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Found 9 results

  1. I have just had to pull down the AR620T tank I had my Whiptails in because it developed a slow leak . But as I was pulling the tank apart I found one of the pieces of driftwood has about 40 or 50 Whip eggs attached . unfortunately I do not have the choice of leaving the eggs with the parents as the tank has to be stripped down to be resiliconed . What is the best way to try and save the eggs ?
  2. Just took a couple of quick shots.Please excuse the dirty glass and flash as i am a lazy bugger.Both these boys are on eggs atm.The smaller male needs a bit more practice as you can tell by the infertile eggs.Ill try and get a shot of the female before she is about to lay looks like she is going to explode. Bigger male Smaller one Cheers Leigh
  3. Hi all I'm having a lot of trouble raising my LG6 fry. I have a breeding colony of 2 males and 4 females all above 10cm. I'm onto my 5th lot of eggs in under 2 months. The first two hatched then a day later were dead. I went off and brought a tumbler off jgarner. 3rd lot I had I put in the tumbler 3-4 days after being laid. They hatched and after about 4 days in the tumbler I moved them into a fry saver with a air stone. The next day all but one were dead, this one went on to die two days later. Fourth batch I kept in the tumbler for 2 days longer. Took them out and put them in a fry saver after around a week in the tumbler, 20 of the 40 died withing the day so I put them back in the tumbler. I have 2 left out of them with another say 30-40 eggs in the tumbler with 2-3 shrimp. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? should I leave them in the tumbler longer? If so how long. If I leave them on the glass they get eaten. Water parameters are almost spot on. No ammo or nitrates or nitrites. Water changes every 5 days at 20%. Test the water every 2-3 days. I'm putting a lot of effort in with no outcome. I feed the parents sera plec wafers and have tried the fry on them but they don't touch them I don't know if its because they aren't old enough. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Cheers kylle
  4. So a little while ago i finally managed to get rid of the hundreds of LG6's that were breeding like rabbits in one of my tanks. Ended up with 4 juvies that i couldn't be bothered trying to catch out, figured i would eventually get round to trading them at my lfs. Imagine my surprise yesterday when i walked into the fish room only to discover LG6 fry (baby helicoptors) stuck all over the glass of their tank. At only 10 months old and maybe 8cm i wouldn't of thought they would be breeding so soon, now i gotta get rid of them all over again. Dammit!! Caught them at it again in their tube so now i have another spawn on the way as well. I know i could just let them all die off but i kinda feel obliged to take care of them now that they're there. Lesson learnt though. This time i wont be a lazy @ss and will be sure to get rid of ALL of them.....................one day, when i get round to it, lol!
  5. gday guys i have 2 lg6 whiptails(at least that wat i think they are) and just not sure how to sex them as i think i want to sell them but dont want to give buyer wrong description any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated pic 1 of first fish pic of 2nd fish cheers pete
  6. Looking for info on the breeding size for lg6 whiptails. Picking up 5 today, range between 6cm to about 10cm long. They'll be set up at home tonight and I don't expect breeding right away anyways, but just curious as to what the standard breeding size is for these guys. Thanks!
  7. I was doing the usual weekly water change this morning and noticed an LF6 whiptail fry on the back wall near the canister intake. He lasted only a few seconds before the intake sucked him up. Now I have just spent 3 hours pains takingly taking apart the canister to retrieve the fry. I found a dozen of them and returned them to the main tank, but first I covered the intake with a sponge. Yup that is a teaspoon, not a dessertspoon. I found a green mess of water outside in a bucket with driftwood soaking in it. Full of little microscopic life which I am adding a cup at a time every few hours to the tank of whiptails. They are going to think Christmas has come early.
  8. What is the best thing to feed LG6 whiptails ? They appear to be carnivorous - they eat microworms but will not eat algae pellets or Zucchini .
  9. Hey all. I've recently aquired a few of these guys, and am keen to know as much about them as possible. They're not a royal, nor are they a common whiptail, but something different again. All I've found so far is http://www.scotcat.com/articles/article87.htm and http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/sp ... es_id=1772 Any of your help guys would be great. Dave
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