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  1. I like collecting and breeding natives as many of you know, but find it hard to get the time to collect or to make plans to do so especially organizing with others, alot of the time its on the spur of the moment or Im in an area doing something else, for example, a romantic weekend away and the traps just happen to be in the car and there is a nice looking creek nearby, or just going for a Sunday drive and a swim somewhere and again the traps are in the car. Also I have met so many people on here and Angfa through collecting and people acquiring and trading fish and plants that I forget who is who. So in the interest of natives, getting like minded people and beginners together(and me remembering who Ive fished with) this thread can be used to PM or contact others that have replied with their details here. Im in Pine Rivers and Mondays are usually best for me - PM me
  2. <s>Got this from a site during my searchings.</s> Since I have made a fair bit of changes to the list and observations I am taking ownership of the list IMPORTANT 1. Make sure you have an ID of your plec to ensure the correct dietary needs are met. 2. A varied diet of veg+fruit is needed so that nutritional needs are fulfilled. 3. Don't forget to include algae wafers, meat, and wood depending on species of plec. 4. If you put in anything that contains the skin or rind be sure to scrub it first to get rid of any pesticides. STARTER LIST this is a list of vegetables and fruit that are popular with most plecs. (Thank you to everyone who voted in the veggie poll and all the input) Zucchini/Courgette Cucumber Peas (deshelled) Sweet Potato Green Beans Melon/Melon rind OTHER VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Apple( doesn't seem to be too popular) Asparagus Aubergine/Egg plant Avocado Broccoli/Stalk Butternut Squash+ other squash Cabbage Capsicum/Bell pepper(not the hot ones) Cauliflower/Stalk Carrot Celery Coconut Grapes Garlic clove (peeled and boiled) Kale/Collard Greens Kiwi Fruit Lettuce Lima Beans Mango (caution will make the water cloudy after only 20-24 hours. leave it in for 12 - 18 hours no problems) Mushroom (common plecs and goldspots love mushroom)let it float,they will reach it. Good exercise Papaya Potato Pumpkin Rock melon Spinach Sprouts Swede Tomato Yam Most veg can be given raw but if you find no-one is interested then try blanching. Don't leave veggies and esp fruit in for too long otherwise you can end up with water quality problems. The easiest approach is to add them in the evening and remove in the morning. SUGGESTIONS FOR WEIGHING DOWN VEG Stainless Steel spoon(push the spoon through the veg) Stainless Steel fork(there have been suggestions that plecs have hurt themselves on the prongs of forks, use at your own risk) A rubber band/rock Suction capped Veggie clip (fish shops usually sell these) Screwcumber
  3. Seeing I'm in the beginning stages of doing a small DSM Iwagumi tank, I thought I'd set up an emersed container next to the tank under the same lighting seeing the light is roughly 30cm larger than the tank, so more than enough for both. I'm after some info as well as plants that could be used in a scape such as this below. I'm currently looking at using the following if I can get feedback on these: Ludwigia glandulosa Alternanthera reineckii 'mini' Hygrophila corymbosa Staurogyne repens Bacopa caroliniana Hydrocotyle tripartita 'japan' Glossostigma elatinoides Micranthemum 'monte carlo' Hygrophila lancea So, can these all be kept in a small container/bowl with the substrate (ADA Amazonia) kept wet/moist at all times and still grow? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, found this thread over at PerthCichlid.com.au and thought it was worth posting here as comprehensive lists of fish we have available here are always helpful. Original thread: http://www.perthcichlid.com.au/forum/in ... ded&start= (Thanks to Alan and Tammy) ---------- Corydoras: adolfoi aeneus, albino, black, Peru green, high fin ambiacus arcuatus atropersonatus axelrodi agassizii barbatus * reclassified Scleromstax barbatus bicolor (Doubtful) bifasciatus (Doubtful) bondi brevirostrus burgessi caudimaculatus cervinus concolor davidsandsi duplicareus elegans ehrhardti gossei habrosus haraldschultzi hastatus imitator julii kanei leopardus leucomelas loretoensis loxozonus maculatus melanistius melanistius melanistius melinotaenia melini metae napoensis nattereri nijesseni oiapoquensis ornatus paleatus, albino, golden, high fin panda polystictus punctatus pygmaeus rabauti reticulatus robineae schwartzi serratus seussi similis simulatus sodalis sterbai, albino surinamensis (Doubtful) trilineatus undulatus venezuelanus virginiae weitzmani zygatus These guys are said to be more closely related to Corydoras melanotaenia then aeneus. Thanks to Ian Fullers Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish for clearing that up. sp. green stripe * sp. orange stripe * sp. red stripe * Following C numbers are also in the country: C38 (colour variant of serratus) C40 CW45 C90 Hope this helps some people out there looking to get into some of the less common Corydoras.
  5. Hi guys, I have come back to aquariums after a long while off, and am looking for some help in setting up a new tank. With the glut of products that seem to all do the same thing, I'm after a shopping list of things I'll need, just so I can order in one go and be done with it. I live rural, so have the option of rainwater tank, or town bore water. Town bore water has a strong hydrogen sulphide smell, and I guess has added chlorine. Am unable to test at the moment, as I have been waiting 3 weeks for my test kits to be sent out from Brisbane. Seems some shops don't get the whole "online" context. I'm thinking of using rainwater in my tank, due to order stuff ups, I have had a whole collection of plants sitting in a rainwater container on my veranda, and they are all growing great guns, quite amazing to see! Tank is using eco complete as a substrate, a MML RGB LED and a aquel canister with Pure,Matrix, and macropore Cycling. Do i just chuck in some fish food and let it go? Heh, what a great song. Use one of the cycling type products like AquaCulture biostart/bioculture Seachem Stability Water condition - Fish will be Tetras Seachem Equilibrium Aquasonic Amazon Blackwater water conditioner Water treatment Seachem Safe Seachem Prime Supachlor Ferts Dino Spit Dino Pee I'll be able to give ph and hardness results when the test kits arrive. im hoping with being rural and having no industry around, the water will be rather soft. At this point I have a reg for CO2, but no gas bottle. Probably not much in the way of refilling one either, unless I go with BOC.
  6. Hello all I am going to be moving back to fresh from a reef tank shortly and would like some advice on what fresh water fish to go into a planted 6x2x2. My last fresh setup was mainly africans cichlids. and I have a small planted nano that I will decommission shortly that has just one otocinclus and I love the work it does to maintain your tank. So basically I havent really had anything to do with fresh inn over 10 years so I am a little out of wack and would love some input on a fish list please TIA Florix
  7. AQUARIUM DEPARTMENT GERMAN PRE-ORDER LIST Hey guys, we have a sneek peak of some great stock from Germany click the link and check it out. http://www.petcity.com.au/?German%20Pre-Order%20List;Info;1592 Just follow the instructions in the link and Enable Editing to fill out the form. Tangy
  8. Hi all Live plants have been selling out lately, so we have decided to give people a weekly heads up on what we have on hand each week. Bit of a rushed one this week, but grabbed some sample photos too! Plenty of bunches of, Blue stricta Giant ambulia (why would you ever settle for normal when giant is this beautiful?) Lace ferns Mayaca Narrow ludwigia Pogostemon stellata Rotala wallichii (if you have the light power to keep it, this stuff is pure bling!) Wysteria Also still a few bunches of, Hygrophilia Hygrophilia Pisces Pink baby tears Cardamine lyrata Green pennywort Baby tears Rotala rotundifolia Ludwigia Bacopa Didplus diandra Bunches are $5.95 each or 4 for $20 A good mix of medium Anubias on wood ($39 each) And a few rather special nano driftwood creations ($59 each) for those who like their fancy on the small scale. And lots more fresh pots of HC ($12 each or 5 for $50), and lastly banana lilly, java and xmas moss. Have a great week end everyone, And catch you next week for the new plant list!
  9. Just thought Id be a nosey parker and look into something interesting...everyone says they want such and such a fish....but I'd like to see some little lists(not essays!) of fish people think they can quite realistically(give or take one or two..we can all dream!!)get their hands on in the future......fish that are hard to find that are hereish!!! or recently lost In other words whats your "Hunting List"....some might want to hide their targets and all good but remember someone could also read this and know of someone who knows somebody with a friend..whos up in darwin... :dance: My List is as follows(and yep grows/changes almost daily but these guys are stalwarts) Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus Tosakin(Fancy Goldfish Variety) Geophagus Winemilleri Parachromis Motaguensis Vieja Argentea Enough from me i'll be here forever(like many!) but yeah love to see the fish you guys are chasing and even updates....I think my list is pretty reasonable as all these fish have been "seen" in Oz the hunt continues!
  10. The old list can be found here Info: Rare Fish List, Breeding attention required!! (Please Read!) PLease note that I did not compile this list. I have only tried to update the status of the fishes in the new list. Updated List July 2013 This list does not say what fishes are in Australia in total, but only the rarer fishes. It also does not include species that can be imported. This list can be particularly useful to bring back the very rare-probably lost species back to less common status. But it will take time, patience and motivated breeders. Common to Rare can be found in shops Very rare to Probably lost are the ones that need some work It still needs work as I do not know everything ... So please come forward to chip in if you have some details. Thank you.
  11. Not sure what was added new but here it is. Noxious fish Current declared noxious fish species Fisheries Act - Schedule 6 - current Jan 2014 Common name Scientific name aba aba Gymnarchus niloticus Adriatic sturgeon Acipenser naccarii African butter catfish Schilbe mystus African lungfish Protopterus annectens African pike Hepsetus odoe African pike-characin, tubenose poacher, fin eater fish of the subfamily Ichthyborinae American gar, alligator gar, armoured gar Lepisosteus spp. and Atractosteus spp. Alfaro huberi Alfaro huberi Amur sturgeon Acipenser schrenckii angler catfish Chaca bankanensis angler, catfish, frogmouth catfish, squarehead catfish Chaca chaca Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus Baikal sturgeon Acipenser baerii baicalensis banded jewelfish Hemichromis fasciatus banded sunfish, spotted sunfish family Centrachidae barred tail pearlfish Leptolebias minimus beluga Huso huso bighead carp Aristichthys nobilis bigmouth sleeper Gobiomorus dormitor blackchin tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron melanotheran bluegill Lepomis spp. bottlenose, cornish jack Mormyrops anguilloides bowfin Amia calva brook stickleback Culaea inconstans burmensis frogmouth catfish Chaca burmensis candiru catfish, parasitic catfish, pencil catfish family Trichomycteridae carp Cyprinus carpio catla Catla catla chameleon goby, striped goby Tridentiger trigonocephalus channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus Chinese sturgeon Acipenser sinensis Chinese swordfish Psephurus gladius Chinese weatherfish, weatherloach Misgurnus anguillicaudatus climbing perch Anabas testudineus copper mahseer Neolissochilus hexagonolepis discus ray Paratrygon aiereba electric catfish Malapterurus spp. electric eel Electrophorus electricus European catfish, wels catfish Silurus spp. European sturgeon Acipenser sturio fat sleeper Dormitator maculatus flatnose catfish, dwarf giraffe catfish Anaspidoglanis macrostomus forktail lates Lates microlepis fourspine stickleback Apeltes quadracus freshwater minnow Zacco platypus fringebarbel sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris gambusia, mosquito fish Gambusia spp. giant barb Catlocarpio siamensis giant bully Gobiomorphus gobioides giant cichlid Boulengerochromis microlepis gilled lungfish Protopterus amphibius grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella green sturgeon Acipenser medirostris Gulf sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus destotoi Hypseleotris tohizonae Hypseleotris tohizonae Japanese sturgeon Acipenser multiscutatus knife-edged livebearer Alfaro cultratus lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides Leptolebias aureoguttatus Leptolebias aureoguttatus marbled lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus marbled pearlfish Leptolebias marmoratus marble goby Oxyeleotris marmorata Mekong giant catfish Pangasianodon gigas Mississippi paddlefish Polyodon spathula mrigal Cirrhinus cirrhosus Nile perch Lates niloticus ninespine stickleback Pungitius pungitius opal pearlfish Leptolebias opalescens orange-fin labeo Labeo calbasu Oxyeleotris siamensis Oxyeleotris siamensis Oxyeleotris urophthalmoides Oxyeleotris urophthalmoides Oxyeleotris urophthalmus Oxyeleotris urophthalmus Pacific sleeper Gobiomorus maculatus Pacific fat sleeper Dormitator latifrons Pangasius conchophilus Pangasius conchophilus Pangasius elongatus Pangasius elongatus Pangasius krempfi Pangasius krempfi Pangasius kunyit Pangasius kunyit Pangasius macronema Pangasius macronema Pangasius nasutus Pangasius nasutus Pangasius nieuwenhuisii Pangasius nieuwenhuisii Persian sturgeon Acipenser persicus pike characin Acestrorhynchus microlepis pike cichlid Crenicichla spp. pike minnow, pike killifish Belonesox belizanus pikes Esox spp. pink, slender, greenwoods, mortimers, cunean and green happy Sargochromis spp. piranhas, pacus fish of the subfamily Serrasalminae, other than Metynnis spp. and Myleus rubripinnis purpleface largemouth Serranochromis spp. pygmy sunfish Elassoma spp. redfin bully Gobiomorphus huttoni red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii reedfish Erpetoichthys calabaricus ripsaw catfish, black doras, black shielded catfish Oxydoras spp. river carp, deccan, high backed, jungha, putitor, Thai mahseer Tor spp. rohu Labeo rohita Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii Sakhalin sturgeon Acipenser mikadoi Sentani gudgeon Oxyeleotris heterodon shiners Notropis spp. shortnosed gar Lepisosteus platostomus shortnose sturgeon Acipenser brevirostrum shoulderspot catfish Schilbe marmoratus Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baerii baerii silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix silver catfish Schilbe intermedius slender lungfish Protopterus dolloi snakehead Channa spp. snooks Centropomus spp. South American lungfish Lepidosiren paradoxa Southern redbelly dace Phoxinus erythrogaster spot pangasius Pangasius larnaudii starry sturgeon Acipenser stellatus sterlet Acipenser ruthenus stinging catfish Heteropneustes fossilis tiger catfish Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum tigerfish (African), pike characin Hydrocynus spp., subfamilies Hydrocyninae and Alestinae tigerfish (South American) or trahira Erythrinus, Hoplerythrinus and Hoplias spp. tilapia Tilapia spp, Oreochromis spp and Sarotherodon spp. Tomeurus gracilis Tomeurus gracilis tropical carp-gudgeon Hypseleotris cyprinoides twospot lebiasina Lebiasina bimaculata twospot livebearer Heterandria bimaculata Ubangi shovelnose catfish Bagrus ubangensis Valencia toothcarp Valencia hispanica walking catfish, airbreathing catfish family Clariidae white sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus Yangtze sturgeon Acipenser dabryanus yellowbelly gudgeon Allomogurnda nesolepis yellowfin goby Acanthogobius flavimanus yellowtailed catfish Pangasius pangasius
  12. This is a list of Central American cichlids that I know of being available here in Australia, no matter how common or rare. Have I missed any ? Latin name .. Common Name Amatitlania nigrofasciata...... Convict cichlid Amphilophus citrinellus...... Midas Cichlid Amphilophus labiatus........ Red Devil Amphilophus longimanus ....... Pink Firemouth Amphilophus robertsoni ....... False Firemouth Archocentrus multispinosus..... Rainbow Cichlid Cryptoheros sajica..... T Bar Cichlid Cryptoheros septemfasciatus... Seven bar cichlid Cryptoheros spilurus...... Blue Eyed cichlid Herichthys carpintis..... Green Texas Cichlid Herichthys cyanoguttatus..... Texas Cichlid Herichthys salvini.. Salvins Cichlid Hypsophrys nicaraguensis..... Nicaraguan cichlid Nandopsis haitiensis..... Hatian Cichlid Nandopsis tetracanthus.. Cuban Cichlid Parachromis dovii.... Wolf Cichlid Parachromis managuensis.... Jaguar cichlid Petenia splendida ..... Snook Rocio octofasciata..... Jack Dempsey Thorichthys ellioti.... Elliot’s Cichlid Thorichthys meeki..... Firemouth Vieja argentea.... Silver cichlid Vieja fenestrata ... Black stripe cichlid Vieja hartwegi ..... Hartwegs Cichlid Vieja maculicauda..... Black Belt Cichlid Vieja synspila...... Quetzel Cichlid
  13. Portland Aquarium logs 200 marine animal deaths; Humane Society investigates | OregonLive.com Fish world drama at its best.
  14. Hi. Does anyone know the link to the current allowable import list for cichlids. Thanks
  15. just a call from fisheries about my gar permit and i now have one for my rtc she said they are on the list just a heads up for those buying and selling
  16. Hello all, i currently have a 73x61x61 tank ( pretty much an oversized nano tank ( cube ) ) and i am very unsure what to fill it with.. atm it currently has 5 split gene JD's ( 4-6cm ) and im going to sell them onto someone who wants them, and stock the tank with something else, i am just so unsure what to stock it with so im open to idea's i had tinked with the idea of Green terror's and do sort of an agressive tank but they grow quite large.. so i don't think i could.. I'm open to all kinds of fish, from natives to americans etc. just no guppys / swordtales etc im after larger fish. so please post up some idea's atm i curently have 40kgs of black rock as the substrate with rocks ( scaped for plants but deicded against soil and plants.. ) looking forward to hearing idea's.. would also love some info on how many fish i could keep in said tank. it is a braceless tank, so no lids.. so fish that like to jump are a bad idea.. PS just re-read it and it sounds like im offering the JD's for sale - i am not just to clear things up. )
  17. Here is a list of Aquarium stores on the Gold Coast. They are listed in no particular order. If there is a shop I have missed PM me and ill get it added for you. I will be adding Brisbane and Sunshine Coast at a later date. Aquarium & Petland Southport Brickworks Centre SouthPort 07 55321084 Aquarium Warehouse Shop 4 20 ferry Rd Southport 07 55915162 Aquarium Warehouse 8-142 Brisbane Rd Labrador 07 55006571 Aquariums Alive 7/1 Tibbing St Nerang 07 55273545 Aquariums in Paradise 12/185 Currumburra Rd Ashmore 07 55396576 Beenleigh Aquarium and Cichlid Centre 62 george St Beenleigh 07 38047324 Bernies Pet Barn 31 Upton St Bundall 07 55399971 Coomera Pet Barn 147 old pacific Hwy oxenford 4210 ph:55299177 Gold Coast Pet centre 4/110 Kortum Drv West Burleigh 07 55768766 Mermaid Marine Aquariums 2573 Gold Coast Hwy Mermaid Beach 07 55720066 Q Aquarium Shop B2A Q Super Centre Cnr Bermuda & Markeri St Mermaid Waters 07 55266670 The Pet Barn 19 Hinkler Dr Nerang 07 55782377
  18. Hi everyone I have started a new little project and I do not intend on adding fish to this system yet although I am trying to plan my stocking list and I thought I would come to the book of knowledge - you guys! I have a 1ft cube with HOB filter/skimmer filled with live rock with plenty of small caves. The objective is a mixed reef with 1 or 2 LPS, a heaps of morphs and a few rics. I relaise the stocking list is going to have to be very small, but I would love that wow factor. So can you guys suggest a stocking list for this tank please. Thanks in Advance Deeg
  19. Hi all, I have been asked as an industry representative to provide a list of some of the most desired fish species that are not on the import list, and not on the noxious list. These will be supplied to the government group in combination with industry representatives and scientists that will be assessing these species in the future. These species could either be added to the noxious list, or maybe have some kinds of regulations on them for safer keeping -an example might be permits. If they are deemed safe or "low risk", those species may be then applied for by someone to be added to the import list at a later date. These are known as "grey list" species and this list will be dismantled and sent to the most appropriate list for that species in the future. As such there will no longer be a grey list. Seeing as there are so many of them, it is desirable to establish a list of species that will be sent through a risk assessment process, to prioritise for assessment if you will. For example. a list might be like this. red tail cat bichar clown knife motoro ray, leo, henli flower horn cichlid. peacock cichlid. Species names are welcome next to the common name as well and if you like you can estimate what these fish might be worth. I don't want to start a big argument over prices, but we might use a range or say 1-100 dollars, 100-1000, over 1000 dollars. I am not concerned who has what or how many and i am certainly not acting as a narc, only if you are aware of fish that would be in high demand, or maybe you just a great fondness of a certain species that is not imported. Obviously those found on your state noxious lists currently have either been determined potentially too risky to the aquatic environment, or had no interest declared by hobbyists or industry in the earlier rounds of meetings. Ok, let's see how we go. thanks.
  20. Hello..! As many of you know due to tough economic circumstances several of our favourite 'Local Fish Shops' have closed down over the last 12-24 months. However, some remain! Most stores are advertised in the Yellow Pages Etc but some are not. Could we comprise a list of what stores are still open that retail aquarium fish and goods..? Starting from South to North, here are a few that I know, please add to the list! PS: Please only add shops you KNOW are definitely open Northern NSW: Gold Coast: Gold Coast Pet Centre, 110 Kortum Drv Burleigh The Pet Barn, 19 Hinkler Drv Nerang Aquariums Alive, 9 Tibbing Street Nerang Bernies Pet Barn, 31 Upton St Bundall Coomera Pet Barn, 147 Old Pacific Hwy Oxenford Brisbane: Thanks, enjoy!
  21. But for those crazily enough to want to try: http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/wildlife-trade/lists/import/pubs/non-biocontrol-application.pdf
  22. Hi all, I understand this is a sore point with breeders, but can it be defined what are the common and knowm hydrids, I see there is much conjecture relating to some fish, ie some discus, angels, guppies etc are not the same as found in nature they have been breed to inhance colours, so I ask, what makes the fish a hybrid, what are the rules, what is on the list and why are some not BIG NOTE, I am not looking to discuss Hybrid fish, ei making how too, just what makes it a hybrid, whats already a know type and whats on / off the list Ben
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. Hello All, I have been compilling a list of what Ls have been or are available in Australia, either through info from members, in the for sale sections etc. If you know of any others that are not on the list, please let me know. thanks jk 001 002 003 004 007 010 010A 014 015 018 021 022 also 001 024 025 027 037 046 047 048 049 052 066 075 080 081 083 090 091 102 104/ now 162 114 121 127/ also 207 128 129 134 135 137 140 144 147 155 168 169 174 177 190 191 196 200 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 / LDA26 207/ also 127 226 236 239 240 241 260 262 264 270 275 278 282 316 330 333 377 397 401 600 LDA26/ 206 LDA27 LDA31 LDA33 LDA46 LDA63
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