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Found 28 results

  1. Hi all, I'm back after a brief hiatus as funds were put towards setting up the reef system. Now that I'm happy with how the reef is progressing, it's time the goldfishes got some more love. I thought I'd share my most recent project that I'd be looking to stringently refine and continue. BTW, it's has been great to see quality goldfish coming into Aus as of late e.g. quality lfs orandas & the increasing number of hobbyists which now own imported TVR Anyhow some pics: Firstly the UK broadtail standard: Examples of exceptional fish: & lastly my trio of broadtail moors 9 day old fry feeding on bbs Further reading for those interested Broadtail Moor Goldfish Goldfish Culling - Veiltail and Broadtail Moor - Site for Goldfish Keepers Cheers, John
  2. Hi everyone ! Please have a look at him . What do you think about him (Quality, Breed or any others comments will be much appreciated . Thank You
  3. The newly released Fluval lights have just hit our shelves and they are very impressive. We have the Prism underwater Spotlight with 80 Multi-colour lighting options including effects. Fluval Eco Bright with remote to control day and night settings. Fluval Aquasky which is a fully adjustable RGB + 6500K white light that has stunning effects like cloud cover, fading lunar, storm and lightning. The Fluval Aura is designed specifically for nano planted tanks and has a dimming feature. Fluval Nano and Saltwater which has a 9000K rating to work on Fish-only marine tanks or planted tanks requiring a less intense light. Fluval Halo Marine light is perfect for nano reefs. The Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 is 50% brighter than the previous model and has a soft touch control on top of the light makes it easy to adjust the lighting. Lastly, the Fluval Sea Marine and Reef LED is engineered for coral growth and offers a full spectrum light that can be controlled with an illuminated touch-sensitive switch with dimming feature.!!! If you are looking for new lights for your tank, chances are Fluval has the perfect fit for you! Limited stock is available so head on over to our website and snap yourself up a fantastic new light before they sell out!!!! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Lighting_s/1936.htm
  4. http://piaa.net.au/iridovirus-and-live-fish-importation-update/ Read an update on the rules that are coming in. This sounds better. I would be interested to hear more details. Interested in peoples thoughts?
  5. Just purchased a L202 pleco at 7cm and after your opinion on the sex of him/her let me know your thoughts cheers
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Start to finish - 4.5 minute youtube build
  8. You dont want average when it comes to the shrimp side of the hobby. You want something created by an insane shrimp scientist* fixated on creating the perfect shrimp food. After exhaustive testing of batches on a large range of shrimps to ensure correct levels of the little things needed for each breed to look their best. We now have the result, a food that unites the essentials with the desired optionals. Nutrients loaded with minerals! If shrimp are getting their minerals from their food, then maintaining an exact GH in a shrimp aquarium becomes less essential. This is probably the trickiest part of the more challenging shrimp types, and frequently requires maths to get optimal. So very handy to have a food that gets the job done. This stuff is also FRESH and made with the best organic ingredients. It drags the tanks shrimp to it, so place it in the perfect location, and snap some good pictures of them all feeding. Once they get a taste for it...... no other food can compare. And that is how it got its street name. Age of Aquariums - Shrimp Crack 30gm I cant help but think this would be a potent treat for larger crayfish or even crab species. *may not actually be an insane shrimp scientist......... but if you described an insane shrimp scientist....... he would tick most the boxes. In a good way XD
  9. Started the DIY Background one the 20th April, and today its wet and ready to scape Its gotta have this lot of water dumped tomorrow, and when new stuff goes in I can start to plant it Yep there is a ring in rock, i didnt make enough so will make some more, but they need time to cure. So the ring in will be replaced when new ones are ready and then it will all match in
  10. Still a bit to finish off but you get the idea these tanks aren't for me, they are what I help to build so asking what's going in them and finished pics filled with water is pointless. Sorry.but that's the way t is.
  11. Hi all, Thought i would share some pics of some of the fish i got in the last import. If frontosa and tropheus are your thing then keep looking, if not you might get a bit bored. haha WC Chumbu
  12. Hey guys! This is my newest aquascape, three days old and I'm already super stoked! Tell me what you guys think or any ways I might be able to improve! Don't know why the photo vanished before
  13. WC Moba from my latest import 8 left. 3m 5f
  14. I decided to redo this. Substrate: Pool filter Sand Background: DIY foam Filter: Eheim Pro 2224 Tank is unheated and currently unstocked, not sure what to put in it at this stage
  15. I was just on the phone to Ad Konings' Australian Representative and he was telling me that Ad Konings returned from his trip to Tanganyika on Sunday and mentioned that the Tropheus in that location was considered in danger to the point where they may become extinct. Some of the reasons that this was due to over fishing and the collection sites. His recommendation was to collect them and breed them but do not cross the variants. If you have Tropheus - look after them.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Picked him up today - about 30cm & nice colour & pattern
  18. Substrate: Bunnings play sand/Ki-Carma sand mix Filter: Internal Otto Heater: 200W Plants: Java fern, Crypts & a couple of little swords Hardscape: Wood & Rocks Fish: 2 Angels, 1 male Common LF BN, 1 male Albino BN, Apple snails & MTS
  19. Took some fish pix tonight while practising with the new camera. These are the better ones of the whole heap I took LOL.. quick bloody africans! They seem to be showing a bit more colour now as they get bigger.. so thought id post up a few of the fella's I keep and a couple of the tank. cheers
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. Prolific numbers from this batch. Photo taken 4.12.2010. I don't have the patience to count them
  22. Did this one yesterday, and yep it is super cloudy *L* Cant wait for it to clear so i can fine tune it. Substrate is rocks and sand (bunnings) Lighting: is shocking and is to be replaced with 2x 2ft T5's Stocked: neons, male guppies, redtailed black shark, bronze cories, pep BN & riffle shrimp Now i washed and washed and washed the sand but i still got cloudy. so this is it today Will update pic as it clears
  23. Just redone my 5ft tank, used sand, not white as I wanted it to feel a little more natural, complete with two huge swords and a smaller variegated form I am happy with it ATM, it was a little cloudy, but has all settled now. full tank.jpg[/attachment:1z1nm347]
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