few pics from my catfish tank endler guppys Leopard Frog Plecos And a bonus ikola fronny headshot
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