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Found 12 results

  1. Sera is one of the most trusted brands and we have all of their products on special. Don't miss out and you may need to be quick at these prices. 10% Off plus 10% member discount = time to buy and load up !! Here is the link shopping starts now..... http://www.thetechden.com.au/10_OFF_SERA_SPECIALS_s/2117.htm
  2. I have a ista c02 pro with dual guage regulator, solenoid and bubble counter running into a ista reactor. Everything seems to be working Ok except the water in the bubble counter is evaporating. Is this normal, I have refilled twice in two weeks. Drops were 1bps. It is on a timer, and I noticed there is water in the c02 line when it shuts off, so I'm not sure if that is normal either. Help or suggestions welcome Mick
  3. Some new items from Benibachi have rolled in - first up Benibachi Breeding Liquid. There are more to put up on the site but here is a few of them. Benibachi Shrimp Breeding Liquid - 20ml Here is also a YouTube of it in action.... Benibachi Mironekuton Rock Benibachi Mironekuton Mineral Block 1kg Mironekuton 150g Natural Deep Sea Mineral MIRONEKUTON Natural Deep Sea Mineral - 150gm Benibachi Crimson Balls http://www.thetechden.com.au/Benibachi_Crimson_Bee_Balls_Pack_of_10_p/ben-cbb10.htm
  4. Hi, this is for all the plant gurus. I'm just wondering if plant liquid fertilisers are absorbed by chemical filtration (macrapore etc..) or is it bypassed and remains beneficial to plant growth. Would like to know if I'm wasting my time/cash or not. Thanks
  5. Hi All, As the title says im looking for a good liquid parasite/worm treatment. Looking for something to treat a larger quantity of water to treat any new fish. I use parasite guard on my personal tanks but would need to much of those tablets to treat my holding tanks. Appreciate any info.
  6. hi all , just after a bottle of GEO LIQUID..the shop i normally buy it from has run out, and im very happy with the stuff..thankyou
  7. I've been reading alot about plated aquarium ferts but am now wondering if it's simpler to use tablets or spikes directly around the roots of the plants. More cost effective? Could there be other problems arising from using these (assuming it's a comprehensive mix)? Advice most appreciated.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi Guys, I came upon the below article and thought I'd share it with you and would be interested in your thoughts. Not sure about burying dead fish though, firstly stray cats or dogs digging it up and any smell from the carcass or the said fish water? http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/2218/#b Regards, Shane
  10. is it possible to use two different types ie; african and waterplants, or south american and the catfish one??? has anyone used the south american one to keep earth eaters???
  11. Hi, Have a 15 cm convict and it has just had a red blood like liquid coming from it's gill area while it was swimming around. I have no idea what it was but we have had a huge number of deaths in our blue dolphins, jack dempsey adn clown loaches over the last couple of days, help please??
  12. and if so, what do you choose if you have a mixed tank eg. it comes in tropical, african, catfish, discus my catfish are in each of the theme tanks, so figure I'd use African for the african, american and convict tanks then use catfish for breeding bn tank however I have community tank - so you'd think tropical but it is my discus tank also any point to mix tropical and discus geo liquid ? the last tank is my problem one and the one I'd most like to get the water back to stable non smelly any advice on those using geo liquid in the past is welcome especially how it reacts with your canister media (like zeolite)
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