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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys im after someone to sex my L202 for me it's about 7-8cms let me know your thoughts please cheers
  2. Just purchased a L202 pleco at 7cm and after your opinion on the sex of him/her let me know your thoughts cheers
  3. Hi I'm after any tips anyone has for breeding L202 plecs. I've aquired a reverse trio and am just wondering the best way to go about it. Would I be better separating one of the males and keeping 1 male and female in there own tank? Any tips anyone has in regards to peeping them to breed would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  4. i have 6 x 202s, they are all around 8 - 9cm, they would be over 12 months old now, maybe even 18 months, bought 10 of these at 3cm, lost 4 not long after i got them when my heater stuffed up, all 6 are hanging in the breeding logs, i know i need pics and will try to if they ever come out of the logs, but whats the chance, do i have 6 males, or will the fms live in the logs also,
  5. hey so i have 3 L202's and i need someone to sex the biggest one pictured below it is 5.5-6cm I think its a male tell me if i am wrong cheers
  6. i need help how much should i pay for these fish. im looking at buying 2 peppermints there size is 10cm each sex is male and female. the l202 size's are 2 at 6cm and 2 at 8cm 1 male 3 females.
  7. there is 4 of them....1 pic of all 4, 1 pic of 2 and 1 pic of the other 2... if it means anything, 2 of them grunted when i picked them up to put back in... any feedback greatly appreciated.
  8. is it normal for L202 males to eat the eggs. before i went to bed last night had 20-30 eggs looked this morning have three which i managed to save. there is outercasing around the tank and my male is looking really really fat. do they do that. looks like its back to the drawing board with breeding L's again.
  9. i recently swapped one of my big male L202's for a lil jungle hatchy and got up this morning to discover my L202's have laid eggs. finally. now i have L002 and L202 colonies laying for me so stoked now for the hard part of keeping fry alive so excited Whoo Hoo.
  10. Hey guys saw my l202 last night not looking so happy its like hes lost his colour in his mid section and there were some little bits of red around the edges of the discoloured area im not sure what it is has be been hurt in a fight with a larger male ? pics below
  11. What size is breeding possible for L202's? About 7cm? And, how often should I be feeding them to get them to this size ASAP. There are 5 of them at 5cm each. Currently mixed feeding twice a week with an algae disc and once a week with 1/4 of a zucchini. Is that too much or too little, and too often or not frequently enough?
  12. For those that know the L202 it can be considered a little dull.....Maybe not the ones I have. Did a tank clean out to see what was in there and a nice little surprise... Found I had 11 full grown ones in the colony and also found some that had excellent markings. Special ones...
  13. But wait there's more. The L202 have fry as well! I didn't do anything different to make these guys breed except maybe rearrange the tank furniture (change is as good as a holiday) and its raining. Its a 4ft x 15" x 12" tank with ugf, small eheim canister and powerfilter. Rainwater is my wc water as usual. I got 17 very hungry fry out of the log. Dad didn't want to cough em up. I only thought the L134 fry were fast; these guys are speedy Gonzalez. Since its the bottom tier getting a good gravel vac is hard so I built the base up higher. Unfortunately now I realise I can't fit a standard frysaver in the top. I am using a Zcliffe saver imported from the USA and those suction cups to date are holding well.
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