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Found 20 results

  1. What is this fish out of local creek in caboolture?
  2. A 'Must DO' Experience for the Tang Keeper - can only get when face to face with The Emperor....
  3. Look at this great native gudgeon I caught locally in a trap. He's about 16cm long and a very cool addition to my native tank.
  4. This is about a leopard shark that wants a pat,aawww, naahhh it just wants to be fed!. This regular 6 footer at one site is extremely friendly and when ever possible I give it a feed of what ever is around at the time, they absolutely love crayfish. Close up. Tolerating a pat for food.
  5. This is one of my purple morphs. These ones came from very shallow waters and high nutrients so they should do well with my high nutrient system. These and the two other colour variations from the same area are already splitting, it’s going to get crowded in there.
  6. These pics are from the south east Queensland aquarium society field trips, just a few on here from now on of the thousands of aandtscoiety pics we take when we are either on our low tide walks, free diving, spearing our dinner or just looking around on scuba. There a couple of pics of some species collected as to how their lives are going in the aquariums as well. The vis of late has been bad, the first pic is as good as it has been for months. There are some improvements though; the grey nurse sharks are like flies now. At one particular site in all the time i was going there from the late 70s till 5 years back, there were never any grey nurse there, now there are over twenty in that spot and the other boats report that they are every where! Our part of the ocean is well and truly having problems for the more delicate corals, the amount of dead sps is around 70 percent at several sites from lack of light and salinity variations. Though the sps are in a bad way around here there are a lot of the ones featured being fungia, in the hundreds and hundreds. In the tank two months later,it has grown from a ten cent piece size to now worth twenty cents. It's funny to watch it change its fleshes shape and sort of walk. To many thor amboinensis to count that we see regularly. At home over a month later.
  7. These are from when I broke them up moving from the top tank to the invert tank. The original acan is just orange/red all over, this is quite a bit prettier since it changed after they went into the bottom tank, now the frags are all healed and new polyps are already happening. Yes there are always abundant algae forms in my tanks, wouldn’t be with out them!!!!!!!
  8. Howdy all....So the best way to send your fish either locally or to areas where airports wont be relevant.....Im looking at smaller box sizes too (less than 5kgs and about 25cm all sides)...have looked into Aus.Post and this appears the best option but also hear of others using couriers (and have found quotes for less than $20) so just interested to hear thoughts/experiences....also whats the deal labelling wise...I notice some mark as perishables..some mark as aquarium plants...some mark as live fish....whats acceptable and whats not??...seems this is a bit of a grey area with couriers and postal services....hoping to clear the fog
  9. I am looking at visiting another fish shop or two and I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. The ones I go to are Red Dragon at darra, Exotic Fish at Rocklea, Gators at Redbank Plains, Pet city, City farmers at Browns Plains, H20 Babies and Pauls aquariums & ponds... What have I missed out? and what is worth a visit? Any help welcome! Thanks
  10. I had a previous Order with an LFS for some of my fry with an agreed and shaken upon price. I called before bringing them in today and they have dropped the agreed price by about 20%. My thoughts are that I would rather give them away then continue doing business with them as I have always believed that a shaken deal is a mans word. Is this a pretty standard thing for deals to change like that or have I been given the royal screw around? Steve.
  11. One of my tropheus has bloat and I have no metro, anyone local have some to sell for a poor little tropheus? Help would be much appreciated 0424 331 032
  12. is there anyone on the southside or close by breed kigoma frontosa's. im trying to get familiar with breeding them. if anyone does please pm me. cheers
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Up until this year I myself was a believer in the local store being greedy. I bought almost everything in the form of dry goods off online stores. This year that all changed when taking on a wholesale/distributorship of the food I started to see some truths that are out there. The local store is constantly being accused of taking to high a profit for their drygoods, when infact many of them need to mark up just to survive. Just recently I recieved some price lists of popular brands of drygoods. I was quite surprised to find that many of these goods that are sold online were priced very close to the wholesale price and in many cases was being sold at the wholesale price that the local store pay. Which is no fault of the local stores, as the online stores buy in bulk and recieve large discounts off the wholesalers to do so. Of recent times we have seen many of these local stores close because they cannot compete on price with the online stores. Most online stores work out of a warehouse buy pallet loads of products and have the storage to do so. Many times they have a small shop frontage, with minimal staff and little electricity as they are not supporting live animals. One local store in particular for just electricity and rent is almost 15grand month just to cover. That is before buying stock, paying staff and themselves a wage. But we as consumers dont know and even some of us dont care. Albeit some stores work on turnover rather than profit per item. But many stores dont have either the position or customer base to do this neither. When I say pay themselves a wage this more often than not is minimum wage if they get one at all. The local store is really strungling to compete on the same level as the online stores because of these reasons. One thing we should look at before we say how can a shop justify the price they charge for such and such an item, is too stand back take a look at the size of the store the postition of the store how manytanks they run, how many staff they have and storage space and you might just understand why they do. Also remember the local store cannot sell an item for the price they pay for it or less otherwise they wouldnt be opening there doors. It is a fact that the online stores do get discounts for buying in bulk, not just something made up to justify the local stores higher price. For example a well known filter a local may buy 5 to stock there shelves and 1 or 2 for out the back. An online store will buy 20 of the same filter and store in the cartons they arrive in. Therefore the wholesaler gives the bigger order a discount which enables them to sell at normal or just above wholesale price. Some wholesalers have worked this out and will no longer give bulk discounts to any business to allow a more level and even playing field. Which helps not just the online stores but also the local store, I have also seen some wholesalers like myself that will not stock online stores to give the local store a product to help them. some will give everybody the same discount to make it a bit more even. So if you support your local store you support your local community and you support the jobs of someone who oneday maybe in your family or circle of friends.Also in many cases local stores will give regular customers a discount to keep them regular customers.So if you really want to save money think about that. The more you support your local store the more your local store will support you. Especially when it comes time to buy your fish. After all an online store wont buy your fish as they dont keep livestock. Just some things to think about.
  16. Hi, Have been looking - admittedly not very hard- for cichlid info a bit lately. It's good to see there's a QLD source. I have two 4' tanks that have a fair variety of cichlids from demasoni to tropheus moliro to yellow labs. Cheers
  17. I would like to start a thread to congratualate when a Fish Store exceeds your expectation. We hear too much negative about stores and not the good - so let's share the good. If I may start - well done to pet City today. They have some Nanacara taenia in stock - a dwarf I want bad. I picked the best pair - but the best pair had a female with pop-eye and a tatty fin - unfortunate. I suggested that they hookme up wth something good to treat them and I would take the risk and take them. They said that instead they would put them in quarantine with my name on them - treat them and keep in touch with how they go. They after all have the real magic drugs from the vet and will not let customers buy a sick fish. Well done to the young lady manager on duty and the young girl who caught them for me - sorry I don't know your names - I am the difficult customer who was there with his wife, who left feeling good about your service. Steve
  18. Hey there, just a quick thanks to this forum and the Local Fish Stores that help out all us members! It's great to be apart of it and if it wasn't for the forum and Brad at Aquariums Alive, I wouldve given it all up. Cheers to you all!!
  19. just wondering what local creeks ppl have caught nice rainbows or blue eyes. i'm in nth brissy for those who don't know although i don't mind travelling a bit. i tried talking my dad into coming to tin can bay with me but he wasn't to keen on that idea lol. also how much warmer does it have to be before i should attempt to catch anything??
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