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Found 25 results

  1. watch my molly fry as they grow up from birth to almost adult size, ready to be moved to my 60 gallon community tank:
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Ok so i finally got myself a nice colony going with heaps of different bloodlines. So far they are still quite small, say 3cm-5cm aprox. I have 14 all up so i should def get a breeding pair trio. They are currently in my two foot tank but this weekend will be moved to my 4x18x18 once i catch and sell all my normal bn. So in the four foot i have five guppys, a male fighter, seven rummynose tetras and four corys. So nothing to eat or harm my peps. I may sell or move these fish but id like something to look at other then my shy peps I will post pics and update this like a blog, so if anyone else is contemplating breeding peps they can follow me. So thats where im at atm. I may move house yet but i will endeaver to not kill my peps in the process. Ill use as many pics and little words as possible to keep it interesting. Cheers Angel
  5. .Okay so rushing into things but getting it started just for some pointers and people's opinion on my pair! But here is my pair , now just set up a 3ft planted tank going to be adding the female in with the male tomorrow arvo (he is in there now) but will be keeping update on how they are going if anybody is interested ! Ps sorry if photos come sideways will fix that problem!! Any pointers on breeding tips , fry growth tips , and what to look for when culling , also best things to feed!
  6. If you could buy just one bn log from the tec den, what would you buy? The most versatile..... Cant bloody decide on 10 for my peps, os, lf albino and commons Go! Need help choosing!!
  7. I'll attach a couple photos from one of my tanks, I currently have 2 of these but i'm looking to buy another 2, If you know where i can find these, or happen to have one or more in your collection please PM me !!
  8. Basically wanted to keep this as a log for myself and others to follow. Will be updating quite reguarly. 4FT tank, that I've just filled and is currently cycling. Hoping to keep some beautiful, colourful corals along with a few tangs and a pair of clowns. Thanks BRISSY for the 50kg of live rock, looks quite good, especially for my first aquascape
  9. I got home from night shift this morning and a breeding log which my one peppermints had been living in, has been dragged 8" across the tank. Is it normal for catfish to move their logs?
  10. I bought a breeding pair of peps and have noticed lately my male isn't letting my female in the log and this morning I noticed my female had layed out side of the tank ( unfertilized ) is there anything I can do to get my male to let my female in???
  11. I bought some little 4cm peppermint bristlenoses a few years ago and 6 to 8cm they bred for me. It was quite a surprise as this was a new tank I had just gotten set up for them. Tank: 4ft x 18" x 18". Filtration: Just an undergravel filter, no canister or internal power filter. Tank furniture: round clay logs, and some anubias plants on driftwood. Food: Hikari algae wafters, Sera Flora flake and cucumber. Temperature: 26C I didnt even know the fish were mature yet and I was greeted one night with loads of little peppermint fry all sitting up on the front glass. Fry food: same as for the adults but crushed a little finer. Adults Male: Female:
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. I just had a look in my tank and i have 2 male b/n fighting over a log and i think i saw a female in there. The logs had 1 small male fanning in it for days and now the bigger lazyer one has come over and appers to be attacking the smaller one. Should i do anything or let it go and see what happens . The tank has 2 ceramic logs and a bamboo log in it. With 2 males and 2 females. Thanks
  14. hey guys, on here i am going to be keeping a thread of my newly acquired marbled fene. babies. they are around 3cm at the moment and i will be posting picture updates every week until they hit 7 inch's. starting with one i took yesterday and please... no negative comments.. anything to say.. make it nice or bugger off. fish are currently in a 3 x 18 x 18 for temporary measures. they are being fed on tropical fish flake as for the moment with their small mouths, filtered by an eheim 2010 internal, and an aqua one wet dry filter. water is changed by 25% every sunday they are also fed in the morning at 8am, then later at 4pm then later at 9pm.
  15. looking for something to do, how about logging onto chat
  16. Hi everybody, just looking to clarify this question. I have a very young trio of B/N male & 1 female are S/F & 1 female is a bit smaller L/F. 3 different blood lines Wonce they got to breeding size the L/F layed first, around 30eggs. Then 2 weeks latter the S/F layed around 70 eggs. all fry kicking arse. The last month I have been putting all my time and effort into getting my OS B/N to do the dirty, so I raised the tank temp for a month feed them all up. Females were full to the brim of eggs by last week. I then did the things to trigger spawning, being dropped temp & cold water change. I just got home from work and checked the common males cave & there are 2 separate lots of eggs, one definatly smaller than the other & both the girls are looking much smaller. Is it possible the both layed in the same cave overnight?? Sorry it was such a long winded story. Thanks in advance guys.
  17. Done this over a course of 2 months, check the "more info" section on Youtube for the goss. It does have music so make sure your volume is on, somehow it's banned in some countries though. This has really prompted me to get a decent camera [yt:2zxu2y4t]IwaemRBXUu0[/yt:2zxu2y4t] Cheers, Seph
  18. Okay so I've been staring at my tank for a while now and I've been thinking that I want the tank to be more of a display tank and look really neat etc. To do this I have to: Start off with selling spare things like tanks i have to kick start funds 1. reduce numbers of fish in my tank 2. remove a lot of the rocks 3. change to sand 4. hide the hardware a bit more The first is easy because I know which fish to keep and which to get rid of I want to get rid of everything but my Tropheus and Cyprichromis , for the bottom area of the tank i want to either keep my calvus, comps or get something new I can sell the fish i dont want, to get a bit of cash to put towards 'upgrades' for the second point, what i plan to do is take all the rocks out and once ive fixed up everything put back only the rocks i need and then sell the rest the third point is where im having problems, How should i swap out the gravel for sand right now there 60KG of black gravel and i can take out all the rocks from the tank, but not the fish The way im thinking of doing this is, is to take out all the rocks, sell the fish i dont want and keep the ones i do want so that the tank is nearly bare but then how should i take it out?, would disturbing the substrate release too much gases for fish to survive in the tank? is there an easy way other than scooping it out? Then once its all out ill have clean sand ready to put in straight after and i'd keep the tank bare until i figure out exactly how i want it set out forth thing is trying to hide hardware ideas? painting things black? using plants or rocks as cover ? i really need to get rid of the crappy plastic background and use something better, any ideas on that? maybe painting it? the only problem is there is limited space behind the tank... i can squeeze through when im sideways so to paint it i'd have to use a roller or something with a long arm This is the tank that has inspired me: http://www.ratemyfishtank.com/photo-main.php/30089 I'll take a picture of my tank tonight, right now theres too much reflection then more pictures to add as each step goes, first i want to plan everything though
  19. hello peeps, Not sure if this has happened to anyone else.......... One of my 2x1x1 tank has the following bn in them which i'm growing up: 6x Common longfins from my last batch of fry approx 7cm TL, not one of these are mature enough, no bristles or not gravid 15x Marble sf bn approx 5,6 & 6.5cm, only 2 are showing bristles one has alot more than the other, both male. none of the others are gravid. Now I'm thinking these boys and girls are not mature enough to breed yet. This morning checked on the tank and whoooo wtf is that?! I saw 1 single egg on the bottom of the glass and thought hey whats going on here you boys and gals are just kids and rubbed my eyes and looked closer.....yep 1 egg on the glass bottom. I then got my little torch and looked into one log....nothing just a male hiding then looked in the other........... Hey presto male in log with only approx 20 eggs! How did this happen is my question........they are all not mature enough right? I've bred bn alot of times before but not when they are this size, maybe they had too much porn. Anyone have any answers? Cheers
  20. Any suggestions on how to breed these? Tank is 3ft and can hold up to 160ltrs or 42usgal. Filtration is Otto450 1200lph canister with Purigen bag inside, Fluval4 plus internal filter 1000lph, second internal filter with spray bar estim.1000lph, large air sponge filter. A De Barry 15E is connected to the canister outtake tube and runs constantly. Lighting is moonlights. Substrate is bare bottom. Furniture is one hollow driftwood and two mangrove root driftwoods. Caves are one tile cave, one round clay cave. Occupants: One adult hairy butt male flash pleco usually in the round clay cave, one female flash pleco, slightly larger than the male and usually up inside the mangrove root chiseling wood, one lone placat betta male. Estimated age of plecos is 6years. Food: Choko, Zucchini, asparagus spears, frozen bbs, occasional JBL pleco veggie chips, Sera catfish chips, Omega One shrimp pellets, Spectrum fussy eater 1mm pellets mostly for the Betta. Rare occasions frozen bloodworm. There is a stocking of shell grit placed in front of the filter spray bar to raise ph to 7. My tap water is pure rainwater and ph 6 or less. Water perams are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 0 (due to the Purigen bag). Eighteen liters thereabouts of water is changed and wood debris siphoned out twice a week (total 20% of tank water pw). Canister is cleaned every 3 or 4 weeks due to sawdust blockage. Temp was set to 26c but due to summer weather temps can fluctuate to 30c or more with an average of 28c. Recently adjusted heater to 28c after a cool change brought water temp down to 26.4c. Flashies at the top, zebras down the bottom.
  21. well its all happening, my stands have arrived (Thanks Dumpie for delivering them!!) and the tanks are coming daily now (Thanks Brad/Motorman for organising and delivering them at the best price around) im hoping the last stand will be made this weekend and we can start putting it all together next weekend. anyways here are a few pics of what i got so far. 2 stands holding 4x2x20" tanks (& one more stand for the sump to come.) this is pretty much how it will be setup with the 2x1000L growout tubs & the 3 tier 3 foot stand at the back with another growout tank on top and this is my old grow out setup, its a 1000L tub with 3, 2ft tanks on top hooked up to a 3 foot sump.. a bit dodgy but it does the job nicely Inside the tub- Msobo colony and Gold charo colony growing out with a few demasoni, humpheads, electric yellows, mbamba, polits and flavus inside one of the 2ft growouts on top 3ft growout tank thats all i have for now but i will update this thread as it all comes together. thanks for looking!
  22. hey guys got my new 8x2x2 and sump today, thought i might do a bit of a log on setting it up, first up is some pics of the sump, tank and some other goodies, enjoy the sump dimensions 1000x500x500mm the coarse filter foam, and a shot of it in the sump, yet to get some fine 50micron pad my 20L of media for bio filtration ~ hopefully that should almost be enough the tank ~ ordinary shots and have yet to put background which is going to be black, as you can see the overflow in the corner, it also has one hole in the middle and one on the end of the tank through the base for a canister filter to be attached, most likely will be an fx5 the majority of the fitting for the overflow and outlet on the sump and inlet outlet for the canister, still to get pipe to go from the pump to the flange on the outlet of the sump and a T bar with pipe to use as a spraybar. any comments would greatly appreciated, thanks
  23. I have been talking to one of my lfs's and they said that the reason my male keeps kicking the eggs out on the 5th day is the log is too large!!??? So I've now ionvested in some small ones, however, the breeding pair can barely get into the log! Is there any truth to this or have the done a good job in selling some small logs to me? When they were breeding in the large log there was room for both of them in there at the same time with a little squeezing, but these logs, I thought the male was stuck for a couple of hours, as it seems that tight a fit! Any advice appreicated Regards Marc
  24. Ok I'm confused. I brought two great girls from a well trusted friend, totally hairless, nice and plump. Added two girls to my lonesome male. One hid in a log, never to be seen again. The other doing a dance in the log with the boy... yippy .... until we realised they were actually fighting. Separated them and put the male in another tank. The girls were left in a tank with a few juvi's. We just decided to give them another go together but with a bigger log so the girl couldn't get cornered again. This is the interesting part.... the girl that hid never to be seen has wigglers in the log Any IT ain't leave that log! Can a male have no bristles?????? We are dumbfounded!!!! These two couldn't look anymore like girls. And I am pretty sure we could see the eggs in this girl. Could a juvi male (one or two bristles) been involved with an older woman and done the runner??? There is one little guy that's always around but it's only about 5cm. Would a female take over caring for the eggs??? Any Ideas??? Oh.. yeah I forgot to add....... WE HAVE BABIES!!!!!! First time in ages.
  25. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get a male bn out of his log? I have the clay logs and there isn't much room and I need to get him out to see if he is ok. He is the only male that hasn't left his log, that i have seen, since I lost most of my fish. I haven't seen much more than his tail since. He moves and that's about it. I mostly am wondering if he is bloated. He looks like hi might be but it's hard to tell in a dark log. Thanks Jenny
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