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Found 81 results

  1. This couple of thors were very protective of each other, nice and healthy as well. They now live with my other shrimps in the shrimp tub. I am watching to see how with a heap of my tank raised redlines, anemone shrimp, many leandrites and my old peps cohabitate. Oh and of course the sheila of the pair has the big butt, lol
  2. I had no frozen food the other day and fed every one just some flake food that I have on hand for these times, check out the head of the peps, the red in their heads is the flake food, lol These are a couple of old adult/hermaphrodites i have had for years, nice red lol
  3. A while back I let this pain in the butt in into my tanks and for a while I lost interest and hair algae really got going. A couple of weeks back I decided to get rid of it all. The greying, lol, is the start of its demise.
  4. You never see these guys! I have a few anem shrimp in the tank but you never see them, so in goes a mini and four fight over it, these guys won, lol
  5. Experiment Shows That Fish Can Recognise Human Faces - Gizmodo Australia https://apple.news/AAe0tlS0lSkO-tvJhblWuJg
  6. Your wives may try to hurt you if you try this in your house, but I had an old salt and pepper grinder that stopped working a long time ago so I've repurposed it to feed my fish fry. I'm in a sling at the moment so I'm limited to building small things at the moment. Introducing the fish food grinder!!!! https://vimeo.com/169651369 I mixed fish flake, fluval shrimp granules and some algae wafers in there and it grinds it all up haha Tell me what you think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I haven't been on this site in ages so feel like I probably have to reintroduce myself haha. Some may remember me though or I know personally anyway. The time has come to setup my fishroom again, the shed is built, power connected and walls and roof insulated so starting to get into the nitty gritty stuff now soooo, who's still here? What's changed in this joint?
  8. The pair of harls have separated, its her time to pass on her youngsters. She has gone to a safe spot and poor hubby is left looking out and waiting, she wont let him near her for now and waves at any fish that swim near by, lol I got here out and had a look at them, so cute and she nipped me, good on her, lol! This is hubby waiting. Her hiding spot, she opens up, fans them, then closes again and one has fallen off so far, in my hand, lol.
  9. Quick let me in that cave, I am supposed to be hunting dinner and the missus is coming!!
  10. How many other forms of reef life you know of that can rip an arm off?!! Well there are others but my harls are pretty butch, they ripped this arm off a sea star in just 30 mins, lol, and no the sea star did not drop the arm, the guys did it, lol
  11. In my system, that's funny This little guy in the has been in the second tub for ages and I neve noticed the blue and green spots before, i would have thought the little blue ring in there would have taken it out, the three little cuties in there seem to be able to avoid it nicely!
  12. So I got sick of seeing the guys chewing a saggy old well chewed black sea star hanging at the back of the rock! I put in some nice looking red sea stars and the guys just stuck with the daggy black one. An hour later on, I went to feed the fish and here is the big female amongst the scolis where I dropped the sea stars, problem is the sea stars had moved on ages ago, she is dumb, the colour is the same but she is not bright enough to know the difference between red scolis and sea stars that are not there now, derrrr! Anyway I gave her one and off she went dragging it back to hubby!
  13. Well not really, but they are most certainly more receptive and colourful along with all my inverts. If you can keep other stresses at bay, I have found 23c is the way to go, 22c is getting a bit to stressful for most tropical species and many subtropical will stress and potentially suffer and die at 25c! For most reefers the way their set ups are done, stress levels are too high to do this affectively, so don't! I do this to satisfy many of my species, raise oxygen, lower metabolism and reduce bacteria's speed of ammonia production.
  14. They are promoting plankton I think it is called dymico and advanced----- did a thing on it, I haven't read it, the link follows, but no I do not use plankton, I synthesis how it works by other means but still naturally, its far too complex to go into! It took me all these years to get each bit working and understand it all and I have tried to show others how it works but they don't get it! Period!!!!!! Plus it is labour intensive and the ways in which it works, defy all the ways you are advised to achieve a reef at home. I mean just one part of this I was destroying the importing low caulerpenyne algae trimmings in certain ways and not throwing it away and using its contents and returning it to enable valuable natural actions, it makes no sense to the way reefers are advised I mean its been a given from many years back from quite a bit of diving seeing life out there in action and taking many home and much more, then you get to understand that plankton is the oceans cleaner, let alone where the start for near all marine life occurs and having this function for my tank was a must and it took well over 20 years focused on just that, till I got it to work out, really well and not with plankton!! There are no algae, single or combined species that can achieve what diatoms, as just one major part of plankton, can achieve in filtering the ocean of basically everything! But I found one after looking for over 20 years, well my wife actually found it and the implications were astounding! Sadly I found once I got on a site or two that the net is chockers with monetary interests and opinions, not much else! I once read what gave earth it's oxygen and life to autotrophs, so I was inspired, there must be a way to achieve that in a small space and there was! So stupid me went to "that forum else where", what a stupid thing that was to do!! Anyway with my well versed physical understanding of all this and hopeless with any wording, I did it! No one i have shown can get it right, no mater what I did to show the multitude of functions that are all required to make it work, so its no more and I am glad of that! Oh and on a south African forum, that sadly bears the same initials as "else where", lol, said my ways were like the new triton method, lol, not likely! At least this idea will let some folks get an insight into how incredible important plankton is to ours and all lifes existence. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2012/2/aafeature
  15. From one little hammer last year came one extra, now the originalis ready with two more. The original at the bottom of the pic, you can see it is ofthree sections now.
  16. An imperator is very easy to keep, you need a hammer to kill one, lol, that's a given, but the endemic blue whip tail, as I have put up before, it’s a tough balance to create to get one to not just survive, but to keep its fins?? Lol Every time i look in my bottom tank and It comes to the front to look at me, not that I can see it with my algae covered glass and obviously not for my good looks, I am just one of the dinner people”, the personalty matching from so many observations, that sort of took over 30 years of many failures to get it right with the tank jammed with fish and shrimp, that food chain fish that is part of a rubbish bait family of fish, looks dam good to me and full of personality.
  17. Some time ago I chucked in a bit of algae and stupidly introduced hair alga and turf algae! It was annoying to use tweezers as in the past to pull it out from time to time so i put in these guys along with my tub cleaning crew land mine urchins and the green is near non existent and so far no coralline has been touched as well. It’s not easy to find just little urchins, but with some help after an hour or two in the rock pools, its all good. Their work result.
  18. Have no idea what it or was, but its size got too much and nothing was touching it at all, it didn’t attach but it was shading to many others, so out it went. Hey if its different or I have not tried it, I will, lol.
  19. The little blue ring from today’s low tide walk, is only just bigger then an American dime, which is slightly smaller then a 5 cent coin! There were the regular commercial guys there as well getting peppermint shrimp for the market that you guys buy, but I was looking for was a little ocy and Simon was after algae, not interested in what they were chasing, which are small and large anem, coral and any small animal eating nuisances, you know, peppermint shrimp! As I was saying to the guys that I showed many of the collecting sites to ages back, the guy with the license in his name and myself were joking with each other that one day reefers will wake up to peppermint shrimp being far worse then Aiptasia that we get them to eat! Hopefully reefers wont wake up to them too soon for those guys sake, when you get 200 to 600 hundred at a time, there is money to made off peps, lol.
  20. I put in a small section of an algae last year, now its fifty times is original size and silly me, when it was tiny I thought was a variation of capensis, it wasn’t! The other day I took it out to clean it and it is sort of slimy and there was the other tell tail of a haly, being blisters that only form on Halymenia when it is ready to multiply or rejuvenate! You can get it to do this via a bit of manipulation, but this one got through the heat and thrived, the beautiful sunny coast local one croaks at 25c to 26c, by that I mean it drops its foliage, this one powered through. So it looks like I might break off a few blisters and put it around the tank, I can’t find its actual name, but I have found it on the net and some folks use this one around the world and I have found it to be harmless and non invasive so, another haly gets going. The more common one sold in bris stores, I don’t like it and it’snot very interesting and I see it all the time, very common on the Moreton bay for shore, but this one, we will see. Oh and the local amphipod likes it so much it took to being red in colouration? I used a magnifying glass on it; it is the same as our endemic species, just quite red! The one in the pic is the largest of all the red dots buzzing around in the bowl, this one is black and red, the others are totally red which makes this one an adult i would assume. Blisters or in horticulture terms, bulbs. Plant pod
  21. This one appears to have an arm, a bit bent though, wrist, palm and fingers, oh I see, it’s a limb sea star, new species? Lol At least each third dive I see a unique sea star, not species, just unique for that species at the time. Oh and maybe a bat sea star?
  22. This guy is getting on my nerves, I will be glad when my mate picks it up! I look in the tub that I breed red line lysmata in and up it comes begging for food and i always give in and its nearly taken all my cunjevoi I thought would last for years that I keep Just as treats for my other fish. Monday after the mates work it and the others are gone!!
  23. I put this guy in with a girl friend on Friday and have not seen them since, till today! Not seen this species here before but due to warmer waters here these days they usually live at the tip of auz, the school of them was over 50 or so, they are happy here now, lol. I am not into anthias but they were so cute and colourful, tonight they came out and fed then darted back in, at least I know they are alive and where they live. 20 to 30 years back winter temps got down to 14c to 15c on the SEQ outer reefs by late August, it has not got below 17c for over 15 years now. 18c is the beginning of stress for tropicals that come here in the east auzy as planktonic life to fin d a home and grow and by 16c its death. The guys face.
  24. The smaller of the two harls did its sad look with droopy claws as they do and so I put in a fresh sea star for it. This is the fifth sea star they have consumed the soft tissue that is, so they turn to life less beads after that. They will come out to the glass and just stare till you put a sea star in, all the ones i have had before and the last was in the late 80s always do the same after the first two or three sea stars, they seem to realise that you put them in. The little guy did the paralysis drug injection straight away of which they both can do and invited the missus over for dinner, I can just see the look as it injects, ha ha, you are so easy to con food out of, lol. Some sea star species react quite badly to the injection and may die and pollute your tank! Please!!!! I’ll just stop it from taking off. So what do you reckon hun, tasty hey, not to bright that human.
  25. This big guy that I have had for near 4 years now has a simple life in the second tub and has never harmed anything of any value, so its life there is secure. I have had two others out fo the millions I see over the last 30 plus years, but this one i have kept, its got real talent! It gets a good mix of foods along with its little mate of near 3 years, that one is an algae decorator crab and not a great dresser! The sponge guy uses what ever I put in as its gear for that week or month or two and it does grow some healthy sponge content as well, it’sa good gardener?? This is its latest dress up night; this all went in and was allput on over night! I had gotten some sponge foods for my guys and I dropped in some for the decorator to play with and alittle ulva and more so it could dress up, the next morn this was it.
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