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Found 18 results

  1. is this something i should be worried about. its been like that awhile, at least a couple of months when i first saw it i though it had been fighting with the biggest l397, which is 1cm-2cm bigger.
  2. Hi guys I have a problem with my L397 If anyone can tell me what's going on here I would appricate the help? It's the white patch on the tail that I'm worries about.. I'm thinking a fungal type infection or the Dom mate has given this one a touch up but honestly I have no idea? Please help
  3. Have this 'trio' of L397's - not sure if there is a female amongst them. Here's some pictures of two of the fish and another of the one I couldn't get out of the log. Appreciate your thoughts.
  4. This was sold to a qldaf member as a male L397. What you think? I thought it would be best to put it online to see what everyone thinks. Me, not sure.
  5. Bought these as L397 but not sure about one and also thinking both males. Anyone know 100% what they are?
  6. So theses are my 5 baby's with closer individual shots. They are all 6 to 8cm. Sorry 2 shots are not that great but you can still make out there body and shape. Pic 1. Male ? 6cm https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201049627656584&set=a.10201049620176397.1073741825.1044673691&type=3&theater Pic 2 Female ? 6cm https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201049627696585&set=a.10201049620176397.1073741825.1044673691&type=3&theater Pic 3 Female ? 7 cm https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201049627736586&set=a.10201049620176397.1073741825.1044673691&type=3&theater Pic 4 Male ? 7cm https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201049627776587&set=a.10201049620176397.1073741825.1044673691&type=3&theater Pic 5 Female ? 8 cm https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201049627816588&set=a.10201049620176397.1073741825.1044673691&type=3&theater If you could let me know what you think that would be great. Cheers All
  7. Hey All, Could someone please sex my L397 for me as I have NOOOOOOOOOO clue on doing so! Had it for quite awhile now but thinking it's ready to get a partner. p.s Best pics I could get! :S
  8. WHOO HOO have had them for so long have almost sold them a few times and finally my L397's have bred i have eggs in the cave CHEERING so EXCITED!!!!!!!
  9. Hi I got some L-number sold to me as L002s but now they look a bit like L397s.....can someone please confirm these fish for me as I am quite confused. I know it can be difficult to id them with such small photos, anyway just give it a shot if you don't mind.......thank you in advance Cheers Toan
  10. Hi all, I have 7 L397 @ 6-8cm in a 4x18x18 ( have painted the back & sides black ) Plenty of good wood & caves, little bit of coffs gravel up the back where i planted some val & a few crypts, other than that its a bare bottom. Filtration on this little guy is 700l/h internal + 2 of xy380 bio sponges at one end, & recently added a big powerhead down deep at other end. Anyway the fish always appear to be in great condition ( although they do spend 99%of time hidden away munching timber! ) i give them zucchini, leb cucumber which they like & occasional algae wafers ( ocean nutrition brand a.t.m ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just read a post from overseas breeder of L397 who claims that you must feed them plenty of shrimp & mozzie larvae/wrigglers which goes against everything i have been told. In the past Ive had no problems with feeding common & pep b/nose things like bloodworm along with greens & timber. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do the experienced Lnumber people out there think about shrimp & mozzie larvae for L397 ?? Do they need it / any possible health issues with incorrect diet etc. & while we're at it what about bloodworm ( haven't fed either of these to mine yet ) As i was of the opinion they are woodeaters with veges on the side.... & think i was told meaty foods are a big no-no with these guys.... Have been a fishkeeper for over 25years but always learning & really appreciate any advice on this one people, cheers, Jono.
  11. Hey can anyone please help to ID this L number have recently bought L397's off a copule of different people and have noticed that one has same colouring but different markings can anyone please help out with this thanks. So I know what i have got.
  12. took this the other night, thought i would share it..
  13. ok guys now the L002's need help with identifying sexes with them too please again thanks regards rosie and lee
  14. I call it a miracle because I didn't know I even had eggs! I had gotten lazy and let nitrates rise to 10 for 3 days before I did a water change. I turned the heater down to trigger spawning for a whole day, not knowing the deed had already been done. I did a 30% water change with gravel vac and fortunately didn't kill the one fry kicked out of the cave with fright. I couldn't find a frysaver to fit under the limited access of a bottom tier tank so I used a net saver and popped the whole cave, dad, fry and all into the net but the cave pulled the frame apart so I had to prop D caves up under it to hold it together. I made a custom frysaver to fit the fry but silicon needs time to cure. That was yesterday. Tonight I checked nitrates and they were still up on the 10 mark so I thought I would do a little water change with stored, warmed and airated water. I looked at the net saver and the frame is nearly torn adrift again. There is a L397 whizzing around the netsaver instead of sitting in the cave tending the fry and there seems quite a lot of poop in the net. Ok, drastic action. I rinsed the (touch wood) hopefully ready custom fry saver and got it ready. Took out the L397 and put it back into the tank. Took the cave out of the net saver and opened it to put any fry gently into a container and then to pour them into the new frysaver. Whoa there! There is a hairy male in the cave with the fry. The other L397 must have been a female in the cave with the male and the fry and getting ready to lay. I thought that one I took out of the netsaver looked a bit fat come to think of it. So dad got put into the tank as well, and the fry into a container. There were 16 of the cutest little things you've ever seen. Couldn't resist a few baby photos before I added the fry to the new frysaver. Dad has his cave back so he can woo the girl again. Hopefully all goes well but gee I seem to have done everything wrong so far.
  15. hey everyone, my L397 had their 4th spawn the other day and the fry are starting to leave the males cave. also i just looked in my L002 males log and the male is sitting on some eggs, i can not see how many due to him but there seems to be a few. i got my L002 female from lealea but the male came from a lfs. i only got the female sunday afternoon and didnt do anything to the tank to trigger them. brad.
  16. I picked up 7 juvenile L397's from lealea this morning and they're settling well.
  17. I just got these today so I thought I would take a photo before they dissappear to hide in my tank. Camera is Canon 400D with 100mm EF lens on manual focus. It was not an easy task to try to balance a plastic bag of water open and take photos at the same time.
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