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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys i have seen it before. Bamboo breeding logs for bn and plecos. So i have decided to chop some bamboo and try make them. I thought i would come here to see if i am doing everything right. First problem is they are green... I am gling to boil them but i am not sure how it would go if i bake them to suck the moisture out? Ill post some pics but does anyone know if green bamboo has bad toxins that can hurt my fish? Ty!
  2. The Tech Den Xmas Special Number 6!- Bristlenose Logs! Small Bristlenose and Pleco Breeding Logs WAS $9.50 - NOW $5.95!!! That's aver 30% Off!!! Today and tomorrow only....
  3. ...Fired Clay Bristlenose caves start from $6.25 with your discount - and Australian and professionally Made. When we dropped the price on the Zigzag bristlenose caves they sold out really quickly - we just received our shipment of over 300 caves. Sounds like a few but they go quickly.... Here is the link to them... ZigZagFish Breeding Logs and Caves
  4. We have some super cheap prices top quality cichlid rocks/breeding wedges and bn logs and logs starting from $6.95 less your discount. To fill you in on the details we have been dealing with ZigZagFish caves and rocks for some time now and his designs were taken to China to be reproduced. As a business that heavily supports Australian Made we are doing a huge push to make sure we do not loose a Australian Business due to his designs being replicated. The person behind ZigZagFish has a fish hobbyist background and pottery is in the family and all came about over 5 years ago when he made some caves for himself and people then wanted what he was making and turned it into his own business and works full time doing it. He built it from the ground up. These are hand made BN logs now starting from $6.95 less your QLDAF discount. They are terracotta and fired at 1100 degrees which means you get a top quality long lasting product. Help get behind us on this as it is becoming more common to have Australian designs taken to China and we loose jobs and businesses. Here is a link to all the ZigZagFish Caves and Logs. ZigZagFish Breeding Logs and Caves We have over 300 more caves and rocks coming in another two weeks so if we run out - which will happen, they will not be too far off. Here is a couple of examples of his items.
  5. Received our first lot of the Zigzagfish Caves and logs ideal for breeding Shimp, Catties, Calvus and Cichlids. We now have a great range of breeding logs and caves in various sizes. Will have to get some more in as well and was thinking about getting the Clay Barnicle shells this time round too. ZigZagFish Caves and Logs Breeding caves and logs for aquarium and fishtank fish.
  6. i have 6 x 202s, they are all around 8 - 9cm, they would be over 12 months old now, maybe even 18 months, bought 10 of these at 3cm, lost 4 not long after i got them when my heater stuffed up, all 6 are hanging in the breeding logs, i know i need pics and will try to if they ever come out of the logs, but whats the chance, do i have 6 males, or will the fms live in the logs also,
  7. Now have available slate caves with the back top portion removable to make it easier to remove eggs and fry. Great idea and makes it easy. 3 Different sizes and also a triangular model. Clay logs also available. Have all your Catfish needs in one area including Hikari and Sera food. Click here to view Bristlenose and L-Number Range of Items Here is a couple of pics.
  8. Breeding Logs for Catfish Corydoras This thread will remain locked. If you can do a breeding log and post it in All Things Catfish and send me a PM and will post it into here. Just want to keep it short so you do not have to go through to many responses and just what works for people. Corydorus Variety: Tank Size: Filltration: Temp: Ph: Air: Water Hardness: Other Occupants: Spawn Size: Spawning Regularity: Substrate: Feeding: Type of Cave used: Pictures:
  9. I have some longfin bn that have just started laying and the male only sticks his head in the log and fans with pisspoor effort.And he is constantally leaving his post.Just curious as to how people get there eggs out of the log as they sick like buggery to the side.And they are right at the back. Cheers Leigh
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Sooooo, after all that fussing around I finally got some caves and logs made and fired this week. While I did NOT have enough clay to do any big pieces, I got myself back into working with clay by making a pile of 'D' BN logs, a few short round logs and a few silly caves that I'm currently trying out on my fish. I've picked up two more bags of clay now, so hopefully the next batch of logs and caves off to the kiln will have a few more neat ideas and some bigger items. I'm quite fond of the 'slug' myself....it's cute! Hopefully the fish agree though because in the end, it's up to them. Coffee mug in the photos for some easy to work out size reference. =) (don't mind the little sales blurbs, planning on selling these on a website in the future so I'm getting pics ready now)
  12. does anyone use bamboo,if so how does it need to be treated before iintroducing to a tank. cheers marty
  13. I have a tank with a male and a female b/n in it. i use to have a couple of pairs in there so the tank has 2 clay breeding logs and 3 bamboo logs. Is it better to have 1 clay and 1 bamboo log in there ? My male is alwas faning his clay log but the female is in all the other ones swiming around and i have just done a big clean and the females now hanging around the males clay log. Any help would be awsome thanks.
  14. If there are 4 male and 4 female bristlenose breeders in a tank together. How many breeding logs would you keep in tank ?
  15. hey guys my L's bred so i was going to try to put the fry in a fry saver but they dont want to come out. is there any tactics people use to get the little buggers out? thanks
  16. hey guys i am after about 6-8 brisltnose logs the ceramic ones i believe russ at redlands has them for the best price but cause of this he is always out of stock i was just wonderin if anybody else needed some as we could try to get russ to specially order them in for us cheers pete
  17. just wondering instead of buying logs i need like 10 now with my new purchases of fish can i use pvc with an endcap? not after it to look pretty was thinkin 32mm with and endcap on the end bout 150-200 long??
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