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  1. Hi all, I currently own a fairly small 30 litre tank, but in the near future I would like to upgrade to a 4ft tank. When I do that, I will most likely use the smaller tank for a quarantine/breeding/secondary tank. I have a full setup for the smaller tank at the moment, but when I get the larger tank I want to put the smaller one on a desk or table. I don't want the smaller tank to be covered in wires and what not (I want it to look somewhat clean and low-tech), so instead of using a T8 fluorescent tube over the smaller tank, I would like to use something more subtle such as a reading lamp. However, I've been looking online and can't find any globes that grow plants which would fit in a lamp. I was wondering if anyone knew of any screw-in light globes which can fit in a lamp and can be used to grow plants and/or is aquarium specific? Thanks!
  2. I am wanting to get a three foot light for my tank and i dont want to spend the big bucks at a pet store, i just need an Led light sutable for plants and tetras i am not setting up a fancy planted aquascape so i dont need any super expensive lighting. where is the best place to get cheap led lighting for my tank...eBay maybe?
  3. Hi all! This is my first post on this forum so if I have done so incorrectly, please excuse me. I recently purchased an fluorescent AquaGlo T8 14W 15" bulb and it was delivered today. I bought this as my previous AquaZonic Tropical 10W globe blew and I have absolutely no idea why. I only just set up the new light probably an hour ago and noticed the globe gets considerably hot. The globe is being held in place by two thin metal brackets I got from my old ceiling light. I have heard that if a globe gets too hot in one particular spot then it may cause the globe to blow, however because the brackets are made to be held against the globe of the cooler ceiling lights I am uncertain if this is the case with these particular brackets. Does anyone have experience with anything similar to what I am describing? Will my globe eventually blow from getting too hot whilst touching the metal brackets? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have seen many acrylic/glass raisers for LED lights overseas but cant seem to find any locally or online in australia. Anyone seen them before around here and know where i can grab a few? i have checked weebay and no luck. Kinda gives the effect of the aquasky lights from ada.... but cheapo. http://i.imgur.com/4p5PZNV.jpg any help appreciative.. (when you type with capitals but you realise that caps dont workk..... :/) Cheers, kev.
  5. Ok so after being screwed around by an ebay seller and being sent a 60cm light instead of the 90cm one I ordered I am tossing up between the worx 90cm http://www.thetechden.com.au/Pet_Worx_90cm_LED_Light_6500k_36w_p/ba11.htm And the blue planet 90cm track lighting http://www.thetechden.com.au/Blue_Planet_90cm_Tracking_System_POD_LED_Light_p/ei182.htm I like the idea of being able to add more pods and different colors but I don't know how many more I would have to buy to get it where I want it. They are similar in price for the base unit. Has anyone has any experience with either of these lights Or recommendations for other lights around the same price range or cheaper? It is for a 36×18×24 deep tank that I was hoping to have a couple of easy plants in. Also if anyone is selling a decent 3ft led light at a reasonable price let me know. Cheers
  6. Has Anybody used Dee Aquarium Fish Tank Plant 6500k- 6800K LED Light from Aquaholics. Link - http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/dee-aquarium-fish-tank-plant-6500k-6800k-led-light-60cm.html I was looking for lights for my 30 inch 3tier racks - they need to grow low tech plants in a 15 inch deep tank Hygrophila difformis , watersprite , mosses , egeria najas . hornwort . That sort of thing . I am currently using Ista lights and Fluval ones dimmed halfway , but the fluval ones belong to other tanks - and these seem to be well priced . I have 9 Ista lights but the price has gone up and Over time I will need 16 more and because I can only buy 3 at a time I really can not haggle . These are substantially cheaper and look to be ok .
  7. I just got my first Kessil light ( an A150 WE- Amazon Sun ). Although this light is now obsolete I got it new at a pretty good price ( Thanks @The Tech Den ) For the size and wattage of the light it lights a 24x18x24 tank quite well . At present I am just experimenting with it to see what it will and will not grow , and seeing how deep I can go and grow carpet plants .( got a new toy gotto play .) Did not have enough money left for the flexible goose neck mount , so I had to get creative - I have it hanging from a plastic crate sitting on the coverglasses . At this stage I don't think it will be the last Kessil I buy .
  8. I have just bought a 3ft X 18 X 18 tank that I intend to use as a well-planted community tank. I have decided to make my own light structure using LED floodlights from eBay like these http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/2X-50W-LED-SMD-AU-Plug-220V-240V-Flood-Light-Outdoor-Floodlight-Cool-White-IP65-/221939847231?nav=SEARCH and just make a basic stand from wood to go on top of the tank to hang them from. I can't afford a CO2 canister setup, but apart from that I'm willing to do a fair bit to get the tank well planted and looking nice. I've calculated that I need about 100-130w of light for decent plant growth in my tank My question is, for a tank of my size is it better for plant growth for me to buy 4 X 30w led floodlights, 2 X 50w led floodlights, or a different combination? The prices are all pretty similar.
  9. Hey guys, my light bulb for my tank died today and I don't know much about them to be honest so I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for an replacement please. The current bulb that was in there is Ai.M extra day hi glow 40W,
  10. i've been looking at building a new 4ft fluoro light.reasons: 1 - tank is slightly smaller than the bulb including pins (~1.5cm, normal light would have to rest on bulb which is dangerous) 2 - slimmer so light uses less space, as it will be a separate layer between tank and plastic hood which i don't want to cut it. 3 - bulbs i want (orsam-biolux and fluora only come in 4ft, 3ft no longer made) basically want it to be similar to: http://www.malawicichlidhomepage.com/aquainfo/fluorescent_light.html probably won't but might go with the ballast in: http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/diy-aquarium/how-get-more-light-cheaply-diy-90585/ i personally found it hard to search for the parts and it took me a while to find the sockets in the first link which happened to be from an overseas website. i personally would to get it locally but can't find any. so if anyone knows where i could get em it would be appreciated. where i found em: http://www.svetila.com/en/electrical-components-973/lampholders-975/lampholders-g13-t8-1117/lampholder-g13-107958-screw-ring-and-foot-9547.html what material would be best (for price) as a reflector? im looking at: http://www.bunnings.com.au/consolidated-alloys-150-x-0-3mm-x-10m-weatherflash_p1100453 are there any better options? before i commit to buying the parts i would like to know if there are better options. so any info will be appreciated. also, are starters needed along with a ballast?
  11. Just wondering if anyone could suggest some globes and pumps for the lighting and filtering for the Juwel Lido 120, I'll be picking up a Juwel Lido 120 this weekend with tank, stand, non working light, non working filter, heater, apparently the filter and light don't work but it could just be needing a new globe and pump.
  12. Well here is a special that will drop your jaw Dee 100cm 6500k Plant Dedicated LED Lights Were $119 NOW $67.26 (even less after your forum discount) Super Bright with 2 Setteings (HI - LOW) Product Specifications: Brand : Dee Type : Plant Fixture Size: 1000-1200mm x 105mm x 12mm (add 100m height with brackets installed) LED's Count: 84 Kalvin: 6500K - 6800K Power Rating: 84 x 0.5W LED TYPE : 84 x 5030 SMD Power Usage: 42 watts Fixture Colour : Silver
  13. Hi All, I am cleaning up a 36x15x18" high tank for upstairs in my lounge, I want to play my hand at a decent planted display tank. I am prepared to do root tabs, ferts and liquid CO2, and the tank substrate is going to be sand. As a non plant guy, I have read a gazillion web pages today and confused the living hell out of myself! One minute we are looking at colour temp, then lumens, then watts per gallon, then all the figures change per light type, then wpg means nothing and it's all PAR for the course! Then you start taking a look at light specs and most of them don't state half of this. Why so complicated lol. I don't want to be a light guru I just want to buy a product to do the job without wasting my money. Can anyone recommend me some good lights, I have not picked out what plants I want (I want to take my time planning that part), but I would like recommendations on both Medium and High lighting options for this size tank? cheers, notsobrightdan
  14. Because if you haven't...... you are now!. I speak of course of THIS mighty beast. The Pet Worx Freshwater Clamp Lamp Led 3w + 3 watt of power + Way more bright than you expect + Not too bad on a 2 footer + Grows moss like a champ + $24.95! + Recommended to me by Smicko A customer favorite for everything from betta tanks and algae scrubbers.... to even wabi kusa!
  15. We did a direct comparison between the Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 and the Fluval Aqualife Plant LED and the Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 comes out a easy winner and price wise it is perfect. When I did the Youtube I did have my phone on Auto and when I pressed the Fresh 2.0 to reduce the light my tricky phone decided to adjust the lighting on the phone and although it does not look like a big change it does make a big change in real life. For pricing and availability on the Fresh 2.0 here is a link to our web site. Lighting
  16. The new fluoro tube I bought for my 3' native tank (with rainbows, gudgeons, blue eyes and val) only about 6 months ago won't stay on - it just flickers. I replaced the starter to no avail. Surely a tube should last longer than that, only being on about 6 hours a day? Could it be the ballast? Should a buy another tube, or go LED? Either way, any suggestions for model/supplier?
  17. Can anyone recommend some low light floating plants for my indoor pond? It gets sunlight for around 2-3 hours a day and ambient light all day. I'm not using any aquarium lights and I don't plan on using any in the future. Cheers!
  18. Hey guys I have a led light that I wish to put inside a hood. But seeing as it gets really hot just sitting on the tank I want to look at ways of cooling it and have come up with using PC fans run of a old PSU I had lying around. now my question is what way should I place the fans, pushing air into the hood or pulling air out? due to space restrictions I will have to mount them in the top of the hood above the light. thanks Edit: I should also mention that the back of the hood is open
  19. Hi all, I currently have a 2 globe t5 light with a blue and white globe. I plan on buying another 2 blobe t5 light so that i will have 4 globes running above my 6x2x2. The new light globes will probably be a sun light colour and a pink colour. Is there an particular way i should arange the colours from front to back? IE: white at front, then pink, then blue, then white again your advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. as above guys im looking at the 2ft led lights aquaholics has for offer, it will be going on a native rainbow display tank with basic plants. they all seam alright. but is the RGB miracle that good in bringing out colours? mainly looking at the [h=1]CICHLID GLOW RGBW MIX CONTROLLABLE LED AQUARIUM LIGHT 60CM 2FT[/h]give a fellow fish addict some help
  21. Hi Guys Tanks For Letting Me Join ive Curious Question About Beamworks Lights i have a 120cm led light what happens if the one of the leds break how do i replace it?
  22. looking at getting this led light from aquaholics dose any one on here have then and what r they like thanks
  23. After setting up the on Friday and putting on a good light - I thought I would pop on top of the range just to see the difference - can you pick it....lol
  24. Hey guys just got a tropheus colony of 17 re moliros a few days back. the have been doing well, tabk fully cycled, they are eating. They are still skittish which is too be expected. What i thought i might try today is turning on the 2 foot led in the middle of the 6 foot they are in, they didnt seem to like the light much and they are huddled in one corner. Anybody with experience on this? whats the best way to get them used to the light? reason i want a light on the tank is to make sure their ok. i.e. not being bullied and also dont have bloat or other diseases etc, cant really see much without the light on and just normal light in the room. Any help would be appreciated .
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