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Found 34 results

  1. Just wondering if its possible to use 3mm acrylic as lids for my tank or will it buckle under the heat of the light? Thanks ben
  2. Need some 6mm glass lids for an 8x2.5x2.5 tank , they will be on sliding rails so cant have any thicker than 6mm but needs too be 6mm. anyone wanna do a lil cashy ?
  3. I got some new tank lids cut from a forum member around the start of the year. Problem is I cant remember who it was I picked them up from Parkinson, if you read this can you pm me please-I need some more.
  4. I am after some plastic strips to fit glass lids on my tanks. Have been to Bunnings Hervey Bay and can't find anything. Does anyone know what they are called. vern
  5. I bought a 6 foot tank but it had no lids but does have a 6 foot hood with lighting. Do I actually need lids as well or is it fine without
  6. All my tanks have lids that are not the right size. Were would be the best place to get lids done.
  7. Wondering how crucial correctly fitting lids are? Two of the three lids I have look like some old bits of glass the kinda fit, too long and too narrow. Also wondering where to get new lids cut in Ipswich, and roughly how much to expect for the three lids for my 5' and what thickness to ask for. Are we talking a couple of hundred or under a hundred?
  8. Does anyone here cut lids? I need one 460x 550 one 510x550 one 450x550 Thanks
  9. I'm in need of lids for a 4x18, the tank only has front and back lid supports as well as those on the centre brace.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Looking at making some sliding lids for my tanks does anyone know where to buy the plastic extrusion from. Just been down to bunnings but no luck. Cheers Bruce
  13. as title states, this month i can cut lids free for all members on this site..... will be either 4 or 3mm but is free and will be all arissed with all sharp edges removed. pm for your sizes..... or phone me on 0433567664.................. just a kind gesture from myself to help others bring a beer also (if you want) mike
  14. thanks dave, fish junkie for the lids very impressed with price and the chat, just ordered a heap more great value, been cutting my own for so long, not bloody worth doing myself anymore cheers Dave
  15. So as the title asks- looking for advice on pros and cons of lids if I have a canopy. 6x2x2 looking to house a few Americans. I guess stopping evaporation is one plus, but I plan to plumb it into my rainwater tank with auto top up so hopefully wouldn't be an issue. And yes I've thought about Brissie rain being toxic but hasn't seemed to harm my discus so far. Also what do folks think about acrylic vs glass lids. Just thinking DIY with a jigsaw cutting acrylic would be safer than trying to cut glass Something like this : Lexan Polycarbonate A3 Size 420 x 297 x 4.5mm Clear Sheet. Seems cheap enough and if it is meant for skylights would think it would stand up as a lid and not bend? Thanks guys.
  16. hey guys, im getting a new tank next weekend, and im gonna need some lids for it, does anyone know where i can get some cut and what they roughly charge? must be on the southside
  17. Would love this set up....and hows the lids....or lack of Apparently the fish has been raised in open top tanks since a juvie which makes it interesting(read the comments below video )....makes you wonder if its worth the risk...lucky fish or possibly "puppy trained" ?
  18. Just cut an order of 20 lids and thought I'd post All the lids finished and corners cut and tools of the trade All comments welcome FJ
  19. anyone know of somewhere that is kind of cheap or not overpriced to get some glass lids cut for my tanks i live in herston so would not prefer to go all over brissy thanks for any help ;)
  20. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good place to get lids cut for tanks at a good price? Cheers, JB
  21. I've recently became concerned about my 6-8mm lids on my oscar tank. They tend to hit the lids every now and then, and with them beefing up rather quick as of late, id like to know if it is possible for them to crack them. Anyone had this problem? Tank itself is 12mm thick. Cheers.
  22. Hi all does anyone no anyone who could cut me some glass for cheapish? its for a triangle tank sizes are 1170x405 each side x610along back and 400x 80 on the right side 70 on the left and 235 along back mate gota get these lids asap I got a quote today $80bucks!! jez I hope you can help? thanks take care
  23. Hey all just interested in if anyone is chasing glass lids for there tanks. I have to make a few so if anyone is after some might look at doing a few more. Troy
  24. Just wondering what other people do.I have lids on atm but was considering taking them off for better light penitration. I do have a hood on though. Cheers leigh
  25. How do they work, wouldnt the back lid prevent it from sliding backwards?
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