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Found 7 results

  1. Pretty excited to see my 4 forest jewels pair off and lay eggs!!!! Sorry for the bad photos... it was a mixture of crappy phone and shaking with nervous excitement?
  2. I had two female Rosie Barbs pregnant but they have not laid eggs. One haemorrhaged and died, the other is on it's way there. Any information on what type of plants they MUST have to lay their eggs would be appreciated
  3. I bought a breeding pair of peps and have noticed lately my male isn't letting my female in the log and this morning I noticed my female had layed out side of the tank ( unfertilized ) is there anything I can do to get my male to let my female in???
  4. So after nearly three years, it turns out that I don't have two male Oscars but infact have a male and female lol. They have cleared a patch in the gravel and are laying eggs tonight but the male is knocking the eggs clear as he attempts to fertalise? There is rocks in the tank, so I don't get why they didn't just lay on one lol. Im more surprised and just enjoying watching them be silly, don't really want more Oscars lol. Has anyone bred Oscars before? And did they do the same as my two?? Or are they just first timer mistakes in the fishy world??
  5. i have a pair of redlizard whiptails and have noticed they have been in a D cave for afew hours now. i have had royals and they love the heater to lay on when its turned off. but do they also lay in caves? thanks rowan
  6. I have a female orange head geo ready to lay her eggs. She's been trying really hard all night but everyone she goes to do it he nips her. All her side finds are torn now and it just keeps going Is this sort of normal behavior from the male? She laid eggs a few weeks ago and he ate them.
  7. Hi everybody, just looking to clarify this question. I have a very young trio of B/N male & 1 female are S/F & 1 female is a bit smaller L/F. 3 different blood lines Wonce they got to breeding size the L/F layed first, around 30eggs. Then 2 weeks latter the S/F layed around 70 eggs. all fry kicking arse. The last month I have been putting all my time and effort into getting my OS B/N to do the dirty, so I raised the tank temp for a month feed them all up. Females were full to the brim of eggs by last week. I then did the things to trigger spawning, being dropped temp & cold water change. I just got home from work and checked the common males cave & there are 2 separate lots of eggs, one definatly smaller than the other & both the girls are looking much smaller. Is it possible the both layed in the same cave overnight?? Sorry it was such a long winded story. Thanks in advance guys.
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