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Found 10 results

  1. .Hi Guys, I recently purchased a few large pieces of Lava Rock from a Gold Coast pet store but i cant seem to get them to sink lol. They have been floating in my tank for the last 3 days with no signs of sinking, Any idea's on how i could get it to sink?? Cheers..
  2. I will be getting a new tank in the coming weeks and I have been looking into how to make it look kinda pretty. I saw Charcoal lava rock at a couple landscaping places and I was wondering if it was aquarium safe? After rinsing and boiling of course. Will it affect water parameters? Will it be like the regular red lava rock I see around the place? Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  3. Anyone know where I can get crushed lava rock from? Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 2
  4. Hey does anyone use lava rock in there sumps as bio media. I'm setting up a new sump for my Africans and just need a cheap media I've got a bout 20 litres of bio balls in there and was going to put matrix in the next section but just don't have the funds at the moment. I can get 6.25l of lava rock delivered to my door for $35 Or 17.5l for $70 It says it is 2.5 L to 1 kg so that seems like it should be very porous for the bacteria to grow in. Cheers Clint
  5. Hey guys have removed the river stones and added lava rock, filmed it with my gopro while doing a water change
  6. I have always wondered where it comes from...
  7. hi i just brought some lava rocks today and was wondering how long they have to soak for before there ok to go into my tank?
  8. hi just brought some lava rocks and wanted to know how long i have to soak them in water for?
  9. I am just wondering if you could let me know the cheapest place you have seen lava rock for sale? Chasing somewhere that is it is readily available in reasonable quantities.
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