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  1. I broke off more bits of my bleeding heart austral coral and the colours and flesh vary. Weak lighting of quarter watt leds The flesh reaches for food and light with this one and the flesh algae colours changed slightly. good lighting of 3 watt leds It acts nearly the same as the original coral I broke sections from.
  2. Hey all. i have a few questions. Im starting a 300lt tank as some of you know. Id like to use gravel (black smallish) for my stubstrate. I dont plan on having super high maintance plants, just ones that suit my taste. Im looking at pressurised co2 and im not ruling it out. I want to keep java fern and moss amazon swords corkscrew val's anubias Marble queen swords Hydrocotyle and maybe some more that grab my eye later. The lights im looking at are 6500k LED 5030 SMD 120LED 60w Fixtures. Would you recomend 1 or 2 of those fixtures on the 4ftx20"x20" tank. Would that make it a low/med/high light tank? And would it benifit from the co2 injection?? Thanks so much. You guys are a godsend.
  3. I'm looking at upgrading from my twin 36w Fluro fitting to a LED light to save some power consumption. Will be used on a 6ft tank that houses frontosa and some gold comps . What can people recommend from personal preference?? Thanks
  4. Hi all, been away for some time but got the fish bug again, ive bought a complete ar620t for $100. In looking at upgrading the lighting, i can fit the larger pl24w light either side with small mods. Or for a slightly more outlay i can get a 60cm aquaone led light, the problem is which one to choose as there are a few different models/colour leds. I would like some basic plants towards the rear of tank and will be stocking with cichlids. I could possibly buy 2 different 2 different models and fit them both.any help us appreciated
  5. Hi Guys, So i am moving house and somehow convinced the misses that a display tank would look nicer in the new house rather than the old rough around the edges tanks i have now. Little does she realise that i will still set up the old tanks over time as well...... Lucky me... So this guys is a perfect fit for a spot in the new lounge room 60 x 45 x 40 110 ltr, brand new , someones project that did not happen. Any way at first this will contain just my pair of convicts. But the light i currently have on the Convicts tank must not have the right colour spectrum as i get brown algae growing on the glass and ornaments consistently. So what i am after is a light that will sit directly on the lid of the tank so i don't get glare shinning around the lounge room. Obviously with the right spectrum of colour to avoid algae issues. And if i can afford it (depending on $$$) have a controller for colour, timer etc built in. Will almost definitely order from the Techy Den or AOA or one of our other sponsors that will post. Thanks in advance for your help Guys & Gals Cheers
  6. Hi Team, I was wondering if you have a suitable light for a 4 foot tank with a hood. Photos attached. The current fixture is rusting and falling apart. Would love to be able to put some live plants in there as well. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Am buying a light next week and need some advice on what lens angle I should choose for it. It is to illuminate cichlids in a 6ft x 2ft x 28 inch high tank, waterline is 26 inches, NON PLANTED tank. But I also have a growing (16cm) pleco in the tank and am ok with growing a modest amount of algae for him. I am getting a single LED tube from a non sponsor site, Aus manufactured and will suit my 24V power supply system I am slowly working through. It uses 36 x 3w Cree LED's, and I have the option of 120, 90, 60, 45, 30 or 15 degree lenses on the LED's. Tthe light will sit about 5 inches above the waterline. And I am not growing plants with it. So to maximise fish colouring while illuminating most of the tank, what would my ideal lens angle be? 60? 90? one of the others? Any help much appreciated, I am at a loss with how water refraction and etc would bounce this light around the place....
  8. Currently have a 4' up aqua pro Z series planting focus LED in my 5'x47x39 freshwater tank. I haven't seen much if any results (my plants aren't dying but they aren't growing either) and I clearly realise that I either need more of the same lights or a complete new lighting set-up. Any recommendations in the $500ish range? Happy to go a little more for the right light, or less, if there is something more suitable. Planted I have swords, blue stricta, rotala wallichi, pink baby tears, wisteria, anubias nana petite, java fern and crested java fern so a mix of low to medium lighting needs. In my homework to date I have come across at my LFS both the Aqua Zonic IP4 120cm, the Dalua range and the aqua one plantglo that fall into my price range. What are everyone's thoughts on these products or is there something better out there? Thanks in advance for any comments and assistance. Cheers
  9. Bought a new 6 ft tank on the weekend and paid a bit extra and the guy though in a light. Not sure weather I got a bargain or the guy got a good deal . It's a 6ft light that hang from the cealing. It has 4 t5 fitting bulbs that are on the outside (2 ether side.) and in the middle there is 4 led bulbs and 3 halogen bulbs. All works ok. Can not find a make and model on it . tell me what you think it's worth and I will let you know what I paid
  10. I'm looking to get a light for my 2 ft tank. This is my first tank and I'm honestly completely lost. I'm looking to grow basic plants and suggestions for a good quality brands or even specific lights would be very helpful.
  11. Hi. im looking for a medium-high lighting for my 60/45/45 tank to grow plants was wondering if a t5ho 2x24w, colour temp 10k lighting be enough or a 4x24w, colour temp 20k better? or do i need more?
  12. I'm looking to replace the lighting on one of my display tanks. I'm changing it from a Tanganyikan community to a planted tank and I don't think the current twin T8 fixture will be enough. Tank dimensions are 100cm long, 47cm wide and 50cm deep. I'm not looking to grow anything co2 dependent.* I'm after suggestions for a budget friendly fixture (preferably from one of the online stores) that will fit into the hood. So something from 80-90cm would be preferred. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be greatful. TIA
  13. It will depnd on what your doing in the tank if its not a planted tank any lights will do but if you have live plants & want plant growth you need a good light set up. After 35yrs plus of doing hydroponics & studying light spectrums I came to the conclusion the LED's just don't give off the required light spectrum. Have a look at hydroponic lights on e-bay or at a hydro shop. They offer a better light spectrum for marine & planted tanks. Most of the new aquarium lighting out now days have been taken from the hydroponics industry which have just been re-labeled & re-priced. A lot of people get sucked into over priced products just because it says aquarium on the box. I've often found that thinking outside the box can not only save you money you often end up with a better solution and product. You basically have 4 lights to choose from Fluro's, LED's, HPS & MH. HPS = (high pressure sodium) these give off a broader light spectrum with a dominate red, orange, yellow spectrum which is used for the plants flowering cycle. The MH = (metal helide) are a dominate white spectrum which is used for the plants grow cycle. Your corals, enemies and plants don't flower so the whiter the light spectrum is the better. If you go for the Fluro’s you want to use T5's or the 2700k screw in bulb as it's the whiter light spectrum used for the plants grow cycle the 6400k bulb is the reder spectrum used for the plants flower cycle. Hydroponic lights also have a greater range of LED's & dispite what people say most are water proof or water resistant as they are designed to be in a humid environment. If you want to give the tank extra colour like blue, red, green just add a few LED strips. My Marine tank I use a 250watt MH for my Discus I use a 130watt screw in 2700k and have amazing plant growth with no algae problems. End of the day fish really dont require lighting it only for our pleasure to see then. But if you have live plants you will need a dominate white spectrum light. Hope this helps.......Andrew Hopkins
  14. Ok the one you have all been waiting for - 20% OFF ALL LIGHTING from now until Sunday Midnight !!. That is right 20%% OFF all LED's ( Radion's , Kessil , AI , Giesemann , Worx , Fluval . - 20% OFF All T5 / T8 & Pc lighting & Light tubes ( Fluval , Catalina , Giesemann , Aquazonic to name a few ). All lighting 20% off until Midnight Sunday night !!!. To receive your discount please mention QLDAF20% in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592 or when shopping in store. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Discounts do not combine and offer does not apply to Giesemann Hybrid Promotion. Happy Lighting !!!. A few links - Age of Aquariums - LED Lighting - Age of Aquariums - Power Compact / T5 Lighting - Age of Aquariums - Metal Halides - Age of Aquariums - Fluro lighting Ben
  15. Hey , just wondering on which 4 ft light/fluro is best to get To bring out blues on fish (jack dempseys) ? Thanks
  16. What is a suitable lighting solution for a 10x4x2.5 that's not going cost more than the tank was to buy? lol have been using led strip lights but they just don't last I'm getting around 6 months before they are dull as cheers
  17. The latest Giesemann Futura-S Led's have hit Australia in both Marine & Tropic Individually programmable and dimmable colour channels on a per-module basis Available in 2/3/4/5/6 module sizes Up to 4320 programmable set points over the light period Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth The smallest version already has 10 individually programmable and dimmable colour channels on a per-module basis Loss-free secondary optics narrow-angle/wide-angle Made in Germany 2 year warranty LINK TO TECHNICAL DATA ON FUTURA-S LED MARINE & TROPIC Pure White in Colour. Other Colours available on request. Please contact sales@aquariumproducts.com.au for pricing / availability. Unique to the FUTURA-S is the ability to adjust levels on a 'per-module' basis, meaning that different light saturation levels may be programmed for different areas within the same aquarium dependent on the stock requirements in that particular area. Experiences of more than 20 years With more than 20 years of experience and product development, we were able to raise the quality of light from LED lighting to a new level. Precision is important to us: the light-emitting diodes used are highly color stable and guarantee a homogeneous and clear color perception. In addition to the high light output and a balanced distribution of light, our systems offer a long service life and avoid any maintenance. High end components LED - "light emitting diodes" - are even electronic components and need, as well as all other types of lamps, in the form of an electronic control gear. The in-house development of electronic modules gives us the freedom in the design of form and function and the ability to respond quickly to innovative changes. With its own board layout, equipped exclusively with carefully selected CREE® LED, GIESEMANN guarantees optimal light output and color rendition. Maximum life by perfect temperature management Design measures to keep the LED modules in the uncritical temperature range. Every one of our LED lamps is fitted with high-capacity microcontrollers that, in addition to the function control, monitor the internal operating temperature of the LED. Sophisticated cooling elements combined with an electronically controlled active cooling ensure operation under ideal conditions. Only they can provide their high performance over the entire operating time. Intelligent light network The integrated networking of our lighting systems generated from individual light modules, an intelligent lighting network. Only with the hardware and software of the light control system allows to exploit the potential of LED technology fully. All luminaires and lighting control components from GIESEMANN contain their own microprocessors in order to appropriate programs to realize the so-called firmware, all kinds of functions. Therefore, in addition to our lighting technicians and electricians and computer scientists are among the development team. Useful functions instead of useless gimmicks In the development of LED lighting for aquariums, it is the same as everywhere: innovations benefit not alone - they must be meaningful. Means for driving the LED, for example: not increased GIESEMANN just going to continue the current consumption of each LED - we make sure that every technological advance brings a noticeable improvement. With our lighting systems, you can feel the difference in every respect, the highest power output and long life of each light point. Optimum light output Even with the best LEDs on the market is able to benefit even more - if you have the right technologie: our driver technology optimizes light output, color and power of each LED - without harming the material. * System requirements: Android 3.0 or higher (recommended), WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8 or Apple Mac OS X; Bluetooth. Priced from $1799.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Giesemann Futura LED's Ben
  18. Hi All I'm currently working on a 40cm cube I want at least Medium lighting The 40cm depth with on 40cm of length has thrown me a little Does anyone have any lighting recommendations? Thanks
  19. Hello. Brand spanking newbie to the forum :-) We have a 160 litre Blue Planet Paradiso corner unit currently using the one 8 watt high powered LED light that came with the tank (6 white/ 2 blue). We are wanting to promote some plant growth and need to upgrade the lighting. Any suggestions what to replace with or add to? Let me know if you need some more info. Thanks :-)
  20. Hello, I have a 4 foot tank, which is 2 feet deep, and is well planted. I have co2 bubbling in, good substrate and a regular fertilising regime. Can somebody please recommend a good lighting setup. I currently have 4 t5s, which give off a more yellow light. Tubes are supposed to be for plants, but am a little uncomfortable with the yellow hue. Is there any LED solution that would provide a good environment for the tank depth? I cannot hang from the ceiling and would need to attach to the tank hood. Thanks for your help. Steve
  21. Hi everyone I have been reading up on aquarium lighting now I have a migraine and noes bleed my led light has died I loved it and so did my fish have had to go back to the 6ft Fluor and since the the fish have not been the same have had heaps of fish die can wat would they recommend for cichlid tank with a few live plants I have a few links http://www.bunnings.com.au/light-bar-led-arlec-72led-alum-sensor-uc0090_p7071105 http://m.ebay.com.au/itm?itemId=360816289100 Also y do my fish freak out wen the blue light is on..? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Ive been looking at led lights lately and after having t5s on my tanks planted tank globes were red globes . But some of the led lights ive been reading the info on are just blue and white diodes but they claim to be for planted tanks . Is it different for leds or are they just advertised a bit dishonest? Some of the lights are e bay ones , wasnt gunna buy one just nosing around , just comparing to the fluval planted light
  23. Ok, let’s clear up a few things about lighting in the aquarium. Note: being that i am a self confessed plant nut this information is more specifically biased towards planted tanks however no doubt there will be information that may be useful to others. KELVIN: Firstly, the most common thing people are told to look for in a “good plant light” is the Kelvin rating (that’s the “K” you always see after a number, eg 6500k). This is a bit misleading to be honest although it is partially true. The Kelvin rating of a light refers to its colour temperature. Although it’s true that a higher Kelvin rating will have more blue light and a lower Kelvin rating will have more red light it is not actually an indication of what wavelengths of light may be present, more an indication of how the light will appear to us (humans). You can have two different lights with the same Kelvin rating but the wavelengths of light actually produced can be completely different. So what do you need? Well, for optimum leaf development you want light in the blue spectrum, for stem elongation light in the red spectrum and for it to look “nice” to us light in the green spectrum. If you’re tank looks really bright and your plants seem really green it just means that your light is producing strongly in the green spectrum. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this bright light means you’re plants are going to grow like crazy though because plants don't use light in the green spectrum for photosynthesis so for them it’s not much use. A “full spectrum” plant light is commonly referring to a light that has a colour temperature between 5000-6500k but this does not indicate what wavelength in nanometers the light is actually emitting and this is what really matters. So what you need is light that peaks at the correct wavelengths for photosynthesis and carotenoid production. Those wavelengths are: Chlorophyll-a: 430nm/662nm Chlorophyll-b: 453nm/642nm Carotenoids: 449nm/475nm The lower numbers are in the blue spectrum, the higher ones in the red spectrum. Red pigmented plants use more light in the blue area of the spectrum. The point of all this is that you don’t need to get carried away with what colour spectrum to look for in a light, more what wavelength peaks the light produces. Use the colour spectrum to decide how you want the tank to look to YOU. So a red colored light will enhance red fish and plants, a blue light will enhance blue fish and a green light will make the tank look bright and the plants look green. LUMENS & LUX: These are both very similar as Lux is just lumens per square metre. They are both also pretty useless as far as determining how good a light will be for plant growth. Lumens are just a measure of how much light energy is produced as perceived by the human eye. After reading the above you can already see that most of this light is going to be in the green spectrum so it means little to plants and in fact as a result good plant lights are often not particularly bright. If you look at two lights of the same wattage and one has a much higher lumen rating then you know it’s producing alot of light in the green spectrum. So in a nutshell the lumen rating for a plant light is of little importance. PAR: This is another often misunderstood area of lighting. PAR stands for "Photosynthetic Active Radiation". People who understand the irrelevance of lumens often look to this as a more accurate sign of a lights brightness and suitability to a planted tank. PAR measures all light output between 400nm and 700nm so it actually encompasses the wavelengths that are useful to plants and not just light in the green spectrum as lumens does. This will give you a more accurate idea of how much useful (to plants) energy is being produced. Again though this is not entirely accurate as there is still alot of light energy being produced that is of no use to plants. The only real rating that will provide you with JUST information on the wavelengths that matter to plants is PUR (Photosynthetic Usable Radiation) which measures only the energy produced in the red and blue spectrums. If you have read this far, firstly congratulations :humble:There is plenty more that can be said on this subject and others alot smarter than me may wish to do so. However, hopefully all of this has given you a better understanding of what really matters and what to look for as far as lighting goes and cleared up alot of the misinformation that gets floated about. Thanks for reading.
  24. so I'm just looking for some options in regards to lighting for my discus planted tank not after anything special just after a light fitting or bulb to keep plants healthy and lush and that can be on through the day for there growth not after crazy growth currently have a 4ft with 32 watt t8 bulb not for for plants! that i wanna use (what bulb should i replace it with ?) and a fluval 4ft led marine light which is on at night for display purposes onlydont wanna spend alot just want something to keep the plants healthy i have already got some anubias on drift wood and some others that I'm not sure on names will post some pics any suggestion much apprecitated tanks 6x2x2
  25. Fluval Aqualife & Plant Full Spectrum Performance LED Lighting now available. Great range of affordable quality LED options starting from $149.00 for the Nano up to $349.00 for the 120cm 45w unit. Specs - Fluval Aqualife & Plant Full Spectrum Performance LED Strip Light provides a balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, plant growth and viewing. The strip light provides full spectrum lighting that promotes and supports lush plant growth. It also emits balanced light for accurate viewing of your aquarium fish and its aquatic environment. key features Promotes and supports lush plant growth Balanced light for accurate viewing Balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, plant growth & viewing Features 5 unique LED band waves High CRI for accurate color rendition and perfectly balanced lighting 120 degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting Versatile mounting options (on aquarium frame, on cabinet, or suspended) Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths Completely sealed and water proofed Link - Age of Aquariums - Fluval Aqualife & Plant LED's & Fluval Sea Marine & Reef Full Spectrum Performance LED Lighting now available. Great range of affordable quality LED options starting from $179.00 for the Nano up to $349.00 for the 120cm 45w unit. Fluval Sea Marine & Reef Full Spectrum Performance LED Strip Light provides a balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, coral growth and viewing. The strip light provides full spectrum lighting plus essential actinic blue spectral wavelengths that promote and support strong coral growth and color. It also emits balanced light for accurate viewing of your aquarium fish and its aquatic environment. key features Full Spectrum Marine & Reef LED Lighting With essential actinic blue spectral wavelengths Promotes and supports strong coral growth and color Balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal coral photosynthetic activity, growth & viewing Features 6 unique LEDs, including 400, 420, 440, 460 nm LEDs for outstanding blue spectrum coverage High CRI for accurate color rendition and perfectly balanced lighting 25,000 K Color Temperature 120 degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting. Versatile mounting options (on frame, on cabinet, or suspended) 3 position magnetic switch with day/night off modes Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths Tech specs Item # : A3983 UPC : 015561139830 Extendable range: 61-85 cm (24-34 in) Number of LEDs: 312 Wattage: 25 W Lumens: 1,115 LM Lux: 2,627 CRI: 25,000 K Lifetime Hours: 50,000 Light dispersion: 120 degree Link - http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/search.php?search=fluval+reef+full
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