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  1. Hey everyone.. Just wondering who has actually bred Clown loaches.. I have 2 in my tank, and they chase one another and love hiding in one particular place.. circling one another.. you get the gist.. (well i think thats what theyre doing..) I asked Google.. and he/shes not much help.. "Breeding clown loaches in a home aquarium is difficult. To breed clown loaches, make sure to have at least one male and one female." yep.. THANKS GOOGLE... Theres loads of Clown loaches in pet shops everywhere.. so they must be getting them from somewhere.. (probably not australian.. now that i think of it..) But literally nearly every google site doesnt have much info.. Just that they need to be on the big size and that they eat their own eggs.. Even google images has contradicting pictures.. some eggs are white/clear and some are orange.. ahhh... anyone have any info/personal experiences? Ta, Crystal.
  2. In cleaning my gravel and canister filter i have about 5 baby loaches. About 1 cm long but thin. Anyone have advice on feed etc. I have put them in a floating fry trap as my clown loaches like snacks. Greg Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  3. Dwarf Chain Loaches x 6 No postage Cairns Queensland Price $70
  4. Hi there everyone. I have a sumped 6 foot tank that I am looking to start again with African cichlid fry and was wondering if I can put clown loaches in also. I have found an abundance of small cone shaped snails through out the crushed coral substrate that I hope the loaches can help with since my 2 hours sifting the substrate last week has not made a dent in ridding of these snails.
  5. Just looking for an if guys , They r about 11cm approx maybe 12 What r they and what they worth Thx again
  6. Is it possible to have kuhli loaches and SAE together?
  7. Just curious as to who else (not me, yet) has bred these fish, and where,how ect
  8. I bought 5 yoyo's just over a week ago. Tonight I decided to transfer them from my quarantine tank to the display tank, but can only find 3. I had sponge filters and 1 large ornament in the tank. They are 12cm long. So, pretty easy to find... I would have thought. Any ideas on what happened to the missing 2? Thanks.
  9. ive got khuli and yoyo loaches (in separate tanks) with dirt substrate which is a terrible idea. they dig it up and dirty up the water which has killed most of my not so hardy plants. im looking at setting up a tank aimed at them, so what substrate would be best to allow them to dig it up with out really affecting water clarity. what type of substrate would be best and where to get it? (would like to have plants). ive seen sand suggested on the net but nothing specific. i have river washed sand in the pond which takes a long time to settle so that isn't an option.
  10. Come home to 6 clown loaches missing not in the tank, overflow or sump..... no tanks mates are big enougth to eat 1 let alone 6 as fhe loaches were = size to tbe biggest cichlid (small 4inch jag) and not on the floor any ware. I put my hand in the tree stump and didnt find or flush them out. The chances of all 6 jumping out of the small gaps between the lid and getting eaten of the ground by cats shouldn't be possible.... The cats carnt get and havent got on tbe tank (there scared of running wafer below in the sump) hope thye show up in the morning.
  11. Ok I have 4 Clown Loaches (2x 11cm and 2x 8cm) for weeks all four would come out and feed/play together but in the last couple of days only a pair of them (one big one small) will come out. Now I'm not sure if it's the same pair or not. I have a beautiful piece of driftwood with a dark 2ft long swim through. I know loaches love to hide and I'm not sure if this is just normal behaviour or if something else is happening. I could always pull the log out to flush them out but I don't want to disturb them if they're happy hiding. Im just wondering of anyone has had a sudden hibernation type thing happen with their loaches?
  12. As much as I love my Clown Loaches, In my eyes they are a great fish to indicate and let you know whats happening in your tank! Thanks to them, this morning I noticed that the were looking alot like a Lamington due to White Spot and that I had lost one over night. Fingers crossed the other two dont drop off! Anyway, a good dose of Ickaway, the heater bumped up to 27-29 degrees and now time to play the waiting game! Glad it hasn't spread yet to my other fish!!! RIP little loachy!! :'(
  13. Hey guys went into my lfs and was sold clown loaches to rid my tank of snails? is this rite? the snails are trumpet snails?
  14. Hi all, pretty new to keeping fish I currently have a 6x2x2 with 5x clown loaches (approx4-6cm), 3x common BN 8-9cm, 4x gourami approx 6-8cm and some danios and tetras. I have a different tank with 4 yoyo loaches approx 4-5cm long, will these be OK to put in my main tank? Also, what other fish would do well in this sort of tank? I wanted to get some more neons and am wondering about angels. What sort of plants would be Ok with these fish? I had an amazon sword that is getting eaten, but have been going well with java fern, blue striva (pretty sure thats what its called) and anubias.
  15. Hi everyone. my pepps have only recently started breeding. I have trumpet snails in their tank. i got some clown loaches a little while to get rid of some pond snails in another tank. pond snails are all gone. is it safe for my baby pepps if i put the clown loaches in there? and, will introducing them to that tank stop my pepps breeding? thanks
  16. I have, two days ago added three young Clown Loaches to my aquarium. They seem to be coming up along side my convict and 'over-cleaning him' so to speak. It is strange that he even lets them get close considering how much he rules the 500lt tank containing also 5 Red Rainbows, a Bristlenose, a Pakistani Loach & a Geophagus Rio Pindaré. This evening I notice the Convict Hiding and one side of him with a white scaleless patch. Can anybody help?
  17. Acanthophthalmus kuhli or striped kuhli loach i just want some common advise about water temps for breeding?Any advise would help thanks in advance Pauljones82
  18. I just bought some clown loachs about a month ago. Now there are a few that are really fat, im not overfeeding them and i dnt think they have a disease as i just multicured the tank twice. Any Ideas??
  19. just been away for a few days and got back and there are white spots on my clown loaches is this what people call white spot disease (it looks like someone has splattered them with tiny white paint spots) what can i do ????????????
  20. hey guys just wanting to know how much people ask for 15cm clown loaches?
  21. Hi all, Wanting to spawn Electric Yellows, in a 5 ft. ii i housed them with either 6 cm clown loaches, or juvinile cuckoos, would either of these inhibit the yellows breeding? I dont think the cuckoos even look at spawns until they are 18months+? Thanks guys
  22. I was just wondering if you all use them, are they worth the money, I currently have 2 striped, and am wanting to get more, only if they are worth the money. Thanks
  23. hey guys i have about 10 clown loaches that have some pretty serious white spot that i cant seem to get rid of! none of the other fish in the tank seem to have it, any ideas on what to do
  24. Hi, noticing that the stripes on the loaches are becoming very pale. Are they sick ?
  25. Hi Everyone Just wondering how Large loaches would go with a motoro pup, do they have a liking for their slime coat or will they just leave the motoro be? Thanks in advance Deeg
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