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Found 10 results

  1. just wanting to know what others thoughts are on this matter, at the auction there were some guppies that were marked as feeders, the auctioneer said its illegal in qld to feed live fish to your fish, so he sold them as mixed guppies, now i see all the LFS have tanks full of feeder fish, shrimp, goldfish and yabbies, if its illegal how can they openly advertise feeder fish................ i know from keeping reptiles its illegal to feed live food unless you can prove they won't eat dead, due to the fact that starving animals was more illegal then feeding live,
  2. marimo moss balls are these legal? I read a few pages on verious sites saying they are as long as they are not the original plant originally imported and others say they are totally illegal? Any help much appreciated thanks
  3. Years ago I had a spotted gar that was probably the best fish I've ever owned. I'd love to get another one, but it's my understanding that they're now classed as noxious? Is there any practical way of getting some kind of permit or something? Google hasn't been too helpful in this regard. Cost isn't too much of an issue for me. My work means that I have to go with a 100% legal method, even if that method is a loophole etc. (Just in case anyone is interested) I got my last one at about 9-10cm. At that size he was happily taking pellets and bloodworms. His growth was rapid and he seemed quite sociable with his tankmates (Sailfin pleco, gold spot pleco, silver dollars, clown loaches). I had initially planned to move the smaller fish before he grew large enough to eat them, but they seemed to interact in a friendly manner, so I wound up leaving them together. Within a week he was recognising me and would get excited when I approached the tank (gars have an adorable waggle when they're excited). At that point it was probably just the food he was interested in, but later he would actually rub himself against my hand in the tank. It was almost like having a puppy at times. At 10cm his only obvious marking was a black line along his side. The spots began to appear by about 12cm and he was completely patterned by 15cm. As he got bigger I started giving him live food as well as his pellets and worms. Initially this was feeder gudgeon and small shrimp, though later it included some small cichlids that a breeder friend didn't consider up to standard. He'd eat as many as I put in, getting to roughly 3 times his normal circumference, then spend a few days digesting and growing at a ridiculous rate. While he'd eat anything new that I put in, the fish that he grew up with didn't seem to register as food to him. More than once I saw a clown loach doing that lay on their side/nap thing on his snout without any problems.
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I was reading the QLD government's Non-indigenous-prescribed list and I read what appears to say only male paradise fish can legally be kept in captivity. Has anybody heard anything about this before? Here is the link: Non-indigenous fish - prescribed list | Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry | Queensland Government
  7. I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether it is legal to take rocks and wood from riverways to use in a fishtank? Obviously, it would not be allowed if the area was a national park, but is there anything stopping me from going down to my local creek and helping myself (within reason of coarse)? Does anybody else do this?
  8. hi people, I'm trying to get some food off ebay (commoning from the USA), will it get through customs? it iuff)s: Sera (various stuff) Hikari ciclid gold TetraVeggie algae wafers all this is on special so I contacted customs and they said they may take 10 days; the special ends tonight LOL. thanx anyone
  9. As the title Asks are legal to buy in Australia? If so where would I look to buy one. Preferably a smaller one.
  10. I know they are an indangered species And are natives to the local waterways down here. But am I allowed too legally keep them? If I can even find one that is...
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