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Found 86 results

  1. You never see these guys! I have a few anem shrimp in the tank but you never see them, so in goes a mini and four fight over it, these guys won, lol
  2. Hi all, Hope this finds you all well. Firstly, not sure if this is the right section to post this in as I am new to the forum. Sorry in advance if it is moderators... I have a ~3 year old, really healthy Red Tiger Oscar that's ~230mm long. He is really healthy, happy, has heaps of character, great colour patterns, no worms or diseases etc. He currently lives by himself in a 4ft 189 litre tank with a 20mm rocky pebble base that he likes to rearrange a fair bit. I'm wanting to sell him to a loving home if possible. I will not be letting him go into the wild either way! Even though some idiots have already done this in Townsvilles Ross river from what I have heard... So what are they roughly worth at this age, health and length/size? Thanks for the help, info and advice in advance! Kind regards Steve
  3. After a lot of life getting in the way of fish I'm back up on the gold coast at Upper Coomera & looking forward to get back into aquatic things Still got a few Tanganyikans, even some Lepto Mpimbwe to sell haha Hi to all & I'll see you round the forum Cheers, Pete
  4. Hi Everyone, just got some new guppy's and was wandering how long to quarantine them, before adding them into my main tank that has Endler's and some guppy's in it as well. Also how can I tell if the new guppy's have a disease that will wipe out my current population, (last time i introduced new guppy's, i lost 20 guppies, Out of 23), and how do I then treat them. thanks in advance for the help.
  5. looking for ps. zebra long pelvics . mainly looking for females but would like a spare male. I have 1m/2f at the moment. I live in Townsville so would need to ship them but would really like to get these guys breeding so would like fresh bloodline if possible cheers Lenny
  6. How long dose it take for young discus to grow up ready for breading a and how big( e.g. 10cm. Are they fragile and what do they eat (list if possible). Thanks, littlebitfishy
  7. Easter long weekend sale at The Age Of Aquariums !!. Up to 50% OFF on selected items !!. Starting now and ending Midnight Tuesday ( 7 / 4 / 15 ) You have four days to grab these insane specials. 25% off all Water Conditioners ( Fraction , API , Easy - Life ) 20% off all New Life Spectrum Fish Food 20% off all Blagdon Products ( Pond Filters , Pumps , Uv's ) 25% off all Ocean Nutrition fish food ( Dry ) 20% off all Deltec products ( Protein Skimmers , Returns pumps ) 20% off all Aquabee submersible / inline pumps 20% off Dupla Marin Dosing Pumps 30% off Worx Freshwater & Marine LED's 15% off all Ecotech Marine Radion Leds !! 15% off all Aqua Illumination LED's ( Hydra 26 / 52 ) 25% off all Hydor Koralia Powerheads 20% off All CO2 Equipment / Hardware ( Dupla , Ista , Tunze ) 20% off All Substrates / Coral Sand / Gravel ( CaribSea , Eco Complete , ADA ) 15% off all External Filters ( Fluval , Worx , Marina , Aquael , ADA ) 25% off all Heaters ( Hydor , Fluval , Shogun , Titan , Eheim ) 25% off all Sponge filters ( Including Bulk Buy ) 50% off 32mm Bio Balls 20% off all Submersible pumps ( Laguna , Tunze , Aquabee , Blagdon , Hydor ) 20% off all Air pumps ( High Volume LP's , Airlab , Worx , Fluval , Blagdon ) 20% off all Test kits ( Redsea , API , Elos , Salifert ) 25% off all Seneye products ( Seneye Reef , Seneye Home , Seneye Web Server - Discount does not apply to Seneye Slides ) 25% off all Algae Magnets / Scrapers ( Aquablade's . Tunze , Serenity ) 20% off all Filter Media ( Chemi Pure , Rowa , Nitra Guard ) 25% off all AOA Fish food ( AOA Bits , AOA Algae Wafers ) 25% off all New Era Fish Food ( Cichlid Green , Red , Pleco Logs ) 20% off all Koi Food ( JPD , Ocean Nutrition , Kusuri ) 25% off all Marine Supplements ( Continuum , Caribsea , RedSea 20% off all Coral Foods ( Reef Roids , Phyto & Zoplan ) And 10% off everything else not listed above !!. To receive your discount please mention AOAEASTERSALE in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Our trading hours over easter in store are Friday 3rd - Closed Saturday 4th - Open 9am - 5pm Sunday 5th - Closed Monday 6th - Closed Tuesday 7th - Open 9am - 5:30pm Our online store is open 24 hours per day at Age of Aquariums - Aquarium Products.com.au All orders placed over this period will be shipped from Tuesday onwards. In the event that we run out of stock during the sale of a particular item you will be notified via email / phone. All pricing will be honoured and out of stock items will be supplied as more stock arrives. No further discounts apply. Happy Easter and hope you all have a enjoyable time with family , friends and doing water changes lol
  8. how long will it take to cycle 15,000 L ?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. With a rough constant bubble flow is there a formula that will give an estimate on how long a certain sized co2 bottle will last on a certain sized planted tank? Its gotta be the most common and difficult to answer question I ever face. And I can only go off what mine last me to answer. Wondering if someone has a neat little equation to share?
  11. ....Hi all looking to buy a 2nd hand or ner new display tank for my Frontosa colony needs to be with a cabinet not a stand. if anyone's looking to sell one with in 2hrs drive from Toowoomba qld 4352 let me know pm me or sms me on 0403745984 cheers
  12. Just wondering how long fish hold there eggs for before they hatch into fry? I am new to my fish breeding it is the first time they have done it, all info would be much appreciated I have kigoma frontosa, hongi, saulosi and a elongatus mphanga holding atm I caught the fronny spitting some of her eggs out this morning but she has gone back to rolling her mouth around again. All the others have been holding for a couple of week now.
  13. He seems to have the upper hand for the moment but something tells me that will all change one day soon....
  14. Hi Everyone, Im looking to purchase Long Fin Bristlenose catfish, Im additec to them:help: Dan
  15. Ok so finally finished my 4x2x2 1/2 I have had the fx5 running on the 3fter to get bacteria for about a month and put about 60 litres of water from 3fter in plus the usual others with new water. So how long before I can transfer fish over to new tank
  16. How long does it take you guys to receive your items from AOA? Ordered heaters Tuesday, was really expecting them today.. Slow deliveries, no chance before the weekend?
  17. Ive got three in a tank for my daughter and they are laying every 2 weeks on the underside of the lids .Am at 4 batches now but no sign of hatching , any thoughts? My daughter os checking them 3 tomes a day i think shes getting anxious
  18. Hi people just wondering if you get less hatch able eggs if you strip a frontosa after 2 days when compared to letting her hold for 6 days and if this is true any ideas why this is. Thanks. Mark
  19. Really keen to grab a bucket for the Tropheus to try. What sort of timeframe are we talking @ The Tech Den @ ageofaquariums
  20. Hi kind folks, getting back into fish after a long hiatus, a quick troll of AOA revealed that not much has changed. Any aquarium action in the Northern Rivers area?
  21. A question about ageing aquarium water... I have recently started ageing my aquarium water as the water from my tap is around a pH of 6.8/7 and my aquarium water is around 7.4/7.6. So I have been ageing my aquarium water for about two weeks now, about 24hrs prior to doing a water change. I always check the pH of my aged water and aquarium water before changing the water and all has been fine. Today I went to do another water change and checked the pH of the aged water which had been aerating for 24hrs and it was around pH of 8!! I wasn't sure if I should use it so I tipped it out and started again, but this time only let it age for 4hrs, then checked the pH and temperature which was the same as my aquarium. So my questions are: 1. Is it OK to only age water for 4 hrs to prevent pH rising to much? (I use prime as well) 2. Why did the pH of the aged water rise higher than it has previously? I hadn't done it any different than usual (let it aerate for 24hrs with aerator and heater) 3. When ageing aquarium water is it OK to cover the container with a lid? I would really appreciate some help with this. thank you
  22. too my knowledge, "hugo" as was named by my partner is only 3 years old, eats a varied diet of pellets/frozen foods and has always been a much loved pet. to the all of lastnight he was still eating fine, and first thing this morning although not in his usual territory he was down the other end still seemingly fine.. now ive had to rescue him into a net trying to keep him up right, as i found him rolling over on what appears to be his "last legs", quite shattered as a fish's price doesn't always matter when its a pet just wondering if anyone knows the general lifespan of PSG's and maybe he was getting quite old for his kind ? im really not sure, he is a good 15cm+ i dont have high hopes for him at this current time, but im going to try save him regardless,
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. so just got some pep and l397 fry and was just wondering couple of things. i boiled the zucchini for couple of minute to make it abit softer. so how long can i leave the zucchini/ cucumber in the tank for? what other veg can i feed them? what about carrots?
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