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Found 10 results

  1. This halymenia algae variation was near gone earlier in the year, now due to higher oxygen levels when I fry the stinking hair algae with peroxide and my tanks are running at 21c till September from May, its looking quite good in three spots.
  2. New to keeping Angel fish, hope to get some advice here!
  3. 1. Does having a sunken log in the tank help soften the water? 2. I've heard of using Liptons teabags to soften water. Is this successful? 3. Without using chemicals or bottled treatments is there a process to soften water naturally? 4. Does soft water always have a low PH? 5. I once heard that when hatching eggs away from the parents, once hatched the water level needs to be lowered so that when the fry become free swimming they can swim to the surface easier to fill their swim bladders. Fact or fiction? 6. Will water flow from a pump affect the fertilisation success, particularly in angel fish. I'm asking because the last time these angels bred there was a high fertilisation and this time there was nothing. I had moved the pump to get it out of their way once I saw they were ready to spawn and didn't want the fry getting sucked up. 7. When using brine shrimp to feed fry, is a small amount of salt water going to bother angel and Krib fry? Most of the online videos talk about washing the shrimp, but we do a 20%-30% water change every day with aged water( 3 day old tap water in a seasoned tank) and never put more than 2 tablespoons of saltwater in there with the brine shrimp. 8. Is 3 days long enough to age water coming from the taps in Brisbane? I have a 30 gallon tank which I usually use around 10 gallons from on a daily basis, and top up with tap water afterwards. There is no smell but the water is slightly green. Can anyone see a problem with that? 9. Has anyone had a problem using logs, rocks and plants from any of Brisbanes creeks? 10. Is there a community in SE Qld that is dedicated to dwarf Cichlids? 11. What are the winning numbers for this Thursdays Powerball?
  4. The amount of latz and conspics is amazing me this year. This one and a keyhole were having a tiff,lol. One of the two at this site has paired up with a Meredithi, big bucks for those off spring,lol.
  5. ok so iv got this 8*2*2 setting in the garage out side of the fish room and its been empty since i got it 3 months ago so to day i went to get the sand and some other gear to set it up .the plane is to grow some plants that i can maintain with only a few bulbs on the tank .not to shore on the plants yet but iv got a heap of anubis left over from another project so i can start with that. filter has not been put on yet as im not shore what to use only got 2 sponge fillters so far .please give me some tips on plants and anything else .so hear is some pics of how i did the substrate. this is the tank empty its not much to look at but for my first planted tank it will do some of the stuff i got from bunnings 2 of bags corse sand 2 bags of washed sand
  6. Hey i got a 4x 18x15 i wanna turn into a planted/tropical tank but have a few questions. first of all i have never done a heavly planted tank before and i am NOT made of money,i know i can combat the Co2 issue with liquid co2 supplements but i still need to ask a couple of things. No1.Whats a cheap plant substrate(to mix with gravel/sand to feed the plants) No2.WHats the best substrate out of sand and gravel? No3. any good fish suggestions for it? no4. how much filtrTION you guys recon is needed? and lastly. no5. what should i remember NOT to do to make shore this works? thanks guys Chris
  7. just thought id post a few pics of my newly rescaped african tank still yet to add maingano but so far got blue yellow tail acei and some electic yellow IMG_3660 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:3jgfmveu] IMG_3651 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:3jgfmveu] IMG_3656 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:3jgfmveu] IMG_3635 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:3jgfmveu] IMG_3636 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:3jgfmveu] IMG_3675 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:3jgfmveu] thanks jon
  8. trying to get settings right on this very very complicated camera testing new camera 002.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]testing new camera 001.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]testing new camera 007.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]testing new camera 009.JPG[/attachment:1jihqrji]will put more up soon it takes a long time atm
  9. Ok here goes ive been wanting to do this write up for a long time now, so here goes. it all started over 2 years ago, me and my girlfriend had just finished buying some new furniture and we had alot of packaging foam left over, n i thought wat the hell iam gonna make a background for the 6ft. I started off with a very big piece which i drew on wat i wanted to do. then came many long hours in the garage carving out n shaping foam to make rocks n etc... everything was going good even made a under gravel jet system but soon scrapped that idea when i realize it was going to make the background about 4'-6' thick to hide the piping behind the background. then everything changed, i got my tax back n decided to buy a much bigger tank so i went to aquariums r us n ordered a 8' x 2' 2' tank, stand n hood. so mow my background was too short n not wide enough for the 8ft tank. so a few quick add ons n i was back up to speed. Now because this was going to be for our baby snake neck turtle Fred, i made up some mangrove roots that i was going to have at one end for any fish to hide in when ever fred got too much for them. but it was scraped after a while when i found out it was almost impossible to cement n that it couldnt hold its own weight with cement. i tried fiberglass but that dissolved the foam so i ended up with just using some twisted tree branches, problem solved I did some test rocks out of foam n using the render cement u get from bunnings n mixed it with some hydro crete water proofing n bonding agent. found it to work really well so on with the rest of the background. Then it arrived WOOOO . i couldnt resit putting the background in to see how it would look. slowly i continued cementing the background n staining the stand n hood in Australian jajah. But then some bad news , our little fred passed away from a lung infection. so the whole project was put on hold for awhile till i decided wat to do with it n wat to stock, do i get another baby snake neck or just stick to fish. then slowly over a few months the background was finished n coated in 6 coats of clear estapol. and was ready to move into the house. The big day came when i emptied the 6ft n moved it out of the way. 4 of us it took to move into the house. Then came the not so long and tiring siliconing in place of the background, while at the same time filling the house with fumes from the silicone. :perplex: :upsidedown: allowing the silicone to cure for its recommended 72hrs i went back in to colour, mixing up a runny mix of render, colouring n hydro crete i painted away for a entire arvo n nite. Let that all dry for another 2days b4 i very slowly n anxiously filled with water, as ive heard of people having their backgrounds lifting off n floating around. I ran a spare canister filled with carbon on the tank for a few days with daily water changes. i finally drained it added my sand, rocks n plants n my 2 canisters which i still had running on my 6ft. let that run for a week n a half b4 i added my fish. and thats that, it now houses 2 gold head comp juveniles, 15 cyps juveniles, small colony of 11 multis and 3 albino BN thanks for looking, if u have any questions iam happy to answer anything on wat ive done or wat ive used. Cheers Dno.
  10. Hey all, If your looking at anything to do with aquaria DIY check out this site. It has everything. http://www.aquariaforums.com/entry.asp?TYP=1. BJ
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