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Found 17 results

  1. If some one could help me with getting a positive idea on sexing my L333 please thanks everyone all pics are of same fish cheers
  2. Well i picked up 2 lots of trio l333 plecos around 2 months ago and the other day i found a bunch of eggs 30 or so next to ones cave first time for me. i put the eggs in a ziss tumbler now waiting for them to hatch. So stoked about it
  3. Hi guy i wanted to find the sex of these guys l333
  4. Just wondering how much do l333 adults go for. Their in a colony of 5, 3f 2m. ? Thanks
  5. my l333 has lay and i have no idea what to do. should i take it out of the cave and would cherry shrimps eat the babies ? how do i catch the babies net seem too big. Many thanks in advance.
  6. can someone tell me what number they think this pleco might be
  7. Looking for Les. I was supposed to get some L333s (L66 if you still have some) a few weeks ago and lost contact off you. Can't see your post anymore and I have accidentally deleted all my messages a few weeks ago. If the fish are no longer available, just let me know. Last discussion you had some issue with another member that you just need to sort - hopefully it was settled amicably. you have my mobile or just pm me.
  8. Hello all, Due to rising concernes coupled with the rise in cross breeding these two varients of L numbers and there stock being miss labled. This forum will now take a stand on this matter and if any memebr is found miss labeling these cross breeds then they can find themselves having to refund the buyer and also having a suspension on there accounts. To give some a bit of back ground on these variants yes there is documentaion of these cross breeding in wild however if these fish are kept in the same breeding tanks these will interbreed and therefore the prodginy will not be true (if first/second or third gen FME). These have been cross breed for some years by un scroupulous breeders who use the cross breeding to obtain larger and more consistant batches of fry (to gain more money from the 333). What to do if you do have stock of these or are unsure of liniage, all sales of suspected L333 x L066 must be written up as this to save any confusion for the buyer and more importantly mis representation of stock being sold. As far as I am aware I have "heard" on the grape vine that this "new" cross will be given a AQualog reference number in either the next release or the following. I thank you all for your understanding of this forums stance on miss labled and also this type of breeding practices. Regards John
  9. At the moment I have all these L333 L002 and peppermints in one tank yes I know that they have different dietary requirements but im waiting for another tank to settle in before moving fish. I have also ran out of Hikari Wafers but still adding zuccini at the moment. Now I have been reading that L333 are carnivores. I was wondering do they still need drift wood and also what sort of food do you recommend for these guys specifically when I move them to the other tank. Also I know L002 are wood eaters but is there any other foods I should be feeding them?? or should I still stick with the Hikari waffers. Lastly is Zuccini and Hikari wafers are all what pepperments need. Thanks Punky-architect
  10. It seems its not so easy to tell the difference between L333 and L066 but here some photos which may help. This is an adult male L333 tail. Note there is not a huge fork in the tail but the tips or filaments are a little longer. You could call the shape a crescent moon if you like or if you turned the fish the other way a C. Ignore that the fish is white, I've especially kept him for his white qualities and despite the market name calling them yellowish king tigers, they do come in white as well. This is an adult female L333 tail. No great fork or even great tail filaments either. Doh ignore the smartie shrimp too. Now here's where it can confuse some people. This fish is 5.5cm and he is a L333. Actually its the baby photo of the adult male. He is at the gangly stage where the tail has developed and the length of body is there, but he has no width or bulk yet. Rather like a teenager. His tail tips or filaments are quite pronouced and you could be forgiven at this stage for mistaking him for a L066. This is why the side on photos of them are so important and if you are buying them as fry then perhaps a photos of the adults may help to make sure the fry is in fact a L333. Since there is only allowed 4 pics to a post, see next post for the L066 pics.
  11. Hey guys just wanting to know what everyone feeds there L333's? Cheers.
  12. just wondering what they are worth and if the are around?
  13. Question for the catfish people; I believe I have 1 male and 2 female L333 (all fish are between 8 & 10cm) Could anyone confirm this or correct me? thanks heaps Male: Female(s)
  14. They been in community tank in for a while .. i am just wondering can u guys tell me sex of these guys they all look the same to me .. thanks in advance . first 2 picture are one fish and second 2 pictures are one pic thx
  15. Finally I got my L333 to breed. These were a whiter line I kept than the more traditional yellow ones. 16 fry for their first spawn and no I didnt even know they had bred until I saw fry up on the glass.
  16. I was catching my colony of 4 young L333 (who are almost old enough to breed) because a friend of mine wanted a male and I wasn't sure what I had in sexes. Turns out he's in luck, there are two males and two females so I am going to keep a nice little trio. BTW smiley pete, the males butts are raspy to feel and it was easy to sex em.
  17. L333 @ 4 cm looking at buying some just seing wat ppl hear reckon is a fair price ? thanx john
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