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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone Just a quick query, I spotted some beautiful Orange Leleupi today at a very reputable store on the North side of Bris, Couldn't resist and bought a whole bunch with the intention of trying to get a few pairs. Once I got home and relocated them into their homes, i couldn't help but notice that the beautiful orange was now yellow. They have been in their tanks now for over 5 hours eating, and appear to be very happy. Have I been had with clever lighting or will they grow into their color? It should be noted that they are all around the 5-6 cm mark, and have been relocated from the LFS water which had a low pH, high ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates...to ph 8, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrates. Does anyone know whats going on? Cheers Yas and Will
  2. Do all leleupi get the grey beard under the chin when mature or is it on a regional variant? Looks pretty awesome but never really noticed it until got some excel sinking...
  3. Seeing as how i'm sick today (well sick enough not to go to work) i picked up the trusty ol' point and shoot and took some photos of what i found last night. I moved my 6ft tank from downstairs to upstairs yesterday and in the process of stripping the tank i found these on the under side of a rock, taken from the rock pile in the pics. The leleupi (x4) have been in the tank for about a month, with only a gold comp and bn to keep them company. Not sure if they'll survive in the other tank, and it's their first spawn! Now they're upstairs i'll be able to keep a closer eye on them. Hope u enjoy
  4. Well the new things are, 6 Ventralis which I bought from Smiths aquarium TOP QUALITY and 1 baby Tropheus I found under a rock, its pretty damaged... the tail fin is pretty much gone
  5. hey all not up with these guys can anyone tell me the best way to tell male from female , also what they are like while breeding ( aggresive ect) and would they be ok in a 60l tank? thanks
  6. Hi Guys I have some Leleupi fry that are ready for sale, i am wondering how much they generally sell for? Thanks Shane
  7. Hi guys I have had a breeding pair for a while now, and the male died last night, still to find out why, and i am wondering is it possible to replace that male or will the female not breed with another male? I have tried to find info on this but have come up empty handed. I would like to try and get another male if i can. Thanks Shane
  8. Here is another great pic I took of our Neolamprologus Leleupi, not a very clear photo but really good contrast....
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