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Found 21 results

  1. WOW .. looks like my discus have laid over night, after spending the day cleaning the surface looking for any advise ? they are in with another 2 same size as them. i imagine they will be guarding like crazy. is there anything i can do to help them ?
  2. well that's two pairs. Sweet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello everyone just an update the pair that everyone has seen has just lay 1000+ eggs I got home towards the end of there spawn but for the last 25 mins that I saw I didn't see him go over them once I'm not sure can they run out of sperm I mean it was his first time and its a massive brood there both guarding the eggs I'm gonna be patient with them and hope they become good parents
  4. In the corner of the tank... Worse image ever, but the eggs are orange. I didn't want to disturb pops too much so only took that pic, gonna let him fan eggs in peace now.
  5. went to feed my fish today(1 smaller flowerhorn 2 big oscars 1 oscar same size as flowerhorn and few plecos) and seen that the big oscars had laid eggs in the glass on the bottom after been clearing it for a few weeks, i thought they might have been a pair but i didnt know, any advice on what to do
  6. :phi, just checked on my whiptail and they have about 60 green eggs, can anybody tell me what to feed them in the next couple of days when they lose their eggsack. don't know much about them but i remember seeing a thread on here with someone saying they have a mixture made up to feed the little one any help very much appreciated cheers dave:)
  7. Put my pair of jd x convict in tank together and have eggs already 2nd gen hope they don't go moldy
  8. 2 blood parrots paired up and started laying eggs what should i expect if anything
  9. Hey there, so my devil layed about 200 eggs on a piece of slate today, but i had the male divided off on the other side of the tank, as soon as i saw the eggs i let him in. he is dancing over the top of the eggs, being very gentle. this is my first batch of eggs from a pair of devils. just wondering if you think i will have success. cheers Geoff
  10. i recently swapped one of my big male L202's for a lil jungle hatchy and got up this morning to discover my L202's have laid eggs. finally. now i have L002 and L202 colonies laying for me so stoked now for the hard part of keeping fry alive so excited Whoo Hoo.
  11. my pair of festaes seem to have laid a bunch of eggs, they are still fairly young i thought. female 10cm ish. is this normal? what now? should i remove my texas that are sharing the same tank? she has been super dark lately with her stripes really black. only a newbie with this stuff so any advice will be muchly appreciated....
  12. hey guys this is a first for me my two pigeon blood discus decide to breed in my community tank. is it possible to save the fry from getting eaten when hey hatch ( if they hatch ) is there anything i should be doing??
  13. hey guys this is a first for me my two pigeon blood discus decide to breed in my community tank. is it possible to save the fry from getting eaten when hey hatch ( if they hatch ) is there anything i should be doing??
  14. my male malau and female purple flame have laid i think it wil be interesting to see what the babies turn out to look like
  15. just wondering if i should remove the parents as it is there first time and worried they will eat the eggs any sugestions?
  16. Finally my pair fo blue rams have laid and not eaten the eggs.They have laid about 4 times before but the eggs dissappear.The male is fanning and the female is hammering anything that comes near.Will try to get a pic when i get home from work.Any tips from people who have bred rams would def be appreciated. Cheers leigh
  17. my gold sevs laid a day or two ago and now all the eggs are gone? they laid on an ornamental shark i have in the tank and now all the eggs are gone? could the little sev(5-10cm) have eaten it or the oscar? did they eat it themself? whats the go? any help would be appreciated! cheers
  18. I got a pair off Terror86 a week ago and I have noticed over the last 3 days that both rivulatus have been in full breeding colours, today I got home and there is about 100 eggs approx!!!! I'm so happy. how long do I leave babys with the parrents once they hatch? what is the best food to feed them? and any more help would be good!
  19. Hi all, So my female Oscar has dropped eggs again (her tube was right down this morning, and the bottom of the tank had all gravel removed) and i am sure the eggs have been fertilised by the male (the eggs are this yellowy colour). What should i do from here? He has been an habitual egg eater in the past, and i am sure he will eat these if i leave them on the bottom of the tank.....so how do i remove the eggs without damaging them? I will obviously use the same water they came from in their grow out tank, but should the eggs be tumbled, or left to sit and hatch? Any suggestions would be awesome....cheers, Dave. (p.s these are the Oscars for sale)
  20. On saturday night my bocourti finally laid eggs, the female has wanted to breed with the male for the last 5 weeks, but he was not interested, I was only a few days off from swapping the males and it finally happened. To me I couldnt wish for a better xmas pressy. The eggs look good theres only 1 egg out of about 500 thats gone off.
  21. hi just wondering if i could get a bit of help from some more advanced fish breeders . i have had my oscars for 3 2 years now ( since babies ) they have finally laid some eggs on a peice of slate i put i their tank. i have four oscars 1 albino tiger smallest at 20cm 1 tiger medium at 30cm 1 fantail tiger at 40cm (including tail) ( got it from a friend 6 months ago !!!!) 1 red at 30cm at the moment these live in 2 tanks i have a 4 foot which i had them all in 4 months ago ( i know very small for so many my other tank had broken down and had no money to get another tank) so at the moment i have a 4 foot and a 3 foot . my first pair which had not laid was the albino (female have seen its egg tube) and my tiger (alpha male) . i then got my fantail from a friend who let its eye go blind from not looking after water properly or something like that. my tiger (alpha male) then abandoned the albino and paired up with the fantail i then removed these two fish ( tiger and fantail tiger)to my 3 foot hoping to breed . after a month they laid their first batch. i then went to many many aquarium shops looking for help on if i should leave slate in tank , move fish out or leave it as it was. i decided to let nature happen. they ate the babies as they hatched (round 300) then i was a bit sad. 3 weeks later woke up another batch had been laid !!!. left the eggs in yet again woke up this morning empty shells .. no fry... i am now in need of some help... when they lay their next batch what is my best option? and how should i shpuld i attempt to doing it? Example: remove egg slate to a smaller tank use methyllene blue and put air stone under slate and allow to hatch..hopefuuly not die. i am i need of an experienced oscar breeder to help me with this problem and am i need to detailed help many example etc thankyou very much for reading this and i hope to hear from someone soon. thanks Tim ps: the best succesful answer/help i will personbally allow you to have for free some of the babies which will be half normal half fantail im presuming Tigers.
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