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  1. Hi members! I'm thinking of purchasing some fish that my local pet stores don't stock from online live fish retailers. Have been looking at Fish Tank Fish in particular. I would appreciate any feedback from members who have past dealings with them, also any other suggestion for a good online live fish retailer. Thanks in advance!
  2. ..After seeing these at the Pet Expo we wanted to extend our range of plants to go and received in our stock on Friday and have just entered them into the web. They come in a black mesh pot and have a good established root system. Here is a link to them. Live Plants - Baby Tears Hygrophilia Corymbosa Green Pennywort Lobelia Cardinalis Scarlet Ludwigia Lilaeopsis Hairgrass Assorted Crypts - all sold Assorted Swords Cuba HC Glossostigma Micranthemum Assorted Anubias Microsorium
  3. I was recently reading an article and I came across these Gammarus shrimp. I've been looking for an easy to culture live food for a while now bbs are fiddly and I'm still nowhere near being successful with daphnia, I'm pretty successful with blackworms but I would like to have a second culture of some sort. It said that these can survive fresh and brackish water and not only help cleaning up but are also an excellent food source for fish. My questions: 1. Can you get these in Australia 2. Would they be too large for Bumblebee gobies, desert gobies? 3. Would they harm smaller fish like endlers? 4. How compatible are they with other shrimp species It would be awesome if someone has some experience with these. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Who else live feeds frontosa? i go and buy glass shrimp every now and then and feed my tank.... fun to watch the fronnies have a go!
  5. Hi All, OK, not really quite sure where to post this, but it's definitely worth sharing and having a look. We've been watching the live feed dives for the past 2 days and it has been fantastic. (Oh, there are 3 live camera feeds available.) From April 20 to July 10, 2016, NOAA and partners will conduct the three-cruise Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition on NOAA ShipOkeanos Explorer to collect critical baseline information of unknown and poorly known areas in and around the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Below are the links we've been using to watch the vidoe streams and track the locations. http://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/okeanos/media/exstream/exstream.html http://service.ncddc.noaa.gov/website/EXAtlas/viewer.htm http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-are-streaming-a-live-video-feed-of-the-mariana-trench-now Enjoy
  6. Hey guys I was wondering has anyone had any experience with any great,reliable and generally cheap courries. I am looking to purchase some fish and get them posted to me and I am wondering if anyone has recommendations that I can check out. Thanks a heap!!! -josh ps-example needed is from Brisbane to biloela region 4716
  7. My pond (which is really just a pool that hasn't been looked after for years) has no pump or aerator and yet fish are still able to live in it. as i am adding some more native catfish to the pond, I've been doing research and i have not seen any pages where people have a self sustaining pond without use of a filter/pump, which brings me to wonder, how are fish able to live in my pond? I have no plants in it ( hopefully this will change soon) yet there is a hard, thick algae muck that is all over the pond. most of it has sunk to the bottom, although theres a few bucketsfull worth that are floating on the top. the inhabitants of the pond are: a salmon tail catfish, 100s of firetail gudgeons, 100s of guppies, 50-70 convict cichlids, 12 crayfish.
  8. hi, i am starting up a discus aquarium, are there any live bearers that would work well with discus? i understand that there may temperature difference, my tank is currently stable at 27-28 degrees.
  9. Hey guys just wandering what live food/ cultures are out there that are easy enough for someone trying them out to grow and keep. I've done some research but the am confused any help would be appreciated as I am quite lost. Cheers- confused and lost TheAquaHolic001
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468268424/l-i-v-i-n-hive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. We have a variety of live corals and they start from just $15 - available in store only. They just came in yesterday afternoon and have not had time to open up when I took the pick but they are coming out now and looking even better.
  12. Hey do you guys know if you can successfully have two male jags in a tank. I have a 6×2×2 with a jag, festae, jd, zonatus and have just acquired a second male jag. They are the same size but one jag is darker and the other has a real bronze about him. What you think the success rate would be?
  13. Thanks [MENTION=6066]webmaster[/MENTION]stig and [MENTION=7291]ginger[/MENTION]ale I guess we better use it or lose it.
  14. Had the day off due to rain so knocked up the trickle filter for my live shrimp breeding Ibc. They will be used as feeders for my toga and bass and for bass fishing. Had most of the gear in the garage and bought the rest of what I needed. A few containers with holes drilled, Perspex drip tray powered by a 4500lph pump. I utilized an Ibc from the four I use for collecting rainwater. Added some seeded media so just have to let things run in for a while and then I'll start adding some shrimp. Pictures are self explanatory.
  15. Hi all Live plants have been selling out lately, so we have decided to give people a weekly heads up on what we have on hand each week. Bit of a rushed one this week, but grabbed some sample photos too! Plenty of bunches of, Blue stricta Giant ambulia (why would you ever settle for normal when giant is this beautiful?) Lace ferns Mayaca Narrow ludwigia Pogostemon stellata Rotala wallichii (if you have the light power to keep it, this stuff is pure bling!) Wysteria Also still a few bunches of, Hygrophilia Hygrophilia Pisces Pink baby tears Cardamine lyrata Green pennywort Baby tears Rotala rotundifolia Ludwigia Bacopa Didplus diandra Bunches are $5.95 each or 4 for $20 A good mix of medium Anubias on wood ($39 each) And a few rather special nano driftwood creations ($59 each) for those who like their fancy on the small scale. And lots more fresh pots of HC ($12 each or 5 for $50), and lastly banana lilly, java and xmas moss. Have a great week end everyone, And catch you next week for the new plant list!
  16. Hi folks, For a little while now, I've been trying to find a source of daphnia so that I could give my fish a different food source. I've looked in a few creeks and such, but have had no luck in finding any, as normally the creeks and ponds for full of fish already. I made an enquiry to a local scientific supply company, and the guy there has really been helpful. While they don't sell any, he did some research for me to try and find where any suppliers might be and got back to me just now. Here's one of the things he wrote : "Not only are the fish the problem, but worms and brine shrimp, often (unavoidably) present apparently, also go for the Daphnia first – even in the Petri Dish, so I read that many aquaculturists are struggling to produce quality daphnia cultures. Also, of all things, I understand some of the bushfires we’ve had in various states in the last 5-8 years killed a certain proportion of the high quality stocks. One chap in NSW, who appears to have been the main seller about 4-5 years ago wrote to me this morning: “Unfortunately we haven’t got a culture of Daphnia at the moment – we lost our main culture last year, and so far we haven’t managed to get a clean culture established again. Most of the so called ‘daphnia cultures’ we received had different crustaceans in them, and only small amounts of daphnia, but the other crustaceans have taken over in all our breeding tanks, therefore we are still looking for a good reliable source of daphnia." Interesting to note how even the pros are having a hard time at this. I've also read how some people buy frozen (non-irradiated) daphnia and put a few chunks into some water on the assumption that there will be some with eggs that will be reanimated, but there seems to be some mixed results. Trouble is, where to find the frozen stuff in the first place, as none around me (Capalaba and south brisbane) sell it. Would it work the same with freeze-dried daphnia as well? Anyway, just thought I'd put this up in case someone else was interested. Regards, Doug
  17. What do Forum members think of the cost and the value of using live bacteria additives like Seachem Stability, API Quickstart, Thrive Aquatics Bacteria Start ?? I have had to recycle a tank or two due to filter accidents; or putting in a new filter to run before removing an older filter for a good clean out and new media refill; anyway I often spend my money on these bacteria additives to "speed up" the recycling process especially if I have fish in the tank - but I don't know if really it makes much difference - still seems to take 3 weeks or so for ammonia readings to come down to zero. Are they worth the money? Do they make a difference to the recycling time period of 3 - 4 weeks?
  18. Hey guys just got a 25cm zonatus... kick ass fish. But my synspilum is being pretty rough. There are a few other big cichlids but no other vieja. Should I buy a fenestratus that is available to even it out a little as maybe the 30cm Synspilum will leave them alone if there is two? Or is this just the synspilum since it is the biggest making it clear he's runs the tank?
  19. .Ok so today I was at the beach collecting some of my favourite shells, cowries. When I got home I started searching for the different types on the net then seen a post about keeping live cowries. Can people keep live cowries in a small marine tank or are they to hard to keep?
  20. .Where would i go to buy live foods for baby axolotls, an online shop that posts in australia would be best or anything in queensland cheers guys.
  21. Last R&R i was observing my frontosa looking rather bored in the tank, so knowing they are a predator thought that a bit of live food may give them a bit of fun to a rather mundane tank life. Did a bit of google research and found their diet usually consists of fish from the cyprichromis genus and the hunt at dusk and dawn. Armed with knowledge is skipped off to my Lfs prepared to get some cyprichromis. They are not cheap. Actually very nice looking fish too. Has anyone considered buying a bulk amount to form a school to make fronny food? I had to settle with some live shrimp which created pandemonium in the tank for a few hours. Next time ill release them at night to stop my mbuna going spastic and let the fronnies dolphins and calvus hunt...
  22. Yahoo it has hit and in stock. Click Here for Pricing and availability 6 Colour Enhances Chili Pepper Phaffia Yeast Krill Astaxanthin Canthaxanthin Lutein With Hikari Germ - with Beneficial, Live Micro Organisms Click Here for Pricing and availability Available in 333g Mini and Medium and 600g Medium and Mini
  23. He seems to have the upper hand for the moment but something tells me that will all change one day soon....
  24. <BR><BR>Hi AOA, I am looking at the Eco Complete planted substrate in the dark brown (that's what it looks like on my phone) course. How many bags would I need for 4x18x18 and a good planting depth? I am thinking 2 inches, but I am happy to go with your guidance. Do you have the number of bags in stock that I need and can they be shipped? Regards, Cara
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