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Found 13 results

  1. Has anyone had success keeping jumbo leptosoma with fronts? I know in the wild they are frontosa food but i thought there would be a good chance of keeping them together in a tank with all fish well feed.
  2. Hi All, I posted a photo of a lepto the other day and was told to start treating with metro due to the pink in the gills. I was told that it looked like early signs of wastage. What is everyone's experience in with wastage. All fish are still eating (if fact I now have a second mouthful) but if it is in fact wastage I'd like to get onto it asap. I did previously lose a pair of wild caught gobies in that tank that had red gills. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all at zero. Other tankmates are L. meleagris and 2 bristles. If metro is the go what dosage rate should I use? Thanks in advance Trav
  3. Hi guys I have successfully been breeding Leptosoma Mpimbwe Jumbo's in a 4ft tank now for almost 2 years however I am not having any success in a 2x1x1. I have put 3 of my best females and 1 male in there for 2 months now with no luck. It's a prety standard lepto set up mostly open water with one plant and a sponge filter, no substrate. I have not seen the male displaying very often which is making me lean toward introducing another male however I do not want to crowd the tank. Anyone with any advice or experience for breeding them in 2 foot tanks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  4. Hi guys, I thought I would throw out a few questions and see if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I am keen to start a colony of Leptosoma in my 5 long x 1.5 wide x 2.5ft high tank. I would like them to be the predominate fish in the tank. I have been looking for a few weeks now and found there to be heaps of different types, however I am leaning towards the utinta. I noticed these have blue, yellow and red tails. And sometimes they are referenced as neon or fluorescent variety. The attached picture is of a Fluorescent variation . Now for my questions, and apologies in advance if they don’t make much sense: My preference would be for a brighter blue or fluorescent variety, but is there any difference between these and the other utinta’s? Are these fluorescent/neon varieties some sort of hybrid or is it just selective breeding? As I understand a pair utinta’s with a blue tail can throw yellow tails and vice versa. If I was to have a couple of red tails in the school would this be an issue as I hope to bred and sell some of the fry? Will different types of lepto’s interbred or could I have the utinta’s and perhaps Jumbo’s in the same tank? I also have a small school of Paracyprichromis nigripinnis I would assume these will not breed with the lepto’s? Also any advice on tank mates would be appreciated. I have a pair of leleupi which I am concerned they would eat the lepto fry. They are good with their own but I am not sure if they can be trusted. I have a few multi’s I was thinking about putting in with them? Perhaps similis? Or perhaps ventralis or would they pick of the fry? Any advice would be much appreciated as I do not want to outlay $$ for a school only to find I will have issues with the cross breeding etc. Thanks Dan
  5. just some pics of my lepto breeding colony which are looking really stunning at the moment and breeding well. enjoy
  6. I've been loving my Utintas lately. They've been going ballistic. The males have coloured up and have been in full display mode to the females as well as territorial threats to one another, check the fin damage! I managed to snap a few keepers hope you enjoy. Troy
  7. Hi guys, here are two of my leptosoma utinta bays. I wish more people had these so I could purchase some off them so if anyone does please PM me. I know Shon has some as mine are from same parents as his, but if anyone else has any please let me know! Cool little fish and a nice smaller lepto I thought was worthy of sharing with you all, please feel free to share your lepto pics in here too. Adam
  8. Male showing off 2M and 8F in the colony in a 4x2.5x2 with 9 Ochrogenys Ndole
  9. Hey guys, not sure of the exact variant but i seen some German albino Leptosoma today, was very surprised, at first i thought they were very washed out albino Nigripinnis then i noticed some had yellow/orange coloured tails and realised what they were! Awesome fish for any Tang/albino lover. Cheers Stace
  10. thinking of starting a small coloney of mulifasciatus , i like these guys read up a bit on them but get conflicting advice . What's a basic tank size for them ( small coloney ) have a 2 foot ( holds 60L) but dont want to go bigger than a 3 foot( holds 130 L ). Also where i can buy any fairly cheap ( incase i'm not real succesful ) , also after some leptosoma jumbo or the smaller variety ( what ever they are called ) same as above ( basic tank size ect ) never had either of them but like what i see and read about them so any help would be great , live 1/2 hour west of ipswich so some where within a hour or so drive from ips to buy if anyone knows where to find these guys would be good, but any reasonable distance is o.k CHEERS TERRY
  11. Hi All Have a couple of female cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu that are holding after 3 whole days since arriving in my Tang set up. (Great fish and great deal thanks to Brad at Aquariums Alive) How long do they hold for before i should strip, i mean are they similar to malawis . Are there any particular problems/issues that i'll have to look out for. Thanks in advance. Dave
  12. hi guys, i have a small colony of utina bay leptos that have started to breed for me, is it true that the adults won't eat the juvinlies once they are realeased from the mother.
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