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Found 22 results

  1. So after purchasing the tank from inkevnito. i now have a project to work on. 1480mm x 170mm x 850mm Hopefully plan on stocking it with rainbowfish but im not sure which ones yet. going to try for the smaller type so they dont have issues with the slimness of the tank, maybe Pygmy Rainbowfish - http://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/Pygmaea.htm My plan is to use as much stuff as i have extra laying around but not trying to scrimp on the look of it. Im getting a steel stand made up for cost price from a mate and planning on wrapping it in wood/ply and painting it black. Using Iron Sand as the substrate (already have leftover sand) possibly a 30cm T5 fixture i already have as the light (hanging from above the tank attached from some steel welded to the stand) need to get some lids made up for the top. Dec 30th 2015
  2. What do you think. I have mixed views. some deformities could be caused by water conditions. if I breed and raise in good water will that address? What can and cannot be bred out of a line? Thoughts?
  3. I have a Female Rhadinocentrus rainbow that I was breeding with ( not at present though ) This female throws about 5 in 100 red tailed females ( very unusual ) she also throws 1/2 of the females ( almost exactly ) with a congenital defect in the caudal fin but otherwise healthy fish ( feeders , I am sad to say ) All of her male Fry are normal ( 50% half Red 50% red tail ) The male fry from her are the best coloured ones I have . Is there anyway of knowing if the male offspring from her will carry the congenital defect as a recessive gene . Or is the defect solely in the X Chromosome . I only went to year 12 ( no uni ) so a little over my head . I would like to breed the Half red males back with the red tailed females to produce a population with half red males and red tail females but without congenital defects . Just a note - I am also breeding a colony that is just a random selection of multiple colour morphs ( pretty much just like in the swamp )
  4. When I saw this back I thought - yep got to get it in, old schoolers would know it well and unfortunately it did end up getting deleted and now it is back. The last time I bought this it was about $27 and the new suppliers for Sera have it back and at a top price. The Sera Blackwater was known to be one of the best you could get but it use to be a little pricey now it is going a lot cheaper and expect it to take off. [MENTION=2388]Daydream[/MENTION] I remember telling you a while ago that it was no more and one of the first people I thought of when I saw it. Here is a link for it Sera Blackwater Aquatan 500ml
  5. So new to fish, I got told to google cool fish or look in photos and try find some out.. Fish that look awesome so far: Mpanga, Strawberry Aulonocara, Melanochromis Chipokae, Tropheus, Magunga, Chalinochromis bifrenatus, Christmas Fulu, Chisumulae Red tipped black shark. (I know its not a cichlid but **** I'd love one of these in the tank. I think theyd just be so cool to watch. Haven't looked at any compatibility yet? any suggestions? Thinking more towards a display tank (mostly males) so I don't mind having aggressive fish, just want to learn how to keep them properly as I don't have the tanks or room for breeding(yet) and really want an active tank. Btw my tank is a 4ft x2ft x 2ft.
  6. hi guy just wondering does anyone keep red line torpedo barbs. im interested in getting some and just wanted to see if anyone has had any success/problems with them before i did.
  7. hears a question if i line breed my own color variant shrimp can i name it whateva i like would love some thauts on this
  8. Someone asked for pics in my thread about this fish. Jeeeeeez, they're hard to photograph..............always on the move at speed but here goes
  9. Ok so i have had the thought for a long time to line breed some guppies and endlers. I want to build something to house them and be able to quickly and efficiently do all water changes and such. i would like to keep each enclosure small but not small enough to be cruel or have any issues. I have never looked into line breeding so im not too sure what i can have in the way of enclosures. What i guess i am getting at is do i house the male on his own and the females alone or do i put a trio in a tank let them go then separate them out when the females start to show. The birthing tank is a small problem as well as i think it would be best to see the fish instead of having them hiding in a forest of plants. Filtration and heating will also be a slight issue as i would like to only use 1 set for everything if i can. So tell me guys whats your ideal breeding setup I'm gonna start looking at it soon.
  10. Hello all, During the course of the last few months there has been allot of focus on a few L species and discussions regarding the quality and there lineage, i have read through most of the comments and these are not old points as they have been whispered between breeders and hobiest's alike for as long as I can remember. However no one really wanted to stand up and be accountable as there would be a chance of alienation and even more so for allot of breeders the realization that some or more of there stock does have some kind of impurity. These issue's have occurred due in most part to people not researching there purchases before handing over the money and also being complacent with issues such as slight colour morphs to elongated bodies to "just believing the seller" due to reputation, this coupled with the fact that allot of so called L experts have only been keeping / breeding L's for a few years and have been appointed experts (not self appointed). So above is my impression and others in the industry that share the same views and concerns for these and other spieces of "Aquarium Breed" fish in this country (as across the globe). So what can be done about this to protect or at the very least have more transparency within the industry?? As those who know me know my passion for this great industry /hobby and with that I am again going to put my money where my mouth is and actually try be proactive to rectify these issues. My proposal is to work with institutions such as Universities and other knowledgeable and experienced Ornamental fish enthusiast to make a cataloging system for "Australian Aquarium Breed" fish and have a easy cataloging system that will help describe and identify fish from WC to worst case's of inbreeding /line breed/ cross breed to colour morphs. I would like to do this due to the plain facts that whilst ever there are un informed keepers there will always be these variances of fish and these will continue to be sold/ traded (as have been for many years). This forum will play a major part in this as when the time comes to accumulate fish pictures and specimens for gene verification you the members can be a huge asset to help make this happen. So you may be asking "what about the now" well to answer simply I would see this as a great opportunity for every breeder/ hobbiest to actually go out and buy reference books and then look at your fish and cross reference what you believe you have to what the fish actually may be. As for trading your L's make sure you check what you buy and check what you sell and if in doubt about what you have .. then be open and honest about it. I will finish by saying that I am know way in any form a L number expert and I don't believe that I ever will be, this is due to the fact that nature has been doing this a heck of allot longer than I will be around and I will always be learning new ways to improve the well being and quality of life for my fish. I will be leaving this post open to hear what your thoughts are on my suggestions and feed back is welcome. Regards John
  11. Hello everyone, Hoping someone can help me out with a questions about line breeding guppies. Which types will produce the same fry as the adults? I am mainly interested in breeding Platinum Mosaic Guppy or something similar. Cheers
  12. Hi guys wanted to share some of my 2nd genration line breed guppies
  13. Hi Guys .. thought you might enjoy some of my 2nd gen Full red american Guppies Not best pics but some pics for yahhhh
  14. Hey guys, I recently read about the new craze in Singapore being balloon fish, one species I remembered was glossolepis incisus aka salmon red rainbow, these are now being sold in Australia too. Not too long ago you couldn't find them for under $70ea now look what they've done to them Cheers Stace
  15. The conundrum is this? Just where do you draw the line at providing optimum conditions for grow out? Bigger tank, less stock, more water changes make for growout but just how far do you go? Where do you draw the line in your pursuit for healthy stock grown at optimum rate. In another thread, it was recommended 25 fry per tank.........what size tank? How many 1cm fry do you put in what size tank? How many 3 cm juvies do you have in say a 3x15x18? What do you do with the surplus? We started off with 7 breeding pair (not bought as, but grown out to, from different blood) and am now down to 4, as even with 32 tanks, the thinning out of fry have utilised 'em all. One hatch of kribs alone, when thinned, occupies 3 tanks @ 60x50x30 and still don't appear to achieve optimum growth rate, even with 30% water change every 2 days? One hatch of multispinosa the same. In the past (many moons ago) all fry that I dealt with were raised to juvie in 5x2's (commercial) and went into 8x2's at 3cms. Obviously, that is beyond the average amateur. I could give each hatch 3 @ 3x15x18 for better growth but where do you draw the line on economical allocation of space (tank size) in relation to how many fry you put in that tank? Forget IBC's, ponds and the like, just how prepared are you to strive for optimum growout? What do you do in relation to allocating fry and juvies tank space? Jake loves his escondido and his festae and we have discussed perhaps focusing on just two species in order to allocate more tank room to growing out their fry as opposed to being occupied by another breeding pair of another species, which in turn will require their fry growout space. Unfortunately.........or fortunately..........whichever way you look at it........we now also have (by accident) a breeding pair of salvini What to do:confused: what to do:confused: ...........other than more tanks:egrin: Your thoughts please? Cheers kev
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  17. hey can anyone help me buy food and purigen on line who to go to and who is good and cheap i live on the tweed coast ta bob
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  20. Hello everyone, Im am after some feedback about this online shop, as i cant find anything on the internet about them: http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au im about to order some easy break (& quiet expensive) stuff, just wondering how they go about that when things do go wrong or dont arrive the way its supposed to be? Feel free to post positive experience, please pm any negative experience thanks heaps!
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  22. Hey guys, what a great day today has been for my fish breeding and discoveries... just add water I was just feeding things in the fish room and having a sticky beak in the tanks with a little uv torch and seen a spathodus with a bulge in the mouth, on closer inspection seen a fair few 1mm eggs in her mouth. Hopefully having males will help her out this time around But i'm usually counting my eggs before they hatch
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