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Found 68 results

  1. Hi does anyone know or can reccomend anyone to move a 8x4x2.5
  2. What large catfish ( 30cm+ ) do we have in Australia? besides the natives the only types I've seen are the occasional red tail and false tigrinus... what other species are out there?
  3. So i did what i didnt want to do and turned my discus tank into a community tank, 6x2x3 heavily planted and now stocked with 12 large discus school of cardinals school of embas, 5x rams, cherry shrimp and 5 threadfin rainbows. just recently added the rainbows, on the weekend to be precise, and now the 3 males appear to have early stages of whitespot, however are still feeding and displaying to females showing nosign of stress. i realised just now after doing a water change on the weekend i havnt had my heater on, so before i put these fish in the temp has been somewhere below 26d, so ive just put it back on which willbump my temp up to between 28-30d. my question is, having never had whitespot issues in all my years of fish keeping, will the disease go away without treating? will it pass onto other fish reguardless of their immunity? what can i treat the tank with thats not going to kill my plants? my water parameters are perfect, ph 6.5-7 and temp will soon be back up to 28-30. please help!
  4. EOI. I'm Looking for rare large growing Americans, cheers.
  5. I was recently watching some video's on youtube about wild american cichlids in their natural habitat and came across some large swordtails that looked to be 10-15cm. Do i need my eye checked?? If not do we have them in Aus?
  6. So I'm thinking of setting up a large water trough I've got here as a pond is 3 meters across and 600 deep I want one or two large natives ideally I'd like two lei togas but not sure they could handle the winter here or if I'm I best off just getting a Murray cod or a few perch so has anyone ever kept a lei toga around Ipswich through winter in a pond thanks
  7. Looking for adult(4 years or older) leis/jars that are deceased. If you have one in the freezer(this is not as strange as it sounds) or your adult fish meets an untimely end could you put it in the fridge and pm me. Will replace your deceased fish with a lei juvie next season for your trouble.
  8. Looking for adult(4 years or older) leis/jars that are deceased. If you have one in the freezer(this is not as strange as it sounds) or your adult fish meets an untimely end could you put it in the fridge and pm me. Will replace your deceased fish with a lei juvie next season for your trouble. Yes I posted this in another section but I have just been told that some members don't look there
  9. .Hi all, I need to transport some of my fish from Cairns to Bris and chasing the cheapest way which is not going to risk the health of my fish. I have a couple of large barra and a couple of adult Saratoga. I've noticed that I could use a FishPac bin and fly them down, but these bins are massive and transport cost would kill the idea. Does anyone have any good ideas?
  10. Hi All. Great price today only on the popular Large Sponge Filter. Link - Age of Aquariums - Bio - chemical sponge filter ( upto 480 litre ) Ben
  11. OK I have this Large Albino Male BN that I was given, by the name of Earl. I have kept him with my Normal BN's, for a couple of months now , however I am not into "Sport" fish and only try to keep the natural varieties. Anway someone not of this forum is interetsed in him as a breeder. He is about 10-11cm long . Any idea of what they are worth ? Thanks, Phil
  12. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a large sinking pellet? Would mainly be for clown knife, rays, loaches, and pims. I currently mix in with floating food massivore and carnivore but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for something more economical as my greedy bass always grab the sinking food first before it gets the chance to get to the bottom and then they go for the floating. Have been looking around but it seems most of the larger pellets out there are floating.
  13. Hey all, Being an avid bass angler and always aiming for that big 50cm girl it got me wondering if anyone had kept an aussie bass that long in an aqaurium that it's reached a large size like 45cm+? Being the slow growers they are I know not many people would get em this big but was just curious to see how big people have gotten them! I have a 15cm one at the moment which I bought from mappins about a week and a half ago and he's still quite shy and skittish and hides and sulks when I'm near the tank. I've kept bass before and they've always become pretty tame and followed me round the tank within the first week or so. Wondering how I can bring him out of his shell a little or is it just a matter of playing the waiting game and having him come around in his own time? Thanks for any input, Andrew.
  14. Just wondering if anyone out there has a large male silver aro that they would either like to sell/trade or even attempt a joint project to breed them. I've got 3 large females and just need the right lucky fish to get involved with them. If you have one and are interested let me know.
  15. I am in search of some nice large strong gentle nets. Not after environets. Does anyone know where to buy something like this in Australia? - Jonah's Aquarium... The Perfect Dip Net Or anyone want to share shipping costs on these? Thanks Winston
  16. Hi all after cycling my tank for 2-3 weeks with very large amounts of seeded media and having the ammonia settle down to 0ppm for a few days and nitrate was steady at 5ppm I thought all was good and everything was stable. Then when I checked the levels this morning I found a HUGE spike straight to 4ppm ammonia(Ive never seen such levels b4) nitrates were still 5ppm ph steady at 8.0 I did a quick 25% water change to lower the ammonia with no change. So should I keep changing water daily to bring it down as the ammonia is very high?.....was my last water change to raise the ph effect something?.... they only get one feed a day which they consume in 10 seconds? any ideas? thanks Jay
  17. Hi Everyone Just chasing some opinions on LED lights for a large aquarium. I am looking at lighting an 8 x 4 x 2 tank that will be fish only with a small amount of moss. I would prefer to be able to hang the lights, but it's not essential. I don't mind if there are a few duller spots on the tank either. Thanks in advance. Deeg
  18. Setting up a new tank and this morning noticed a large worm which looked a bit like an earth worm. Took it out and found another soon after. How do I get rid of them? There are no fish in the tank yet but there are plants
  19. Hi everyone I'm looking for a tank builder that can make a 8ft x 4ft deep x 1metre high. I will be needing 2 of these monsters. because I am building my new house around them. If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction I will be very greatful.
  20. Hey all. Just a quick question, do EBJD get less fragile with age? I've kept them between 1-5cm and I've just never had much luck. I'm very keen to buy a fully grown adult but I'm also a little afraid that it's just gonna go the way of the juvies.... Thanks in advance for your replies. Finn
  21. I currently have my 3 plecos up for sale, a 33cm Albino Gibb, 32cm Goldspot and 20cm common Sailfin. I've been offered $35 each for them by people and one of my lfs but to me if I sold them for that I'd basically be giving them away. So is this a reasonable offer or would I be getting ripped off? I was looking for 70 each for the big 2 and 50 for the Common. Am I pushing my luck? Let me know please because I need the space. Cheers
  22. Ok a foam box is 52cm long What if you need to ship bigger fish ? Is there a shipping approved box bigger than 52cm ? Has anyone ever used one ? FJ
  23. Can anyone recomend some large sth american tetras 5cm+ that are readily available?? Dont care what they look like just after some topswimmers that wont cost an arm and a leg. Thanks.
  24. Hi Guys I am trying to find out if any of the brisbane fish stores have a decent range of large south american cichlids. Looking for vieja sp., chocolate cichlids, angelfish, GT's, geos, jags ect. If anyone knows anywhere that would be great! Thanks
  25. Hi Recently got 2 female festae with a tank i bought. Had them for around 3 weeks and they've settled in well into a 4x2x2 i had spare. Only ever had forest jewels and ghost knife from American Cichlids so these are a bit new to me and the big girl is the major ruler of the tank but her colour changes are amazing. So considering I cant put much else in with her i was thinking of selling them (not right now as my girlfriend loves them but down the track) which brings me to my question of how much are these fish at this size actually worth? around 22cm around 32cm They are very healthy and fed extremely well, shame to get rid of such a beautiful fish but with their temper, me not wanting to attempt to breed them and my amount of existing tanks, selling them off may be my only option in good time. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. cheers
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