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Found 31 results

  1. Hi Everyone i have been searching for awhile now and have not been able to find either of these synos anywhere is aus. (well i lie i have been told of 6 flavs but they are all the same sex and owned but the one person). anyway my question is has anyone see any in the last few years? or would it be safer to say that the few that were here have most likely died off. (would have to be atleast 10 years old.) even tho i synos can live for along time and i have one that is estimated to be 20 years old accidents happen. i really am thinking that if not already then within the next few years will sadly be able to say we can no longer own these beautiful fish in australia. i guess the main point of my post is that i want someone to prove me wrong
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. i was browsing the tube last year and i stumbled across the most amazing largest private s.a cichlid aquarium i have ever seen. i cant believe ive found it :-) well enjoy people
  6. Hey all, As some would be aware, I'm working on getting a 6x2.2x2.2 up and running, but have run into a snag when it comes to working out the lighting. As far as my experience goes, I have had 4 other tanks all using Hagen GloLite Ballast systems running t5 fluros at various wattages. I have another 6x2x2 that is running 2x 54w bulbs, spanning the whole tank (one bulb for each half). I normally would just go for the same sort of setup, as that is what I have experience with, but with this new tank, the hood is different from my others and cannot have the bulbs attached to it. So. I'm stumped as to what I should do for lighting for this new tank. Normally I don't have to worry about certain levels as I only have a few plants in the tank, but this one I want to have fairly green. The hood is designed for the long full light systems that rest on shelves or on the glass, to which I am actually quite new. I was looking at either This light or this much more powerful version Now, I have read that with planted tanks a certain amount of light is required, however larger the tank the more different the balance. It all has me quite confused. Would going for the 4x96w be better or would the 4x30w cut it? I know the former will be far more costly with the power bill, but is it going to make a huge difference to the plants?
  7. Hey guys, Heres the story.. Started off a great day, Anniversary with the mrs, Work was going well and then I get a message saying call me, Spoke to the mrs and she didnt know what to do or say really. The heater in my CRS tank had failed, The tank was at a consistent 24 for the past month, Everything was going great. The tank was at 34 when my Mrs turned the lights on this morning. The heater was set to 22 as I had to calibrate it a little to get it right and it was all perfect.. It was a 2x18x18 with an elite 150w Heater not even 1 year old. I basically lost 20 crs, 10 A grades which were closer to S in my eyes, And 10 S grades, Some had the potential to produce higher easily. There were at least 5 berried as well.. Now I dont know what to do, I thought keeping shrimp would be a nice change and keep me motivated in the hobby, Now I'm considering selling the 20+ tanks I own and having a long break! The initial cost wasnt easy to spend on a few little shrimp and it seems it was all for nothing. End rant! Bad day for me!
  8. Man is this a depressing post to write put with the experience in this forum... maybe some answers for what has just happened Firstly the details of the tank 4ft x 15 x 18 going for over 12mths...new filter eheim 2217 bought as xmas gift fully cycled never had any issues with it...run it with 2 bags of perigan and matrix carbon added...Over the time added different fish..only had i issue with a very battered albino peacock...and a random sexificatus death...2 months ago added powerhead to help with pushing stuff around so filter can work as of this morning 10.30am the tank had 1 x 20cm Venustus now gone 1x 15cm Rostratus ditto 1x 15 cm Protomelus Steveni 1x 10 cm eureka red..nice nice fish 1x 12cm red empress ..now gone 1x6 cm Neolamprologus tretocephalus) now gone 1x 12cm Kandango Red...gone 1x 10cm Kandango blue..also gone These are the survivors 1xred empress 1 mgaino 2 x hongi 1 x aurutus 1x blue peacock 1x tangerine peacock..this is my second favourite looking fish..thank DDF aka donny 1x electric blue 1x electric yellow 1x electric yellow cross with something...sold to me incorrectly as a peacock given that i cleaned the main filter was six weeks ago this was the 3rd major clean ...last weekly water change was 6 days ago with water parameters check 2 days ago 8.0 ph 0 ammo 0nitrite 10-20 ppm nitrates ..maybe once in while 2-3 weeks add stability or bio aid as a precaution... got the emergency phone call at work ....came home did a water test 8.0 ph ammo 1ppm nitrites 5ppm nitrates 20ppm...attributed this to the deaths...did water change ...all now at 0 have been for over an hour... What has done this ....have these fish been electrocuted or another problem i should was for... Any ideas would be helped... Currently morning with a couple of drinks
  9. Hey Everyone, can someone make a list of all of the Abreviations that are used on QLDAF... Im gettting lost with all the 'Lfs' and so on.. haha so could someone post up all the abreviations that they know of/ have seen... (FISH Related please) Cheers, Crystal.
  10. OK, thanks to a mate I was given a Brand New Sealed in the Box RO Unit ... I have a Rack of 16 Tanks that I was hoping to use this on, have gotten everything prepared, I have built a Sink Unit next to the Rack and the Plumber has completed the Water Setup last week. I have the Tubing and also a Float Switch so its less then half an hour to finalise the completition ... So Totally Confused and unsure with how this works and if its going to be correct to use. Anyone live near Browns Plains that can help or anyone explain the benifits of using a RO unit over any other method? Otherwise I'll have an RO Unit for sale real soon lol Thanks in Advance
  11. hi guys have lost one of my breeders and am worried am about to lose the partner and the other pair i have. all my levels are spot on, there is no substrate in the tanks and they are both running on a sponge filter. have treated them with protozin water treatment, stress guard and have also tried fungade but to no avail. the one that died had what looks like blisters or growths on it, one is half way down the body the other was near the base at the tail. I have taken pics and would like some advice asap so i dont lose the others. thanks
  12. hello everyone, I just went to feed my blue acara fry (next to my ellioti and bn) and 5 of the ellioti I was growing up to swap with ddf for new blood dead. its because this morning I got some bn shipped by frinkie (if anyone ever needs anything shipped, contact him, he deas a great job). I caught the bn out into a bucket with heaps of water from the same tank and I was running a hang on filter on the tank so I stopped it because the water level was too low. And then I had to leave home, so I didn't get to put new water in and turn on the filter again. new water is in now and the rest seem fine. I'm sad now.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. hey i have one platy in a tank with half dozen and a redclaw and very small oscar in small tank, yet to cycle new tank to move them one platys is sort of floating on its side but does swim down occasionally but upside down only fish in there with the syptoms ph 7.6 no2 2.0 n03 20.0 amm 0 thanxs
  16. Hey Everyone Had a major F*&k up in the aquarium side of things today that almost cost me my favourite fish. I fed my Barra and jack shrimp feeders like always, but i was not greeted with the usual feeding frenzy. Alarm bells immediately rang, I stuck my hand in the tank and then got an electric shock, which scared the shit out of me....I then switched the power off and turned each powerhead and filter on one by one. I isolated the problem to a faulty powerhead that was giving off an electric shock. I then realised the water was quite warm, checked the temp and the water was sitting on a cool 38 degrees. This was also caused by the faulty powerhead, picked it up out of the water and was so hot I could barely hold onto it. I am now replacing the water slowly and bringing down the temp, hope they all pull through ok. Has anyone else had this happen?
  17. Hi All, I purchased a few pepermint fry a few months ago; they looked like standard normal peppermints. One of the peppermints (now about 5cm) had gradually lost it's spots - it only has about 5 small spots on each side of it's head. It's body remains dark black in colour. It just hasn't lost colour like they do somtimes. It's black with only a couple of spots left.... Does anyone know why this would be? Or had seen it happen before? Thanks for your help!
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Found one of my clown fish (female) in the back of my tank in the filter section. Is there anything I can do to stop them getting in the back? Also my clowns were a pair, what are the chances of getting another female that my male will pair to.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. Hello all, I have mainly been using this site for fish related material, but I figured its best to ask here for this filter related issue. Hopefully there is a simple resolution to my dilemma. You see about 3 years ago I purchased a Fluval FX5, in the last year I have been thinking that the flow has reduced substantially. It wasn't actually until yesterday when I installed a Resun 2000L/H internal that I realised just how bad the FX5 had indeed become. The Fluval hardly causes a stir in the tank (4ftx1.5x1.5) debris setlles directly to the bottom and it's a concern. I placed my hand infront of the output to see that it was a only just a gentle flow ... I would estimate well under 1000l/h. The Resun is hammering along and causing all sorts of currents (which I enjoy). Just saddened to think my FX5 has lost its mojo. Any FX5 experts or advice on where to go from here, or troubleshooting would be much appreciated. Cheers Grimace
  22. in pfk hieko bleher reports that the amazon is pretty much dried up the pictures where horrific, look after your fish and breed them it might be alls thats left. link- http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=3329&utm_source=PFK_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=November_5_2010&utm_term=The_greatest_Amazon_River_disaster_in_history&utm_content=html
  23. Thought i put a post up for people to post/ask for replies about lost info ......... the for sale sections is flooded with crap , its hard enough to sort through without all the other posts there , keep it for the SALES plz Im after who ever it was that was selling the eureka red peacocks x 10 3-4cm as i've lost your addy & details Terry
  24. up until a week ago both my male and female rams were colouring up nicly getting golden head and colour to there fins.. but last weekend i had to go away for work and got mum to feed them. came back and my male blue ram has lost his black side spot. he still has the dark stripe throught the eye and black dorsal spines but has lost his spot.... female still looks perfectly normal too so i dunno what the go is??? any ideas?? cheers jacob.
  25. well well well i had a phone call yesterday to tell me my son had tipped almost 2kg of food into my tank :irked: was at work at the time so couldnt do much..told the wife to get as much out as she could and wait until i get home appx 2-3hours.. got home pulled out all the gravel and rocks to get the rest of the food out ..then did %70 water change ...and fish looked happy... woke up this mourning to find cloudy water and every fish dead.. the only thing i can think of was that there was food (sinking micro pellet) sucked into the canister and the bio load was to strong and then caused a spike.. just a word of warning to those out there, because no doubt this has happened to other's and will prolly happen again.. although my food was on top and towards the back of my tank..my crafty lil 3yr old was still able to pull a chair over and get to it..so please make sure your food is WELL away from your tanks and children no matter how much you think they will not get it..there like lil ninga's i thought he did get to my prime also but luckly i had and empty bottle and not a full one..so could have been alot worse for him and us one thing i could of done better was to turn the canister off so it would stop sucking water/food in and this after affect may not of happened... either way it sucks ass and now my pride fish are gone
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