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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a small tank that I want to give to my mum but it is without a lid and has no lid supports, I bought the tank about 5 years ago and it had plastic lid holders and a glass lid but somewhere along the line all that crap got lost or thrown out. So I need an idea for a cheap easy to shape lid. The tank has a hang on back filter so it needs to be easily cut. I'm thinking acrylic but I don't have any way of keeping it on top without the supports.
  2. I need to get a lid for my 6 foot tank and I have been offered some frosted glass to use. Will the frosted glass affect the performance of the plant lights that sit on the tank?
  3. Hi all, Bit about myself, been into fish since early teens now 27, big fan of American cichlids. I currently have only the one tank thanks wifey, just dosnt have the same passion for fish so in other words not "allowed" to set anymore up. Atm I am in process of clearing out my mixed bag of fish by either selling or swapping. I am after just one well bred/pure red devil 👿 (juvenile) so any help with contacts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Matt
  4. Anyone know who sells Fluval FX5 Lid Fasteners on the coast or north brisbane? In desperate need before the weekend so i can't order online!!
  5. .Hey peeps is there anyone out there who cuts glass for lids on west side of brissy for cheap I've got 10mm think old table tops I Wana use I need three cut get back to sizes later any help.muchly appreciated
  6. .I have some 6mm glass lids that I need to remove a 1cm strip from to make them fit. Can I do this with a glass cutter or do I need to get a glazier to do it with a machine ?
  7. Ok, so my tanks are without lids and evaporation is very fast! I'm doing top ups every 4 days or so. And yeah, I've checked everything for slow leaks, there aren't any. The tanks are 600x450mm. The braces for lids are on the ends (ie 450 lengths). When I did my plumbing, I didn't think about this properly, as my outlet is parallel to the lid braces. So if I put the lids in place, the water going from the sump to the tanks would be going on the lids. Any ideas on how to get around this? Thanks in advance
  8. Where can I get some? Glass is 12mm thick. There are some on Ebay, but looking to get something local if possible.
  9. Has anyone ever made a flat lid for a tank out of acrylic? seems like a safer option than glass and possibly cheaper and more effective. i need a lid for my tank so just brainstorming, any ideas?
  10. Hey everyone So I have just purchased an Up Aqua Pro Z 30cm light and mounted it to my tank, only to discover that the brackets of the light stop my lid from going on the tank so I am looking for a solution. First solution would be no lid, however I have rasboras and a mystery snail and too worried about them leaving the tank. Next option is to cut a square in each side of the lid so that the lid fits (issue being that every time i need to take the lid off, the light has to come off. The lid itself is only about 3mm plastic so I am concerned about cracking this when cutting it. My original thought was to simply file away at the plastic until desired size, although might take a while. I figured was safer than using power tools though Does anyone have any other suggestions, or any ideas that may even solve the issue of not having to remove the light to take off the lid (Maybe you know someone that could potentially made a new lid?) I have chucked a few pictures in to show the issue Cheers
  11. I need a lid for my crab tank to stop the water dropping so fast, would normal glass lids be good enough or should i get a better fitting perspex lid made up?
  12. Bought a 2ft T5 Fluro for the tank I'm setting up, its one that clamps onto the edge of the tank and the support brackets protrude into the tank. Now that the light is fitted I have to cut down the lid to make it narrower to clear the light supports. The problem I now have it that the little plastic supports for the lid that slide over the left and right sides of the tank to support the lid aren't long enough. The ones that came with the tank protrude 11mm into the tank to support the lid, I need ones that go at least 32mm to support the lid and to clear the light supports. I have tried all the LFS's and haven't found anything. I have thought of trying to bend some stainless to suit and fellow member 028NVD gave me some perspex that I am going to try and bend to suit. Any ideas :confused:
  13. Good evening all, Approximately 5 months ago I purchased a 4 bulb 3 foot long T5 light fixture for my planted tank. I purchased 4 plant bulbs. 1 week of running and one of the ballasts stopped working meaning only 2 lights would work. I ordered a new ballast and once I was bored enough I swapped over the ballasts. Now I noticed that when only 2 bulbs were running that inside of the hood was quite hot and the light fixture hot to touch... But thought nothing more of it. Since I have had all 4 bulbs running I have noticed that I can no longer touch the light fixture due to the excessive amounts of heat being generated. Again I didnt care..... Just now I have come out and found my lid split into 3 pieces and in the tank The glass lids are made of 4mm glass Has anyone else ever had this issue? Why does my light get so damn hot? Should I install fans in my hood? Any info would help.... *A thought* using http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/finally-got-solar-heating-setup-my-fish-room-63114/ - "jabmel" - Ben's theory I could just place the solar heater mat on my light, thus cooling the light and warming the tank in one foul swoop.... But I dont think its the effort for a 3ft'r
  14. Hey all I cut some new lids for my display yesterday ( upgrading from 4mm to 5-6mm ) I had a heap of trouble cutting the 45 degee corners on 6mm glass 4mm - was easy as 5mm - just managed, lots of filing to make tidy 6mm - Could not do it Anybody got any clues as to how I can do this successfully ? Brendan
  15. Just took one of the lids off 5ft that the light sights on now what is it. Just took light apart looks one bulb has dropped from the thing it sites on ie rail.?? Light to close cause this How to care for lids, clean how often Asunder
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