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Found 11 results

  1. What are the best foods for newly hatched L144's to keep them alive, before moving onto normal type foods.
  2. Hello all, today I started a similar thread in the disease section. I am trying to find out the likelihood of a male L144 having Piscine Tuberculosis. The other fish in the tank consisting of two 6cm L002s, one female L144, and as of yesterday, four platys. I believe the water parameters are fine although I do not have all test kits, and even if I did I would be unprepared to have any contact with the water; with or without gloves. Does anyone have experience handling this illness? I am unable to find a similar case online of a pleco species having this disease. Do L144s show symptoms similar to tuberculosis with other diseases? Any advice would be gratefully received as I am panicking even entering the fish room at the moment! Regards Tomcat.
  3. Good afternoon everyone, I am looking for some diagnostic assistance regarding my male L144. Over the period of the last few months my male L144 has become increasingly pale and emaciated regardless of the fact it has access to a varied tied consisting of Hikari algae wafers, natural algae and protein pellets. He shares a tall 60cm tank with a female L144, two 6cm L002s and as of yesterday four red platys. The tank has river-sand substrate, live plants and is filtered by a 'Fluval 2 plus'. I don't have the test kits to test water parameters but I believe they are in-check because no other fish appear sick or have died in the past six months at least. I have always routinely carried out a 70% water change every two to three weeks to achieve good growth rates with success. Interestingly both the male and female L144 have always shown some white circles in their colouration. The spots are certainly not fungus and appear similar to vitiligo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Well after listing all my catfish I have been selling group of 7 or so l144's which i have been growing up since 3cm mark for some time.... But because i be leaving for long holiday overseas i am selling them all. Well guess what someone has already payed me and is picking up the whole group on monday but today i come suprised to see 1 fry sucking on driftwood. I soon find a cave of 24-25 of them along with male. This really cool as it is first time l144's have bred for me but also sad as i have to get rid of them in 10 days
  5. Ok my male albino bn bred with my female l144 they hatched last night and are all yellow at present,anybody do this before. Hoping for l144 with pink eyes ,now that would be cool.
  6. My L144 colony spawned in the same log they spawned in 2weeks ago...but there are still itty bitty fry in there that only just consumed their egg sack. Will the fry be ok? I will post a pic in the morning.
  7. so i have heard the all L144 are from the same bloodline in Australia. i want to know if this is true and if someone could give me some more background information )
  8. just turned up to buy a breeding trio of l144s,straight away noticed they had red eyes>? i say to him there just albino bristlnose and he says no they are thr red eyed varient???
  9. Hi everyone After having my l144 for a month and a half I've notice that one of my l144 has develop some red coloring around the side fin (sorry if that isn't the correct term) and and along the bottom of its tail. Another also develop a black spot on its top fin however after a month it just disappear. Both were fine and perfect when purchase and along with the other l144 I've purchase. So is this normal or are my l144 different? Here's some pics of the red fin one
  10. Check these bad boys out, right here on our doorstep, enjoy! For Sale L144 - Page 2 - plecoplanet Forums
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