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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone know of a Fancy Guppy or Livebearers Group / Club in QLD? There has been an increased interest and importation of quality fancy guppies of late, both on forums, for sale and at the fish auctions. I know there was talk in the past to organise and name a fancy guppy group but from all the posts in Australia on the internet looks like a formal group or club has not been formed. There is an international standards for these wonderful colourful fish and more and more people are importing, keeping and line selective breeding them in QLD and Australia. Further info, suggestions, similar groups or is there any Interest?
  2. See if you tell what fish these young females are (ignoring the male sword in the background): Answer: swordtails! The male blue and white swordtail is the father and the mother is a blue and orange lyretail swordtail. Most off the offspring are non/lyretail, but the two presented here have tails unlike any swords I've seen before.
  3. oooooh nice fish rebeky whats the one at the top of the water? and why is there mesh in the bottom pic? is it decoration or for a reason? sorry im kinda nosey
  4. think of breeding platy's. sworttails, or mollies. And need some help to a home made tank. Not a glass aquarium i was thinking of cutting a 44 gallon drum in half, im am looking for the cheapest way of holding these fish , it would need to be large with a fair bit of water. Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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