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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I have a bio-pro canister filter ( bought for me, not bought by me) about 6mths old, twice we have had a power interruption and both times when power back on water has poured out of top flooding lounge. When reassembled runs ok . Has any one else had this problem, and if so is there a way to fix it other than throwing filter away. appreciate any suggestions.
  2. have a aqua nova 1200 canister filter, taps are leaking all ready!! (less than a year old) anyone know if the taps can be brought seperate or there is 2 o rings in there, should i just pull them out and stick new o rings in.. thanks for any help.. luckily i got 2 canisters runin on the tank,, the other aqua is at least 3yrs old never replaced anything still going strong.. ( oh yeah its the turn taps it self, not where they click to canister)
  3. .Hi Everyone I need some help with fixing my leaking tank. I have a 6 foot tank, and a few weeks ago i got up in the morning and it had lost almost half of the water overnight. I emptied it completely, cut out the silicone and replaced with new silicone. I filled up the tank which seemed fine and held water for a few days. After a few days, the same thing happened. All of a sudden it was leaking again and lost half of the water overnight. I went through the same process again and refilled. Everything was fine for about 2 weeks and I thought it was all fixed, but woke up this morning to the same problem. I think I am doing everything right, and it works for a while but will all of a sudden have a leak again and lose water quickly. I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Can anyone help with some suggestions or tricks to make sure it works this time. Thanks Darren
  4. I have a friend that has a leaking aqua one cf100 canister she has had it for 6 years, but now it is not playing nice, i dont have any canisters, so thought i would get some ideas from here... at first it was leaking around the lid, apparently this has stopped. now it is leaking around were the inlet and outlet are, apparently it has been a little while since she cleaned it. I am guessing the seals are just shagged due to age.? But it wasn't leaking prior to her cleaning it out..
  5. so from what i understand, i must turn the valve counter clockwise to remove with a little bit of a wiggle, but first things first, how easy are these valves to replace, has anyone had this issue ??? have done minimal research on this topic and found the most common fault is in the O rings, mine is actually dripping from the valve "twist" thing itself, any previous experience, heads up, tips, locations for purge valves greatly appreciated currently have 4x fx5 canisters and this is a FIRST, damn fluval.
  6. I sold a guy a 4 ft tank yesterday which I owned for over a year,and it started leaking over night. The guy I sold it to did not use any white foam between the tank and the cabinet I'm just wondering if this could have caused the leak. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I was going to setup a second 2217 on my tank today and discovered a small leak in the in-line tap (intake). This leak is not where the two parts join but from a connection in the tap itself. Is this just a o ring needing to be replaced or is the tap stuffed? Cheers Trav
  8. Just throwing this out there in case any of you have used a specific way/adhesive/patch that worked for you. I've gone round in circles trying to decide which way to go, so mucghh so that the missus says that I am disappearing up my own @rsehole! It's a butyl rubber liner with a 10cm leak of a clean rip (falling palm leaf must have punctured it). I found the leak by following the water level once the level stopped dropping. I've looked at pool liner splicing (joining) tape...........double sided seems easiest to acquire but I would have to stick a patch on the outer side of the tape. Looked at waterproof glues, most of which don't work on rubber and repair kits that mostly only work on PVC. Everything was so much simpler way back, when there was only pvc liners. have finally come up with this: Selleys Ultra Repair GlueSelleys Australia which I will use to stick a patch over it. The patch will consist of a piece from a bicycle inner tube. Do you know of another waterproof adhesive that will work with rubber or have you had similar problem and solved it another way? cheers
  9. Does anybody know where I can get a new seal that goes between the IBC and the tap? I can't find one..
  10. hey guys i need to re sillicon one of my fish tanks as its leaking but i dont know what sort of sillicon to use can someone help please?
  11. Eheim 2075 seems to be leaking. If I pick the filter up while its running and tilt it, water literally pours out the side near the handles and main seal. Main seal however looks completely fine and correctly positioned. This only happens when tilting in one particular direction though. Maybe the clip in that side? The filter also leaks very slowly when running at full power (turning it down to half helps), but its only a few drips so its very difficult to tell where its coming from. The main seal is pretty much the only place it can leak right?
  12. Hey guys i got a Eheim 2080 and trying to get new rubbers and impeller shaft in Brisbane somewhere not having any luck yet seems not many shop keep parts anymore still looking.
  13. Hey my canister filter seems to be filtering fine but its leaks from the spot in the picture below please help:confused: Thanks.
  14. Just got my fx5 off another forum member. Claimed to be brand new and looks it so i dont doubt him. But its leaking where the pump joins the bucket (shown in pic) Someone please help me need to know what it is!!!
  15. hi all, I was just enquiring on what would be the best way to seal a leak in a tank. Can I just silicone over the leak & the existing silicone or do I have to somehow pull the old silicone off 1st. Never had to deal with this prob before so not sure as to which way I should go, any advice would be great, thanks guys ! regards : Jeff W !!!!
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