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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding substrates, driftwood and fish load for a south american blackwater tank. 1. I keep mbunas with river sand, will this suffice for substrate in south american blackwater tank? 2. What Australian native trees - as driftwood and leaves for tannin are okay to use with south American fish? Are there any I definently should not use? 3. I am having a 72x24x30 (inches) tank built for me. Stocking will be 1 red oscar, 1 chocolate cichlid, 1 green severum (maybe) and 6 silver dollars. There will also be a 38G sump/refugium as well as 500G/p/h canister. I want fish to have max swimming room. Do you think the addition of severum will be okay? all fish are being purchased as juvenilles. Thanks everyone I will post picks when setup is done...fish are on order so tank should be up and running in around 1 month or so.
  2. Hello There, I am doing some mental work on an upcoming dream build for a large tank and am wondering about tank load distribution. In the case of a tank with dimensions 1600mm (L) x 1600mm (W) x 800mm (D) can someone give me some idea of how the weight would be distributed across the base of the tank? I would be getting the tank custom made and I am thinking about custom building the stand with weight load cells in the feet of the stand to monitor any shift in weight distribution and pre empt a disaster (Cracked tank) Each tank foot would be adjustable so i would be able to slowly adjust the feet and ensure that the weight distribution was what it should be. Crazy idea know but we all know investment protection sounds like overkill until something happens.
  3. We did Australia Zoo a couple of days after our Underwater World visit. The weather wasn't the best but we made the most of it. I have quite a few pics from this trip but without going too overboard, I'll just post some of my favourites. I also managed a few seascapes while we were up that way. Next time I'd like to get some sunrises. To many late nights this trip.
  4. So my juveniles from my June 23rd spawn are currently spawning in their tub out side. Took a couple of quick photos and a video. The photos don't show much, but the video is awesome in full screen. However, as they are in a tub, the photos and video are from above, so you don't see as much. The bubble nest is under a Java leaf and is about the size of a 50 cent piece, but there are hundreds of really small bubbles. I'd say the pair are 4cm~ TL, and max size for a male is 7cm. Two photos. Video
  5. OK No big stories here! just lots of pics and hopefully a superb outcome at the end of this build! (I say dditt & Co because this tank is my housemates tank - im just throwing the build thread up for him) Short story: Have a 4x2x2 growing out Cichla Mono's (see here) and a few other CA/SA cichlids. Wanted something bigger to display them in once full grown, Wanted something new, Wanted it perfect! Everything on this tank is being done the right way from the get go, so here are the details: Strike up Date: 1 August 2011 Display Tank: 6ft x 3ft x 30" Eurobraced (built by Dennison from Mary-annes Aquariums) 12mm glass Display Lighting: Dual LED strip lighting 10,000 kelvin mounted on customer made Aluminium Hanger (see page two) Stand: DIY Pine/MDF Kitchen Cabinet style Gloss Finish. Hood: None Sump: 4 x 15 x 18 Mechanical/backup Filtration: Odyssea CFS700 2600lph Canister filter w/ 9w UV Return Pump: 4500lph jebo temporary (Will upgrade to a quality 10,000lph pump shortly) Sump will be fed by two 50mm bulkheads with a return 32mm On to the build: We picked up the pine for the stand last week and have done a little bit this weekend but most of the frame should be together by the end of the week. Once the frame is finished, it will be lined with 16mm MDF which will rise 30mm above the top of the frame, this will allow the tank to slide in from behind, covering the foam and bottom layer of glass. Two doors on the front with hidden hinges and poppers, Plus both short sides will be hinged (also hidden) to allow easy removal/addition of sump/filtration. Stand will be 870mm tall to base of tank and 900mm to top of stand. More to come! We are building the frame from 70x36mm treated H3 structural pine.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hey all, Just thought I might share some pics that I just took. Sorry for the bad quality, I really need to get a good camera Enjoy Comments welcome Thanks, Regards, Ryan
  8. So I thought I would take a few photos of the fish in my all male Malawi hap and peacock tank. I hope you enjoy them For the record, I am not a photography buff. This is the first time I have used a DSLR. The inside and outside glass of the tank were not cleaned, and there is no background on the tank. I just wanted to have a little bit of a play around and see how it turned out.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Here is my tank after I changed to sand. I really dig (lol) the look, and all the fish seem happier. The tank is a lot brighter, and it makes it look bigger to look at. All of which make a happier me. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. Full Tank Shot Other Fish Geophagus Altifrons 'Tocantins' Baysnook Cheers, Eric.
  11. Hi all how do i load pictures i have been trying for a year and i still cant do it can some one help me What i need is step by step instructions before i go nuts or nutier either way cheers Henk
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Hey guys, Sorry about the delay, but entries for the Photo Competition that ended on June 30 have finally been collected and they're ready to be judged. Unfortunately we didn't get as many entries as we'd hoped for; the more entries we get the more prizes that will hopefully be donated, and we can run this more regularly. Big thanks to our sponsors for donating the following items. 1st Prize: 3' x 15" x 18" Fish tank Donated by Aquarium Petland Southport 2nd Prize: Aquis 700 Canister Donated by Atlas Aquarium Mystery Prizes: AquarWorld Heaters Donated by Redlands Pet Centre (I believe Russ will hand pick the winners) While the entries are anonymous, because of how tightly knit this community is some people are going to recognise fish and photographs, there's nothing we can do about that, so the votes are up to you! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. No particular order. Let the voting commence, best of luck to all of the entrants and lets pray for more entries next time! Voting will close in 2 weeks time on Wednesday the 23rd of July.
  14. Hey guys, Was a great day out, thanks to Russ from Redlands Pet Centre for organizing it and everyone involved, including all the forum members and their partners/friends that attended, as well as the staff from Bayfish, Aquatopia, API, AquaOne, AquarWorld, etc. I don't have names of the people talking at the moment, so here are a bunch of the photos taken by wonna and myself today in some sort of order. I might do a bit more of an official write up for some other forums to try and get some more attention over the next few days. Nick. Bus trip to Bayfish, featuring Russ. Nick getting smacked in the head. Arriving at Bayfish. Nick and Brian after bus exit. Bayfish Owner/CE Nathan Patrick and Russ addressing us as we arrived. Nathan pointing at stuff. Rough idea of how big one of the two buildings are at the Bayfish centre. Aquatopia/Eheim Rep/Salesman Jason Dean introducing us to some Eheim products, including the Pickup, Classics, Pro 3E, and of course, Jager heaters. Run down on the Pro 3E. Using the force to sell Jager heaters. Packing station where fish are bagged and sorted. Peter inspecting the oxygen and bagging setup. Peter further inspecting. Lots of polystyrene boxes. Inspector reeco. Full lunch provided by Bayfish. Bit of the second building, Bayfish's warehouse. Expensive Arcadia pallets mm. Filtration room. People checking out the toga in one of the sumps. Big towers with rotating spray bars that appeared to be wet/drys. Goldfish/Koi/Comet/etc. room The real fish room, Cichlids and catties. Americans. They could be EBJD's! Nathan giving us a quick run down on the fish setups. Quarantine, off limits! Big tub of water from the system that they used for filling buckets to select and pack fish. Some very nice Frontosa's L104's Neet's, not an overly common American cichlid. Mystus vittatus pileup. Really nicely coloured little Apistogramma cacatuoides (Red). Nick getting smacked in the head, again. Back at the shop with everything set up, awesome job by Russ and his stuff. Patrick Durkin, Asia-Pacific Manager of API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (Now known as Mars FishCare) introducing us to and explaining the API range of products from their test kits to stress coats and conditioners. Some of the incredible pieces of driftwood on offer, so large. Russ organising us for the giveaways! Ironmonkey stealing (winning) the Phillips Home Theatre/DVD setup, grats J Jonoz taking away the 2400Lph AquaOne canister, he was stealthy and this is the best shot we got. Reeco (Ree-Ko) warming our hearts with his happiness when he took away the nice 1300lph AquarWorld canister. Bad shot with the Aquarworld rep Our loot on the way home north, couple of FX5's, Eheim Classic and a bunch of other stuff. Frontosa_mad being a dork. Nick getting smacked in the head... again. Cheers guys.
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