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Found 47 results

  1. Im visiting brisbane briefly next week and would like to check out some lfs with decent marine sections. Can anyone recommend some for me? Can possibly have a look in sunshine coast area as well. Cheers Gary
  2. Well, I haven't done one of these in Brissie for years. No doubt I will go to Smiths, (been way to long) & a couple of Sponsors. Any other suggestions from people out there... Mainly just looking for Mbuna varieties & any "special" Lake Tangys Frenchy
  3. Hatchetfish, anyone know which LFS currently have them ? not bothered on the species just want to know if any LFS are selling good ones at the moment that people may have seen in their travels. I have been to Darra, Pauls at Oxley, EFC at Rocklea and Downstream and not seen any. Just wondering if any knows who has em. Phil
  4. Hey guys, So i have seen and heard a lot from people and users from this forum, and most will go by the general consensus that all LFS are overpriced. As the number of Local Fish Stores is on the gradual decline in south east queensland, its is becoming more and more of a concern. Larger chain stores are constantly opening up and driving the little guys further and further into the possibility of shutting down. What could this mean for the hobby? im really not sure, but i have a pretty good idea. Some of the big wholesalers and not forgetting those smaller ones sometimes stock rarer and harder to get species (more so on the side of tropical fish) but what happens when the number of local fish stores is too small for a wholesaler to justify stocking and importing those rarer species? needless to say i feel that the importation of some of the rarer apistogrammas for sale will drop to nothing. have you ever seen wild caught borelli, wild caught Tefe at a petbarn? of course not, and thats something we could loose. I went for a look around some stores recently, and its good to see some doing so well.. Living Reef aquarium in burleigh is looking great, although its not a massive shop, and if you dont like discus you'll probably try to find the nearest exit it is still worth the visit. The revamped aquarium warehouse is looking ok, fish prices are what i would expect them to be, just seems to be lacking in dry goods. I tried to ask myself why was there a lack of dry goods... It seems that the online giants of underpricing and moving dry goods in bulk have driven the expected price of dry goods down so low, that a local fish store cannot justify price matching. Gold Coast Pet Centre has seen better days, and i fear for the future of the aquarium section. EFC is always a good one to have a squizz at, and if you fancy speaking to kevin and raymond for a good couple of hours its well worth the visit. i personally wouldn't go anywhere else for Americans. Smiths is good, i love the shop and the overall presentation of the shop, fish might be a little pricey but you will always get what you pay for (classic example of shop vs ol' mates fish from gumtree) Nielsens marine mates is good for marine (its in the name) but not a whole lot in store for the freshies (which makes me sad, but you cant have everything) I have not been to many LFS lately but all of them seem to be struggling (even though it may not seem that way). Local fish stores have near enough always aimed towards the hobbyist, selling only aquarium goods which is a pretty select market if targeting the general public. I feel now the gap between the LFS and the hobbyist is becoming larger and larger, as a LFS targets the public in order to keep its doors open. I Would be interested to see what most of you think of this, your experience with many LFS and what you think this dying (sorry) industry has in stall for all of us fish mongers.
  5. Haven't seen these in PC for over 15 years !!
  6. it would seem the 4 female guppys i bought from the LFS would not seem to be look what i found 3 of in my tank today http://youtu.be/T7Nt2p652Gg
  7. Been to 2 LFS in the last two days hunting IALs. Neither of them stock them anymore. One place which is seriously into shrimp said "That they don't get much call for them". How can that be with heaps of shrimp customers ? What's going on ? Anyway I know AOA sells the tea bags, but I like the look of the leaves in my tank. Anyone know who sells them at the moment ? Also looking for good leaf litter to add to my Rhad tanks to give it that authentic riparian look. Anyone know what local leaves are safe for fish? I know that Eucalypt leaves are bad news for fish, but a wonder if Lemon myrtle leaves or Mellaluca leaves might be ok? Anyone had any experience with native leaves in an aquarium ?
  8. .Been out of the loop for a while and been on an LFS crawl for quite some time now, the itch has well and truly developed again and was wondering if any good new shops have opened up within the last 3 or 4 years in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas?
  9. Hey there, New guy signing in, New South Welshman, although I was a Brisbanite for a couple of years. 27, full time uni studying a bachelor of criminal justice, work 4 days a week and I am involved with a lot of youth work in the community. Also getting married next Saturday! I have kept African cichlids (malawi) thanks to some invaluable guidance from a friend in the industry and I have also kept various community tropical tanks. Anyway, with that out of the way, lets move on. After my tank cracked at the start of this year when I moved here, I had to do some quick research and find a LFS to take them so they didn't die. They offered me $60 store credit for $500 worth of fish, plants, rock and driftwood.. I didn't want my fish to die so I took it. I had no reserve tanks because I gave/sold them before I moved and I couldn't find any on facebook or gumtree at the time. This was my first encounter with this store that all but owns the aquarium market in the region. I am now looking to put together another 4ft malawi tank together around christmas when my soon to be wife and I get our first place together and I would really love to support my LFS and purchase livestock from them, however, being a somewhat rural place, they have cornered the market and monopolised it and have adjusted their prices accordingly.. $35 each for 5cm juvenile electric yellows or $60 each for "10cm assorted peacocks" just as one example.. Maybe this is reasonable? I don't feel like it is. As a full time student, funds are limited and the pricing of this LFS has limited their market to the higher part of the middle and upper socio-economic classes in the region. Leaving any teenagers and young adults who want to enjoy something they are passionate about unable to afford to do so. I understand the principles of supply and demand as well as living within your means, but I enjoyed fish and the community when I was earning far less when I was living in Brisbane, because there was healthy competition between private breeders and LFSs. I am not after freebies and I understand that we also pay for the knowledge and the time of the guys working there, I also don't know their business costs such as overheads and their cost prices. Please understand, that I want my LFS to thrive because the industry and hobby rests on the success of the people who are the forefront of it. Sure if you want a nano with a betta and some tetras you can put together a setup for just under $200 here, but it can be a little underwhelming if you want something a bit more substantial in size. I know because I tried, it is what my $60 store credit went towards. My main curiosity is in their decision to limit their market for higher prices, over making it affordable for everyone, which seems to be, for me at least, better for business, because it isn't like they can't make it more affordable, because past experience shows me they can, they just choose not to. This isn't a franchise by the way, so there's no corporate pressure or pricing guidelines. Am I being naive or is limiting your market intentionally for the sake of profit margin a really bad business decision? Sure, you have a limited market anyway because not everyone is passionate about it, but through the affordability of it, word of mouth, people showing their tanks off to their friends and great advertising and showcases, you can really increase your market by creating an environment for passion and excitement to thrive. Or maybe I am naive? I am by no means a business expert, I am just a dude who wants to be able to afford something I love and also support the people that make it possible in my community, but I have a hard time feeling like I should when I feel like they treat their customers like they are a means to an end, not custodians of the creatures we love who are also the future of their business. This is just an uneducated exploration and reflection of the situation I find myself in, I am not interested in being right, I just want to understand and explore my options with your advice and thoughts. I am not angry, bitter, resentful, and I apologise if that is the tone of my writing. I am just curious and a little unsure. Also, if anyone knows any african cichlid breeders in the port macquarie region or are interested in organising some interstate shipping with me around christmas time, shoot me a PM Thanks for reading this great wall of text, here are some pictures for those that did! Sorry for the picture quality, the phone camera at the time was basically a toaster.
  10. Pixar announces Finding Nemo sequel called Finding Dory with Ellen DeGeneres | News.com.au
  11. Hi, To all our Toowoomba bretheren.... I am planning a trip to your fair city on Wednesday to pick up a new puppy..YAY!! Anyway, before I collect her I thought I might take advantage of the visit to check out the local aquariums. If you can make any recommmendations for any to visit or not please advise. An address and/or busines name would be appreciated. cheers as always Gary
  12. Hi Guys, As the title suggests has anyone seen any flagtails for sale recently at their local aquariums. if you have can you remember the size and price? Just trying to save my fingers doing the walking.. cheers Gary
  13. Was browsing gumtree and saw this : Aquarium Store Gold Coast for Sale | Business For Sale | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast West - Nerang | 1044702196
  14. Hi Guys I am trying to find out if any of the brisbane fish stores have a decent range of large south american cichlids. Looking for vieja sp., chocolate cichlids, angelfish, GT's, geos, jags ect. If anyone knows anywhere that would be great! Thanks
  15. just thinking bout a road trip to the sunshine coast. would anyone know of decent lfs between goodna an sunshine, an maybe a few up there?
  16. A Visit to a Dutch Aquarium Store I do like checking out how its done on the other side of the pond.
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  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Hey guys just wondering where all the fish shops that sell saltwater fish are I know pet city has some and also neilsons native has some but just looking at shopping around so I can get an idea on prices and quality Just to clear things up I'm not looking at getting anyone in trouble with posting names of shops that r not sponsors just think it would b good to help other people like myself out to find the shops that do stock salties after I spent a day driving around to pet shops looking for them
  20. I was in a LFS yesterday buying some food for my boys and girls when my attention was grabbed by a flash of bright orange. I wandered over to the tank to see an absolutely stunning coral cod. Very quickly afterwards I spotted the equally stunning port jackson shark, which of course was only briefly before I saw the gorgeous lionfish swimming around at the back of the tank. I took a quick look at the inventory, conveniently written on the side of the tank and noticed there was also supposed to be a wobbegong in there. My first thought was that someone had bought it - wrong, wrong, wrong! It was hiding out in the open, the port jackson shark was in fact laying across it. The most amazing fish of the 4 had some of the best camouflage going on, it was flawless and blended in so well with the bottom of the tank. I love going into LFSs and finding little gems like this. The LFS is a little bit of a surprise too, it's in it's own building on the grounds of a nursery, and I had no idea it was there until about 4 months ago yet it's only 10 minutes from home. All the stock looks nice and healthy too and quite a large range. Well done LFS.
  21. OMG, just went to the LFS to get an Ammonia Test Kit which they didnt have any in stock. The Lady working there said dont worry, you only get Ammonia in Salt Water Tanks anyway. How do these people get a job with fish ????????????
  22. How long to you treat for parasites such as whitespot? I had one of my tropical bays (600L split tanks) come down with whitespot about a month ago which I treated with protozin, however it seemed to come back about two weeks later.. I think I did not treat for long enough. My course of action was to bring the temperature up to 29-30°C, dose with protozin for the recommended six days and during that time I also added melafix. I have read though, that treatment should be continued up to two weeks after all symptoms have disappeared? I always use medications as a last resort, initially I start out using natural melafix and playing with salt & temperature, however for this case it seemed I had to use protozin. Any thoughts or experience you'd care to share with little (young) me? It would be much appreciated.
  23. Anyone know of any good ones?
  24. Making a run up that way sarvo, whats some good lfs to drop into?
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