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Found 34 results

  1. can anyone help confirm. I found these two doodads in a tank being eaten by guppies. I only have 6 Kuhli loaches and a dozen or so Guppies. I didn't think the Loaches were old enough to breed.
  2. Hello, I have a tank which originally had a school of 6 black Khuli Loaches. Over the years I've slowly lost one here and there for various reasons. I'm now down to two! I'm wanting to bump up the school again. I've been searching all the fish shops in driving distance and cannot find anyone with black khuli's for sale. My question is this, and sorry if this is a really stupid question... would black khuli's and standard (striped) school together? Thanks
  3. I just bought some yoyo loaches. I had them in the bag and in the tank.. etc. The usual. When I came back to release them, 1 loach wasn't moving and was spitting out clear gluggy fluid. The water from the tank they came from was very smelly. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thank you.
  4. I'm thinking of having a nano planted tank and I was wondering if a khuli loach would mix with the shrimp?
  5. Hey guys, Been a while since ive been on the forum, lots has changed. Just looking for fish and wondered whether 7 bristlenose (2 albino and 5 peps) would work together with clown loaches. I know that they are both bottom feeders, but as the bristlenose hide alot, could this be possible? I know its a far shot but just wanted a few more opinions.
  6. Problem: Yoyo Loach has damage to the mouth/barbel area. Is lethargic and only mildly interested in food (is usual ecstatic about food). I am trying not transfer him to quarantine now. Going to try low doses of Melafix and Primafix as a start. Along with a dose of stress coat. Is this just a physical injury or is this something much worse? Is there anything you can recommend that may help? Photo: Tank Parameters: Ph: 7.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: ~20 Nitrite: 0 Gh: 7 Kh: 4 Size of tank: 300L, 3x2x2 Temperature °C: ~24-25 Been running for: 9 months Filtration: Canister Aqua One Aquis 1250, Sponges, Filter Floss, and Loads of Ceramic Media Fish in tank: 1x Dwarf Gourami, 4x Glass Catfish, 6x Black Phantom Tetra, 2x Bristle Nose (1x7cm, 1x5cm), 1x Female Betta, 2x Reticulate (YoYo Loaches) Plants in Tank: Swords, Cryps, Ech, Java Fern, Java Moss, Fontanalis, Lillaeopsis, Hygophilia, Anubus Nana, Anbus Nana Petite, Wisteria Feeding: Sinking Granules, Sinking Algae Wafers, Sinking Loach Wafers, Recent Medication Treatments: N/A Last water change: 2/11/13 - Last Saturday Water change every Weekly About 40L
  7. Problem: This Reticulate Loach has been acting odd today and moving very very little. Ph: 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: ~10 Nitrite: 0 Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank: 300L, 3x2x2 Temperature °C: 25.2 (ranges between 25-26) Been running for: 7 months Filtration: Canister Aqua One Aquis 1250, Sponges, Filter Floss, and Loads of Ceramic Media Fish in tank: 1x Dwarf Gourami, 5x Glass Catfish, 8x Black Phantom Tetra, 1x Bristle Nose (7cm), 1x Female Betta, 2x Reticulate (YoYo Loaches) Plants in Tank: Swords, Cryps, Ech, Java Fern, Java Moss, Fontanalis, Lillaeopsis, Hygophilia, Anubus Nana, Anbus Nana Petite, Wisteria Feeding: Sinking Granules, Sinking Algae Wafers, Sinking Loach Wafers, Recent Medication Treatments: Small ammounts of IAL, not within the last two weeks Last water change: 31/08/13 - Last Saturday Water change every Weekly About 40L Photos of Fish:
  8. Hello I'm thinking about selling my 7cm reticulated loach, but got no idea how much it's worth could some body help me out please ???
  9. This is so coooooooooool! I'm very very keen to try and replicate his idea! Check it!
  10. Here is the current Deal of the Week currently running at the moment. Do not forget your 10% off these prices for being a QLDAF member, just enter QLDAF in the coupon section of the payment area. Finishes on the 29/6/2012 Big 1kg Pack The Pellets are scientifically formulated for Catfish and Loaches. Some important facts about the food. 1.Trypson inhibited Soy protein, this is done because soy flour the usual protein in fish food (apart from fish meal) if untreated or heated inhibits growth. 2.These pellets are also vitamin ramped, because of heat during manufacture you loose vitamin content so hence you need to lift the vitamin levels to compensate for this. 3.All this at the end of manufacture requires spectrographic analysis to check both Vitamin Ramping any Trypson inhibition have been Achieved. 4.These pellets are also extruded not compressed. This process of pre-expansion stops the pellets from swelling in the catfishes gut, preventing bloat. I did a test where I first put favorite food, Zucchini Blanched. I waited till the Bristlenose were on the Zucchini and feeding on it, I then added the pellet. Not only did they drop off the Zucchini to eat the pellet they would also leave the fry in the caves to feed. The Bristlenose have also been breeding profusely.
  11. got a clown loach with a bung eye - it was injured in a fish fight when he was a lil tacker ( bout 3 yrs ago). Apart from having an opaque film over his eye since then, he appears to have been healthy & happy. However, when we did a water change last Sat we saw that his bung eye was a bright red! Couldn't spot any discharge, but the color was a shock. Water conditions as below. Anyone know if this is a sign of I'll health, or what it might portend? I'm hoping to stock this tank with Endlers & eventually shrimp - which means loachies will need to go. *But I don't imagine anyone will want a loach with a dud eye - will my only option be to PTS? Advice / opinions anyone? Ph:- 7.7 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 0 Nitrite:- < 5ppm Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 60 gal Temperature °C:- 22oC Been running for:- 6 yrs Filter: Canister & internal Fish in tank:- 2 clown loaches, 2 bristenose, 5 white cloud minnows ( aiming to change tank over to Endlers & shrimp) Plants in Tank:- Anubias x 6, Java fern on driftwood Feeding:- 1x day, flake for minnows & shrimp pellet for loaches & algae wafer (when needed) for bristles Recent Medication Treatments:- none Last water change:- 2 days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly: every 3 weeks
  12. wanting to get a clown loach from someone in the gold coast area ? cant really afford to travel ages away at the moment,
  13. Anyone seen horseface loach's (acantopsis choirorhynchos) for sale? I kept them OS and miss keeping them
  14. Want to get rid of snails with a yoyo loach. Will he kill/eat the cherry shrimp in the tank? Thanks, Josh.
  15. one of my loaches is going on its side and brething heavily temp 28C ph 7.1 no nitrate or nitrite good ammount of airflow hes been doing this for a few days my girlfriend pointed it out 3 days ago i have no idea if its a normal thing for clown loaches or if theres something wrong with it but he can get up and swim around normally if he wants too! and he goes on his side for a few minutes then swims with the other loach then floats there goes to the bottom and back on his side
  16. This is my new yoyo loach tank. I've got 7 loaches in there, the biggest is still less than 10cm. I got all the rocks from nearby creeks.
  17. Hi all, Gana get rid of my snail problem once and for all. Just wondering if anyone has had a yoyo loach eat there b/n fry. If not im getting one and letting it go to town on my snail problem. Thanks all Josh
  18. Just thought id share a couple of pics of my zebra loaches And a couple of my Uaru thanks to all the effort of Dave Fish Junkie for aquiring them for me thanks again mate settled in really well And i thought id sneek one of my sev cause it was a decient pic hope you all enjoy
  19. Gday, Was just wondering whether its likely one of my Americans, Likely Suspects : 15cm Female festae 12cm Salvini or 15cm Synspillum, would of eaten one of my loaches ? I had 3, 6-7cm loaches and ive been missng one for the last day, I had a quick look around { moved the driftwood they live in and around other parts of the tank 8fter.. And i cant see him anywhere, i am going to strip the tank tomorrow to search, but was just curious wheter they might have eaten him ? They have all gotten along in the past.. thanks for your replies Cheers Steve
  20. i've heard that many ppl keep clown loach with africans and they get along ok. Would it be ok to add one to my tank? I know your meant to keep atleast 5 in one tank but i only really want 1-2 tank has 2electric blues,3yellows,2red empress's, 2 differnet types of catfish. tank is 70gal - 272 liters
  21. OMG I WANNNNNNT ITTTTT! Just had to share with you all. :laugh: http://www.loaches.com/articles/clown-l ... al-finnage
  22. This is my Schistura Mahnerti loach named "Fu". He is very fast and a master at hiding. This is a rare time I got photos while I was moving him to another tank. Keep an eye out in your fish shop in the yoyo loaches section and you might be lucky enough to find a young Mahnerti which has been mistaken for a yoyo. Here is a link to the species. http://www.loaches.com/species-index/schistura-mahnerti
  23. my yoyo loach is breathing really heavily and fast not moving around . Amo 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 80 ( i know this is bad ;( changing 50% water ) ph 7.2. Any advice would be good may thanks in advance
  24. I have 2 Pakistani Loaches in our main tank and awoke this morning to find one of them seems to have gone pale in colour (his markings). Our other one there is no problem at all. I have had these little guys, well they are not so little now for probably over 2 months and have had no problems at all up to now with just this one. Could there be a problem ?? or am I just a mother worrying over nothing once again. Also some of our newer Guppies (males) seem to be getting Dropsy I think ? , as they seem to be getting swollen bellies. Our 2 oldest Guppies Gizmo and Fred seem to be ok (been in the tank for 3 months). The ones getting Dropsy came from the one LFS just over a week ago, can this harm our other fish. I have removed the latest Guppy that appears to have Dropsy into another tank, as the last one that had it died. So am I doing something wrong?? Help and advice on these 2 problems will be greatly appreciated. Jane
  25. Just wondering if 2 5cm clown loaches would kill last golden snails? Cheers
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