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Found 6 results

  1. I have attached a copy of the water analysis of my tap water gabbinbar and would like to know are there any stand out issues you can see especially in regards to keeping disucs? What will I need to be careful of and which products ect.... Setting up a new tank at the moment thank you. This analysis may be of interest to others in the area as well.
  2. Are there any mbuna that WON'T hybridize with labeotropheus fuelleborni? Pseudotropheus? (Saulosi) Metriaclima? (Lombardi) Cynotilapia? Labidochromis? (yellows)
  3. I just stripped my yellow and I have done this before third time now and she is swimming up and down the tank like she has air in her mouth I am 100% I got all the fry as my wife had the phone light on. She still has her beucal sack enlarged like she is holding if it's air will it go away I dont want to touch her again she's stressed out enough already. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  4. I have about 10 Mbuna Mbamba's, two or three (a few change colours) have light blue bodies with strong, contrasting vertical stripes covering the front half of the body. These are the largest/larger ones. two or three have very dark bodies (maybe wide stripes), and are a little smaller than the others and about 5 have dull colours, with stripes barely visible and very little/none light blue coloured bodies. I have added picutres (not my fish, just examples of the three types i have). Any help would be appreciated in sexing these fish
  5. In an ideal world I would love to have a tank for each, which I have but am moving so the breeding setup has to go. It'll be offered on the trader section in the coming weeks. Could I keep these two sp. together as two separate colonies without imbreeding? cheers, Rubarb
  6. hi I have a 200gal tank with around 21 mbuna in it. Water quality is fine ammonia and nitrite 0 i dont test nitrates as i do a 50%water change weekly and the tank is not heavily stocked. All my fish are fine except my male yellow lab, the last two days he has just sat in the corner gasping for air his mouth opens and closes fast. He doesnt eat and he rarely leaves his spot. Iam pretty sure he is gunna die my experince with these fish is that when they show signs of sickness they die 99% of the time. Just wondering what could be causing this. I have had a few mysterious deaths over the last 6months where a fish just gets sick and dies. Everything about him looks normal except how much he breathes compared to the others. I dont have any spare tanks or access to medicine atm. Could i put him in a tub with some filter media and add some salt maybe? Will he be ok without a filter runnin in a 20gal tub will the filter sponge from main tank keep it cycled? thanks
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