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Found 30 results

  1. Springfield tap water after being aerated in a bucket for a day is measured@ pH - 8 - 8.2 gH - 143.2 ( kH - 125.3 (7) I have two nano tanks which keep, neon tetras, guppies and a better are currently at 7.2-7.4 Can I slowly raise the pH up to 8 - 8.2 and the fish will acclimatise, or is the pH too high? Any help would be great!
  2. Hey guys so I'm bummed my 8×2×2 blew out a few days ago. Now I am getting a 6×2×2 for the time being. I have a fair few fish and wondering if they will be ok in it. I have a 25cm red devil, 27 cm zonatus, 25cm silver scat, 15 cm black belt, 20cm blue acara, 12cm festae, 2× 20cm featherfin catfish, 15 cm gt and a 15 cm clown loach. All the american cichlids are male 100% except not sure on the festae and black belt. I will have heavy filtration and doing big water changes. Will this be ok for the rest of the year?
  3. Ok now i no there is a thread already started about this topic but im really having troubles understanding GH/KH levels atm and nothing really explaines things in a simple enough way for me to fully understand. Ok i have african cichlids and i understand that GH is general hardness of the water and KH is carbonate hardness. What i want to no is, does KH adjust when you raise PH or does it only raise when you use a buffer. I like to keep my PH around the 8-8.2 and i normally use API buffer which keeps my GH around the 10-12 and KH around the 6-7 mark as well as adding seachem african cichlid salt. Now i was told to give seachem buffer a go and since iv used it my PH is fine but my KH and GH is vary low (GH is 7 and KH is 3-4). Also my PH drops aswell every now and than I use white gravel as substrate for a buffer aswell. My question is what do i use to increase my KH without adjusting my PH and is there something i can use to adjust my GH that is sold at petshops. Cheers
  4. I wont to start a planted discus tank but ada amazonia buffers ph to 5.5-6.5 I want it at around 7 for discus, what are my other options?
  5. I am wondering if anyone might know what could be causing the nitrate levels to be very high in my tank. I am 10 days into a new cycle, running a new filter. Ammonia is 2.0 nitrite is 0 and nitrate has been very high. Before my first water change, day 7, it was 160 then after it went down to 40. I did the water change 3 days ago and I am going to do it again today. I just tested everything again and nitrate is still high as expected. I know nitrate is less harmful and it will reduce again after doing another water change but it doesn't make sense and I need to figure out what had caused it. From my understanding a cycle goes like this... Ammonia levels peak within a couple of weeks and then turn into nitrite, the nitrite peaks within a couple of weeks and turns into nitrate, then it peaks within a couple of weeks which is then removed by changing the water and then the cycle is complete right? So how can nitrate levels be so high right from the beginning? I am guessing my ammonia is about to peak, hence the 2.0 ammonia reading and 0 nitrite, then nitrite will peak etc etc etc I only have 1 Oscar which is fed once a day and has not really made a lot of mess, and running a Eheim classic (2217) I have plans to run my Jebo also as a back up but need new pipes and bits n bobs first so figure my eheim should be plenty to keep the tank clean for now, it is a 4x 1.5x 1.5 ft (66 gallon) tank. Any ideas? TIA Oh and one more thing, what is everyone's thoughts and experiences on seachem prime? Yay or Nay?
  6. I'm looking at dividing a 6 foot tank and using the same water in all sections what ph is suited to each species are they all the same Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  7. Hey just wondering how you progress through from an egg to a fry etc..
  8. I'm sure this is nothing new to most of you but I thought some newcomers to the hobby might find this information helpful. Especially those choosing Americans. I personally do not use buffering solutions as I'm lazy and do not want to chase my tail or stress my fish with PH swings. I therefore opt for natural solutions. Obviously water parameters and filter media play major roles in influencing PH levels however, I believe the first and most relevant attributing factor to the stabilisation of PH is the choice of substrate. I mainly use three types of substrate which, over the years, have proved there ability to maintain the desired PH levels I strive for. The three substrates I use tend to hold the following PH levels very well. 7.5 - 7.7 (Central American) 7.0 - 7.2 (South American) 5 - 6 (Geophagus sp.) Being all American setups they do not require any 3rd party buffering. I simply put the correct substrate with the correct fish. I also believe the addition of wood and plants (choose plants carefully) help to maintain the levels I desire. When I was into Africans (Frontosa mainly) I used mainly a crushed coral substrate with coral chunks in the filter system to buffer the PH around 8.5. I hope this helps someone. Cheers, Rob
  9. Hi guys, I have a slight problem!?. I have a 4ft tank with 17 African cichlids. I have an issue with brownish, powder like residue on my 3d background and on the lava rocks. Got my water tested and found out my nitrate is high (they said that could be a cause to the brownish stuff?) So i was told to do a 30-40 % water change everyday and i should see a slight differance in a day or two (which i haven't) I have an Eheim 350 classic external, Otto internal down the other end of the tank, which they have been cleaned (of course in tank water, not under the tap ) and i have done 30-40 % water changes three day running now and my test are; Nitrate: 160 Ammonia: 0 ppm Ph: 8.0 What's going on??? I thought i would see a slight differance but the nitrate is still high. Does it take awhile for nitrate levels to go down,if so how long? OR am i doing something wrong? I have had the tank for years but just recently changed back to cichlids and have been up and running for approx 4 months just about 5 months now, Please help and thankyou all for reading. P.s Is there anythin out there on the market to help me reduce the Nitrate. Cheers!
  10. Hey guys, I will be moving my GT's between tanks soon and after testing the water in both tanks I found the PH in their current tank is around 6.6 which I realize is very low for cichlids. The new tank is at approx. 8.0 which is good. The other parameters are sitting nice in both tanks, although the Nitrate in the old tank is a bit higher than I would like (water changes incoming). So my question is, do fish suffer from a sudden change in PH levels when going between tanks? Should I raise the PH level before the swap? What could be causing the PH in the old tank to be so low? They have been in the tank for nearly 3 years no trouble. There is a large amount of driftwood in the tank, maybe that is dropping the PH? In saying that there is a few chunks of sandstone in the new tank which would be raising its levels. Thanks! Jon
  11. Hey all, Does a lack of oxygen in a tank promote more algae growth? I was told the other day that the algae in my tank could be so prevalent due to lack of oxygen, however it doesn't make sense because Algae photosynthesizes right? So in effect if it needed low oxygen to thrive it would effectively kill itself off by producing it?
  12. Hi guys, I have a Couple of questions regarding my PH Levels... I currently have about 5 Bristlenose Catfish and 2x Australian Bass in my 250L 4Ft Tank. The ph level is a CONSTANT 6.4. If I am going to be adding some Eel Tailed Catfish in which prefer neutral - alkaline waters, what is the best way to raise and keep the PH at a constant 7.0? Crushed Coral looks like the best way to go about this, but as I do not have a sump, and don't like the look of the coral through out the tank, is there any other natural product that I can use? I do not want to use any chemicals. Cheers Kieran
  13. I was wondering what is a permissable level of phosphates in water change water once its mixed and ready to go into the tank? I understand its never going to be absolutely perfect as sometimes the mix contains phosphates and even RO water may not be perfect if the filters are aging. Mine came in at 0.03 today, is that ok???
  14. whats the correct ph level for natives e.g. mangrove jack
  15. hey guys just wondering what your opinion is on the best ph level for africans cheers..
  16. Hey guys, i have a 6ft tank with african cichlids - electric yellows, blue zebras , red shoulder peacocks, frontosa's etc as every 1 knows - african cichlids like the higher PH from 7.8 to 8.0 or so ( is this right) i just wanna know whats the best cleaning fish to put in the tank as i have a pleco in there at the moment but i beleive the ph is too high for him ? i also have x2 clown loaches in there - are they gonna be okay with the ph being 8.0 or so ? i also have a eheim filter that does 1000lph - i have another filter that does 1400lph i was wondering is it okay to put both filters in the tank ? would this be better for the fish ? or is too much filteration ? can any 1 give me some tips / hints - as im relatively new to the fish stage but im loving it =D! Matt.
  17. Water Clarity: i have added new sand to my tank water is a bit cloudy. should i do a 3rd water change or leave it? Ph Levels: im currently sitting 7.4 - 7.8 i have Africans/Malawi i have been told my pH needs to be round the 8.0 - 8.4 mark. i have coral rubble in my canister along with coral rubble in my internal filter/power head. how can i buffer my pH? it was sitting higher when i use to have a calcium carb substrate, but the play isnt doing many favours! Help. cheers
  18. just wondering if anyone can help me out with what levels i should have my ph levels at I have been told alkaline but then neutral.... everyone has their own opinion. Also what ph should my levels be at for electric yellow and bristlenose etc. Your help would be great.
  19. what levels of ph should my water be for natives
  20. Can somebody please help me, I can not get my nitrate levels under 40ppm. Have tried every trick in the book, change water weekly 60 l, have installed de nitrate in filter, regular tank maintainence,always vacum gravel, condition water, etc. I have 200 lt tank Fluval 305 filter, noodles top tray, de nitrate middle tray, gravel bottom tray. 10 chiclids Tap water tests fine, less than 5ppm Have sought regular advice from my local pet shop dude, still not getting under 40ppm. Thing is, all fish are well, 5 pairs, all breeding regularly. Anybody got any clues ??
  21. My tank is approx. 5 weeks old.My nitrate, ph and amonia levels are good but my nitrite level stays at 5 ppm.How do i reduce the levels and is this a major concern for the fish?
  22. If my ammonia levels are really low, is it worth checking nitrate & nitrite?
  23. What is considered a safe Ammonia level for africans? I have set up my tank on the w/end and have been testing the water each day and now three days later it is just starting to rise one step on the test kit.I know about the cycling thing but was a bit impatient on this one and put a few in straight away.Thanks for any help. Cheers KIM
  24. Hi, i purchased a 5 in 1 api test strip kit at redlands bayfish day and was wondering what levels the gh and kh should be ??? i currently have a 6 foot with a heap of malawis and a couple of plecos any advice would be appreciated. cheers, Morgan
  25. stocking levels hey guys just wondering on reasonable stocking levels for a 4x18x18 got catfish and guppies in one want to know what the amount of fish that would be considered stocked. its got an internal on it atm and getting a 1500lph canister vry soon. has about 15 bnose as 4-10cm 2 chocolate plecs. 6-7cories 1 bumble bee catfish 1 bumble bee gobie 2 clown loaches 1 yoyo loach 5 small guppies 4 rosy tetras. now i know its understocked atm as theres no fish to be seen anywhere just wondering if adding 100 guppies will overstock it (yes ill be doing it in lots so as to not overload the bacteria in there
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