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Found 9 results

  1. hey guys i brought a second hand hexaganal corner tank and it has two little leaks i was wondering if anyone in the deception bay area had any silicone or could give me a hand to fix the little tiny leaks as the tank is a present and im not very good at fixing the leaks if anyone knows anyone who is good at re siliconing tanks i am willing to pay for the help please reply or pm me thanks chris
  2. Hey guys Had a leak in my tank this morning, quite slow but I emptied everything out - all livestock and plants in a smaller 30L tank. Now I have my 2ft tank (leaky one) sitting outside to dry out the aquasoil, but once thats done im going to try inspect. The tank was second hand and rather old (and only $20 for tank + light), so ill probably have to resilicone it but i dont know if its worth it (not the best quality tank). Im not exactly sure which corner the leak came from as it was very slow, not enough to have bubbles. Thoughts?
  3. I got a small leak in a tank on a corner do I patch it on the inside or outside? If I patch it on the inside with silicon is the silicon toxic for the fish? Or is there a specific silicon to use?
  4. Hi all, I've just plumbed up the water to my tanks with irrigation pipe and fittings, the ones with barbs and flicked the switch to the pump... to my frustration a few, not all of the joints are leaking.. I've got the clamps on the joints but this hasn't stopped the drips.. I did pull apart 2 joints and wrapped them with ptfe (plumbers tape) and that seems to have stopped a few of them, but i don't really want to do it all of them. Does anyone have some advice on other ways to seal these joints??
  5. Hi all, I have got a tank with a silicone leak. I can't remove the tank from stand, as it is a very large tank with 12mm glass. The tank stand is also custom made to fit the tank perfectly without removing it ( i dont know why). Anyway, my questions are...what is the easiest way to detect a leak from the inside of the tank? Can i use some aquarium silicone and reseal over existing silicone across the entire base, and hopefully this will stop the leak? Suggestions...
  6. Hi all, Canister got really nosiy and started to leak> I changed the impellor which fixed the nosie but I cant stop the leak. Is this likely to be the o-ring seal. has anyone had a similar problem. Just have a single drip evey minute or so on one side.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. I shifted my 4ft tank and in reconnecting the canister is leaking. Was gushing out at first, so I reversed all the trays (have accidently done that before) and it sealed better on closing. It seems to be very slight near the front corner clips. We are talking just 50c of water over a hour. However it now leaks from the power cable point (continuous dribble). It is tightly closed and I can't figure what is wrong. The seals in trays and around the top part of the unit seem fine. Is this common problem and do I just need to keep fiddling, or is it sign of something broken in it ? Can I just silicon around the power cable to stop that dribble ? It is an Aqua One 1200.
  9. I want to repair a small leak on an old tank - what's the best method? Recently I fixed a new tank successfully, I simply reapplied the Selleys stuff over the top of the manufacturer's silicon (after discussing with the maker over the phone) and that did the trick no problem. However for this old tank I was thinking of first removing the original silicon entirely from all the inner corners, then reapply new silicon to those crevices. Is this the best way? What's the best tool/method to remove the old silicon? Should I just use the Selleys Aquarium Safe Silicon or is there a more structurally safe brand to use? Thanks.
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