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Found 61 results

  1. As the title suggests, are types of LED lights for aquariums suitable for maintaining/growing low light aquarium plants? If so what are the things to look for ie spectrum, LED colour, output etc Pics and first hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to light up a 2ft
  2. We have finally received our shipment of plant dedicated LED lights The lights range in sizes from 45cm all the way up to 180cm (6ft) These light feature a HI and LOW setting with the dedicated switches.. Dee 6500K PLANT LED Lights Don't forget QLDAF members get 10% OFF and shipping is only $7 Australia Wide
  3. one of my canister filters has a uv light, up to now I have not used it, what are the advantages /disadvantages of uv lights. Use or not to use that is the question.
  4. The newly released Fluval lights have just hit our shelves and they are very impressive. We have the Prism underwater Spotlight with 80 Multi-colour lighting options including effects. Fluval Eco Bright with remote to control day and night settings. Fluval Aquasky which is a fully adjustable RGB + 6500K white light that has stunning effects like cloud cover, fading lunar, storm and lightning. The Fluval Aura is designed specifically for nano planted tanks and has a dimming feature. Fluval Nano and Saltwater which has a 9000K rating to work on Fish-only marine tanks or planted tanks requiring a less intense light. Fluval Halo Marine light is perfect for nano reefs. The Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 is 50% brighter than the previous model and has a soft touch control on top of the light makes it easy to adjust the lighting. Lastly, the Fluval Sea Marine and Reef LED is engineered for coral growth and offers a full spectrum light that can be controlled with an illuminated touch-sensitive switch with dimming feature.!!! If you are looking for new lights for your tank, chances are Fluval has the perfect fit for you! Limited stock is available so head on over to our website and snap yourself up a fantastic new light before they sell out!!!! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Lighting_s/1936.htm
  5. I was wondering, seeing as air glass interface and air water interface cause reflected light losses, if underwater lights are being used in aquarium. The cost of power is high and LED is low power and low risk by low voltage so it could be worth the effort also the light can be positioned where you want it. In a bigger tank, some ambiance could be created with variant lighting. But I guess someone is already doing that.
  6. Hi, Thought i would start a post and write a review of my experience on the 200cm LED i just ordered from makemyled.com.au as there doesnt seem to be many reviews on the internet about them. I have been looking for a replacement for my T8's for a few months and could not settle on one specific brand or length as it was all a bit overwhelming. I have always had trouble growing plants even with Co2 and ferts. I managed to borrow a growufo off my friend for a few months and the results were incredible, you could see the daily growth in the plants but the light colour was not natural as they are a very powerful light in one spot of the tank. After months of searching and reading and searching and reading and going back and forth from different brands i managed to stumble upon makemyled.com.au Going through all the options and making my LED was simple and Fred from makemyled was more than happy to answer all my emails in a timely fashion. I chose to tweak the lights from the ones makemyled suggested in there system planner as my plants loved the growufo so much. i came up with the below configuration Total cost with accessories is $563, (postage is free at the moment) a little on the high side, but to not have to worry about changing T8 bulbs every year was enough to make me want to purchase an expensive system. My Tank is a 6x2x2 (planted) and stocked with Australian Rainbows, 1 redtail black shark (soon to be sold) and a pleco (6cm's at the moment) I didnt need anything special like night and day timers, all i needed was dimmers for each strip in case i want to lower the red or blue strips. Order/Paid Date: 17/3/15 Expected Delivery date: 20/3/15 Delivery Date: 24/3/15 SYSTEM ORDERED: I customzied the suggested lighting as i wanted a few more red and blue LEDs for plant growth Professionally packaged and shipped via TNT, i dont trust many companies who deliver things but for its size and fragility it didnt have a dint in the box at all so a big tick for TNT on that one. UNPACKING Dimmers: Lights: each strip packaged in own plastic sleeve Power Pack + Power Cord: Sorry took the power pack out of the plastic before taking photo Dimmers + Brackets to attach to hood: I originally thought attaching to the hood would be perfect for me but i thought differently when i got it delivered as i am forever taking on and off the hood. SETTING UP Setting it up was a breeze, just connect all the connections together and your done The tubing is made of half Aluminium to draw heat away from the LEDs and a plastic cover. My system is powered by a 300w power supply. There are smaller power supplies available for 1/2/3/4/5 foot systems. LEDs are Taiwan Epistar 3W with a rated life of 50,000 hours. Length of each strip is 200cm and the diameter of the tubes is 3cm There are accessories for whatever position you need your light in. Tank with no hood: Under hood: I decided to make my own wood brackets to hold onto the lights as i didnt want to keep disconnecting them when the hood came off (not fully complete yet, still need to add some wood for a bit of height off the glass) GROWTH IN PLANTS - 28th MARCH 2015 - DIY Co2 + LIQUID FERTS
  7. ..With so many LED lights available - Here is something totally different. Ticks all the boxes. Want a LED that you can adjust. Add the colour you want. You can highlight area's in a tank and slide to the area you want! Want Blue with dimming option? Cool White? Colour enhancing Red? Warm White? Simply add the PODS you want - where you want. We have not confirmed the price just yet but best of all looking at roughly $79 less your discount for the 60cm. 90cm we will list shortly as well and there is a 120cm still yet to come. Blue Planet 60cm Tracking System POD LED Light <<<-----Click here for more details
  8. Nice price on the Fluval Plant Nano Light - $99 and the Fluval Sea Nano $125 Get in quick at this price.... For more information and availability Fluval Nano Plant and Fluval Nano Sea <----Click Here
  9. This week we have a fantastic deal on our 2FT RGB LED Colour Aquarium Lights Were already on a fantastic price for only $82.. BUT this week only for the first 50 sold we have an incredible price of only $54.94 To claim this offer simply enter this code at the checkout - LIGHTMEUP33 If you want the colours in your aquarium to pop out then this is the light for you... it also promotes healthy plant growth If your looking for a LED that will bring your aquarium to light and not was out the colours then this light is for you. the Beamswork RGBW LED light features the best design: slim, light, and yet, contemporary Extends to fit most sized tanks with brackets installed Clear plastic splash guard An external power transformer/LED Driver This is a fixture specially made with all RGB LEDs (3 in 1 mixed bulb) of freshwater pink light; it is tailored to a roseate hue (Freshwater Pink) that enhances and truly brings out the colour of tropical fish in aquarium....even more. This new arrival 24" Beamswork Hi Lumen 0.2W LEDs HI-LUMEN 60 Light Fixture is an option on demand aquatic lighting solution, and yet the most economical high output LED light fixture available around. Fixture Size: 24" x 5" x 1" (Add 0.65" in height with bracket installed) LEDs Count: 72 Lumens: 1900+ Power Rating: Super energy efficient 0.2 watt high output LEDs LED TYPE : 72x RGBW Power Usage: 28 watts
  10. What can I say, Fluval have done their homework on the new range of the Fresh and Plant LED lights. The previous Aqualife and Plant were great lights but they have set the mark and come forward with some great improvements. I have been waiting for these lights to hit Australia since I saw the release in the US market and I could not wait. Normally a new model will have a bit of new shine to an older model but they have gone to town. They only landed in Australia in the last couple of days and we are expecting our stock Tuesday - I am hoping for Monday. So what is the big deal? Well I will leave the most impressive for last but here is what they have done... They have improved the lumens with up to 50% on the previous and naturally this has a small effect on increasing the wattage - nothing major but there is an increase. They have gone to a nice neat soft touch control on the top of the light to give a better personal experience on lighting and making the most of their 5 unique LEDS with full spectrum exposure. You can still rely on the German Engineered light with 3 year warranty. The lights are IPX7 waterproof, splash em - no problem, even accidentally drop it in your tank and you will still be safe. On the two foot model they have not changed the 24"-36" but they have catered for what so many people were asking for on the 36" light. The old model was 36"-46" which was just short of fitting on a 4 foot tank and so many people would say to me "wouldn't it have been nice if it went to 48" and fitted on a 4 foot tank" Well they must have heard as the new model is 36" extendable to 48" and will now nicely fit on a 122cm 4 foot tank. Thanks Mr Fluval. Finally and as I am a gadget person they have added WiFi compatibility - but do not get too excited just yet - it is a "ADDITIONAL ACCESSORY (AVAILABLE SEPARATELY):" and eagerly await its release. Not only will it work on the Apple OS it will also work on the Android OS. If you get too excited and get two of the 2.0 lights - yes it will control two lights. Can't wait for these to rock in the door and just a couple more sleeps... Oh and if you thought that all these massive improvements would come with massive increase in price - your wrong...even with the Aussie dollar doing as poorly as it currently is... Big thumbs up from me....nice work Mr Fluval. For more information please visit the two links below to our website and remember - if your keen pop your email address in the top right hand side where it says "email me when in stock" so we can shoot you an email as soon as they are available and be one of the first to own the new Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 2 foot Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum 46w LED 36"-48" 3 foot Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum 46w LED 36"-48"
  11. This month we are having a crazy sale on our 2FT RGB Beamswork HI-LUMEN Lights Was $82 NOW $60 If you want the colours of the fish in your aquarium to POP OUT then this is the light for you.. Have been hearing fantastic reports from this light including exceptional plant growth Beamswork HI-LUMEN 60 RGBW Miracle LED Colour Aquarium Light Fixture Size: 24" x 5" x 1" (Add 0.65" in height with bracket installed) LEDs Count: 72 Lumens: 1900+ Power Rating: Super energy efficient 0.2 watt high output LEDs LED TYPE : 72x RGBW Power Usage: 28 watts
  12. As above, has anyone used the beams work led lights for plants, are they any good?
  13. I have a six foot tank with a hood (A Gary Maher tank). I saw an awesome LED light system at Pet Barn Coomera in their Altum Angel tank that simulated storms and everything (really cool) - anyway, they said that there are no LED systems suitable for people with hoods on their aquariums. I found this incredible as I thought LED was in fact cooler (generated less heat) than the T5 lights I currently have running? So guess my questions is, are there any LeD systems suitable for freshwater planted tanks that have hoods?
  14. Hi Guys, While doing a water change yesterday, I inadvertently unplugged my led lights from the power board while they were still turned on. After I realised what I'd done I plugged them back in, but now find that the light won't turn on. Have tried leaving the whole unit turned off for a period, unplugged for a period, changed outlets, there was no water spill involved so I'm not sure what I've done. Have I done something fatal to the led lights by unplugging them while turned on? Look forward to any advice on this one. Cheers, Chubb.
  15. Here are a couple of pics of the three lights on my 60X48X47cm Tank and the three lights used. The first picture is of the Kessil Light $319 The second picture is of the Fluval Aquatic and Plant $221 The third picture is of the Ista Cree $$145 The three technologies of each light with Kessil Dense Matrix (32watt), Fluval Multiple Led (25watt) and Ista Cree (14.7 watt) This will show the aesthetics of what each light will produce - unfortunately this does not take into account the spectrums/growth produced from each light.
  16. I bought a 6 foot tank but it had no lids but does have a 6 foot hood with lighting. Do I actually need lids as well or is it fine without
  17. Hi just looking for advice on where is the best place to buy lighting in Brisbane or am I going to find a bargain online . I have a 6x2x2 African tank I'm looking to light and I'm trying to keep costs down i would like led but t5 are okay as well. I was also wondering is it cheaper to buy 2 3ft lights rather than a 6ft one any help would be appreciated thanks.
  18. This big guy that I have had for near 4 years now has a simple life in the second tub and has never harmed anything of any value, so its life there is secure. I have had two others out fo the millions I see over the last 30 plus years, but this one i have kept, its got real talent! It gets a good mix of foods along with its little mate of near 3 years, that one is an algae decorator crab and not a great dresser! The sponge guy uses what ever I put in as its gear for that week or month or two and it does grow some healthy sponge content as well, it’sa good gardener?? This is its latest dress up night; this all went in and was allput on over night! I had gotten some sponge foods for my guys and I dropped in some for the decorator to play with and alittle ulva and more so it could dress up, the next morn this was it.
  19. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=301184694739&alt=web has anyone bought one of these. What do u guys think?
  20. Anyone got any recommendations for LED's for a 6x2x2?
  21. .Helping a mate set up a 4x2x2 african tank. Looking for a cheap LED for it . White coral sand black rock . Whats out there that gives the best bang for buck ? Not bothered on DIY although I hear they are very effective something off the shelf sounds easy . Thanks Mark .
  22. Hi guys just got a tank and it came with pink lights and uv does the pink lights make your tank look a little cloudy if so what other bulbs are good for cichilds
  23. This was via trials of fading out and brining back in the varied leds intensity! I lost two corals and most everything suffered during that time, even my clams looked like crap leather, but once I got past the near giving up on the new lights, all that didn’t cark it are now coming back with a vengeance. Especially now that I have gone back to what none experimenting reefers would consider ludicrous of algae dosing! Their systems could not support it any way!
  24. The diodes are a high quality cree model of 3 watt leds with 80 degree optics all round and quite a few colours including the main ones being true green and red/orange and all are providing results that are really nice. The first day the corals went into shock because I didn’t use the dimer function, but by the third day,nice!!!!!
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