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Found 15 results

  1. Howdy, so I am looking at upgrading my sump pump to a higher lph but my main question is how will this effect the waer level in both my tank and sump. I was once told by a bloke (who i have since realised had no idea what he was talking about) that i could not put a sump pump larger that 3000lph on my tank. Does anyone have any idea why he would say this? My tank has two drains and one inlet... My thinking is that by adding a bigger pump that the level in my tank will rise? Is that correct? Or will it just drain faster? i would like to upgrade to a 6000lph pump (so doubling my current rate) if that is possible.
  2. .The Tech Den store at Caboolture is looking for a casual staff member to join their growing team. If you are able to work at designated times on weekends and through the week, have retail experience, and a strong knowledge of fish and aquarium products, then we would like to hear from you. Formal qualifications or studying in the field would be highly regarded. Applicants will need to be customer focused, friendly and respectful at all times. Duties will include general maintenance at the store, processing and packing of orders. Use of the POS system and computer skills for operation of dispatching and packing of orders will also be necessary. You will be required to follow company policies and guidelines. You will need to be reliable. We are looking for someone that has the initiative to work unsupervised, and has the enthusiasm to be an integral part of our existing team. Please forward written applications to accounts@thetechden.com.au Due to the current growing workload we are unable to accept applications or questions by phone.
  3. Just wondering if anyone here has a tank and sump same height at the same level. If so how did you go about water flow from tank to sump ?? I have done this with a setup but looking for a different way if it is reliable.
  4. Yesterday the salt was below 1.022 and now it is way above that...whats going on? Is this bad? I desperatley need somthing for alage...what can i use and where can i get it.
  5. Hi All, I'm stumped on something that is bothering me, I have recently purchased a new tank, this tank has a sump. The concern I am having is that the water level is dropping daily, I have to put about 2-3ltrs in the tank every couple of days. Other wise the sump pump starts making noises. I was running an air curtain and reactors until recently and when that was running I had to top up daily. The tank currently doesn't have lids on it, neither does the sump. I have checked everywhere around the tank and sump and it doesn't seem to be leaking, well not that I can find. Could it just be that the water is evaporating? Any help or advise would be great Regards Craig
  6. i have an idea of how im going to do it but i want to make sure. im not to keen on having the rack collapse and spill hundreds of Litres of water and fish all over the ground.
  7. Currently have 800lph internal filters. My mate has a 1200lph and its soooooo much more noisy. Am wanting to know if anyone runs them and what noise level they get from them NO spray bar attached. My mates filter is OLD as, so im thinking its just age causeing the noise?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Is there anybody that can explain this for me and how this could occur in an aquarium? I recently introduced a new fish to an established aquarium (aclimitizing it to the new water just like I always do) with other healthy fish. Within 12hrs new fish dead. Water - everything 0 nitrate 10ppm. Callled where I got him from, LFS very helpful and understanding and asked about TDS levels. I add no salt or anything to my new water except prime. So there should be no heavy metals or high levels of minerals. But I searched on the net and read this Is this relevant? My guess is the fish just couldnt cope with the travel and new water adjustment.
  10. Afternoon everyone Just been doing my water changes and now i have a question.....which may be quite a stupid one.....but im sure someone will help me anyways So.......if your tanks water level is pretty high......does it matter at all to the tanks ability to hold it all?......like just because i like my tanks pretty full, doesnt mean that its going to break because there's more water in there than there should be? Oh and i am aware a full tank makes it nice n easy for fish to jump out lol....but i've got the tops covered etc ta <3
  11. I have a comunity tank, and i recently added some more gravel to it ( I got this gravel off a fellow member) and I boiled the gravel to kill of any disease,and rinsed the gravel numerous times before adding it to my tank. once i added it to my tank the next day I checked all my water and found that the Nitrite level was around 50ppm. so I did a 50% water change. I came back today and checked the water again and the Nitrite level is stil 50ppm. so I did a 30% water change this morning. I checked the water again just befre and compaired it to this mornings sample and its a little bit higher. what can I do to fix this problem. I dont want to stress out my fish especially my discus :s. thank you alyce
  12. iam currently breeding a large number of bristlenose catfish they are in all different size tanks in each tank i have drift wood in all tanks are running the same water. my problem is that my ph is around 9-10 maybe even higher i want to find out if anyone knows a way of lowering the ph level to around 7 ish. i have one 2ft tank iam using for a test tank when i first tested the tank the ph reading was over 10 and i added 7 teaspoons of ph down to the aquarium and lowered it down to 7 and i waited a day tested again and it went back up to over 9 if anyone has a way of keeping water down around 7 or anyway of making a large water tank keep ph down please let me know. as using so much ph down is expensive. thanks
  13. hey guys, i have a tank with a couple of angels and the ph is 7.2-7.5...... the prefered ph leve for the is between 6.8-7.0 i think. just wondering if it's worth lowering the ph? They've been in there for 3 weeks now and seem to be doing good..... Any suggestions? Cheers!
  14. Just wanted to do a bit of a poll i guess - wondering what the variation of pH from tap water in different areas. I live in mudgeeraba & my tap water pH seems to be coming out around 7.7 / 7.9 (i cant be certain cause im colour blind). Good for africans, not so good for my tropicals... Which leads to the following question - recommendations on a good pH buffer? or are they all about the same...
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