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  1. hi! i'm starting my first betta tank and im just looking up on heater and filters for it. i know they dont like flow from the filters so its hard to find a good one. i would prefer a internal one if possible. i was looking at the Tetra Whisper Internal Power FILTER 2-10 G and other ones.. the tank im getting has one that comes with a filter but im not sure about the flow of it.. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/131845033621?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&var=431193853534&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT also would the hydor theo 50w or 25w be better? (i sometimes have the air conditioner heater on in my room) (i also have 2 fancy goldfish tanks 77g & 56g so i know the important basics about fish care )
  2. Scrub question here, sorry. Many moons ago I kept some discuss, was a heartbreaking experience dealing with poor water control and lack of patience. Now after some success with breeding Angels I am keen to have another go at keeping Discus. I do understand they are more particular than angels. I have a new 120 x 45(D) x 50(H) tank = 280 Litres. My intention is to plant it out and get the water parameters reasonable by keeping some Angels in there (all seeded from currently running tanks). A week or two down the track remove the Angels and introduce Discuss. I wish to introduce all the discuss to the tank at the same time. will be a planted low tech tank (mostyl blue stricta and amazon sword), but will be a display tank also. My question is. How many standard sized adult discus 'on average' could this tank house? Filtration will be good, maintenance is fairly good (I water change three times a week). I do not intend breeding them, this is for display. How many discuss should I put in there? Cheers.
  3. Hi, I recently bought an aquarium and would like some advice on how to stock it. I like the look of cichlids but want it to be a planted aquarium, any tips? I am leaning towards picking discus.
  4. Hi all. We have a new 4 foot, 360-litre tank and we've just added our first fish after having our water tested. We're hoping to add new fish each 2-4 weeks depending on water parameters. Our first new residents are 3 Clown Loaches but our long-term goal is to have, in total: 5 x Clown Loaches 10 x Gold Balloon Rams 1 x A pleco (maybe Starlight) 1 x Rainbow Shark I've tried researching whether or not that is too many fish for our tank size but I'm getting really conflicting answers. Obviously we want the fish to be happy and comfortable in their environment so if anyone can help us out with some advice here it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I posted yesterday about some fish for a 2ft tank and I was suggested to get some spotted blue eyes but I think I ma be getting alitte bigger around 80-100 litre and wanting it to be semi planted I love the look of some of the rainbows I have seen but am unsure of the names. Would you guys recommend having rainbows in a tank like this? if so what species? It is going to be a display tank so wanting a lot of colour. Thank Jesse
  6. Was at the new Masters at Richlands yesterday getting some DIY stuff and noticed these little beauties. 300 litre plastic garden pots reduced from $69 to $30. I got mine for $25 bucks as the rim was scuffed. Just need to plug up the bottom and she is good to go as a breeding pond for natives. 90 cm dia by 64 cm deep. They have plenty of them, just a pity they are closed today if you are chasing one. Great thing is they will hold there shape unlike the 200 litre black Bunnings bins that I currently use.
  7. Thought some might be interested in these. I use a similar one from Bunnings for my water changes and makes life easy Aldi's come out today.
  8. Wandering if this filter will be ok for a 200litre tank? Mostly south American cichlids. Thanks.
  9. I am in the middle of setting up my first shrimp tank Tank: Blue Planet Classic 20 litre- No filter Gravel: Quartz diamond black Plants: Anubias Jenny, Ludwigia Repens, Crypt Wedtii Shrimp: Non Yet, will be Red Cherry At the moment I have a Heto Sk-9102 Air pump rated 2LPM with a Serenity SMXY 280 Sponge filter rated 150 litres is this sufficient filtration, or do I need to swap for an internal filter?
  10. Hi All. Great price if you ever wanted to try K1. Link - Age of Aquariums - Evolution Aqua K1 Kaldnes 1 Litre Ben
  11. Hi All. Great price today only on Australia's Favourite Media. - Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Ben
  12. Hi All. Bargain price today only on Easy Life 1 Litre. Today only $18.90. Link - Age of Aquariums - Easy - Life 1 Litre Ben
  13. Hi All. Link to the Deal of the Day - Age of Aquariums - Easy - Life 1 Litre Ben
  14. Came home to my fighter fish dead today....pretty devastated, had him for 5 years (before I even found this place I think) He has his own little tank with a heater filter and some java fern. Never thought hed die, or when he did he would at least look sick then die He just went...overnight Walked into my bathroom, he usually greets me, now its just empty Might have to go pet shop surfing tomorrow to find the 'perfect' one to replace him Feeling poo.....
  15. Took a while here it is so far all advice wanted as this is my first marine tank
  16. Hi guys, I thought I would take a few snaps and share some pics of the tank before a trim Currently houses chameleon shrimps, cherry shrimps and HTD blue grass guppies along with a bit of my plant collection. I do have 'collectoritis' but have tried my best to clump most plants together to form a hopefully relatively decent looking scape. A view from the open dinner/lounge room A view from my study table Complete plant list: -Hygrophila pinnatifida -Bylxa japonica -Microsorum pteropus 'philippine' -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Microsorum pteropus 'regular broad variety' -Microsorum pteropus 'mini' -Anubias nana -Anubias barteri -Anubias lorraine -Anubias barteri 'nana' -Anubias afzelii -Anubias nana 'petite; -Subwassertang -Native mini pellia -Fontinalis antipyretica 'willow moss' -Vesicularia montagnei 'christmas moss' -Vesicularia ferriei 'weeping moss' -Taxiphyllum sp. 'flame moss' -Taxiphyllum sp. 'peacock moss' -Crypt wenditti 'green' -Elatine gratioloides -Pogostemon stellatus -Hygrophila difformis 'Variegated' -Bolbitis heudelotii -Echinodorus vesuvius -Aponogeton ulvaceus & that's it I think lol Enjoy, John
  17. Just wondering if anyone knows if bunnings still sell those green 600L tubs. I can't seem to find them at our store. They have some 300L ones but seem pretty flimsy so don't want them ones. I tried stratco because they had them a while ago but no such luck. Any help would be great. JP
  18. I know it's 1L of Purigen for 4000L of water for up to 6 months, but what about Macropore? I just bought 2L of Macropore and the label says "This container will treat 1700 litres for approx. 6 months" Does this sound correct? I thought both were similar in amount of product per litre?
  19. Well i have started to get my tanks in order. i have been a bit lax in the last few months and after helping dexter out i have got the WAF to get my tanks in better shape. I had Jaypee buil;d me a real real nice stand and hood but due to my measuring the tank i have currently is a little too big.. I got on to a place down in browns plains to build me a real nice custom tank wich wont be ready for about another month. So on to my little 45 litre tank. I wanted a small tank in the office as i spend most of my time in there working or playing. So while waiting for stuff to transfer or burn i wanted something to loose myself in. This will be a slowish worklog as cash flow is a little slower these days but i have basically everything bar plants and fish. So this tank i bought a couple of years ago as a all in one tank but after a couple of pump failures it has sat dormant for the last few months. Here come the photos As it sat up until a couple of weeks ago Top So i removed everything from the inside and scrubbed till my hands almost bleed. Pulled the whole lid apart cleaned up everything cleaned wiped removed the old fan and have tidied up everything. I put a strip of LED's just to show I then pulled my desk apart (took me three weeks to get right) and placed the tank for looks.
  20. Hey guys, Who sells the cheapest 20L food grade buckets with lids? Thanks, Beau.
  21. Hi, Im reasonably new to this hobby I have been keeping fish for only 6 months but they have all been going along just fine and dandy, I am interested in having a go at breeding maybe a species of dwarf cichlid or something like that I only have room for a 2ft tank at the moment and my big tanks are full of fishies that want to eat little ones! so they are out of the question. I know it will be a bit more challenging to use the smaller tank but I think that's just another reason why this hobby is so rewarding! any advice would be greatly appeciated. Thanks. Brendan
  22. was just wondering on oppinions on what size cannister i should use on my 1000 litre tank i currently run a 1000 litre an hour cannister and a 2000 litre an hour internal otto .
  23. A few photos of my first fish tank. What do you think? It has been trial and error.
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