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Found 33 results

  1. I was recently reading an article and I came across these Gammarus shrimp. I've been looking for an easy to culture live food for a while now bbs are fiddly and I'm still nowhere near being successful with daphnia, I'm pretty successful with blackworms but I would like to have a second culture of some sort. It said that these can survive fresh and brackish water and not only help cleaning up but are also an excellent food source for fish. My questions: 1. Can you get these in Australia 2. Would they be too large for Bumblebee gobies, desert gobies? 3. Would they harm smaller fish like endlers? 4. How compatible are they with other shrimp species It would be awesome if someone has some experience with these. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm looking to actually start actively caring for an corner style, triangular aquarium I inherited from a friend (about 50cm x 50cm x 70cm). Note that until now, it's basically been a box of water in an ignored corner of the house with 1 anubia on driftwood, and random java moss. Only a couple of platys and guppies which must be pretty hardy, as I rarely take any interest in them, and a few cherry shrimp. No filtration or aeration at all, and a dodgy little underpowered warm coloured LED light which means I can hardly see in the tank anyway. The substrate is just multi-coloured 10-20mm gravel. I'm at a crossroads - either get rid of the tank, or have a decent crack at setting it up and getting some enjoyment for both myself and the inhabitants. I've moved it to my office right next to my desk, so hopefully I'll get to enjoy it and give it the time/energy it deserves. I'm basically just after a nice looking tank, with bugger all maintenance/interaction (which in itself might be impossible). I'm happy to buy a better LED light so I can actually see what's in there, and can accept that a filter might be necessary, but would like to keep this as low maintenance and cost as possible. Don't really care what fish are in there, again so long as they're hardy, cheap, and don't take much work. IMHO plants make the aquarium, so I'm after advice about what species to plant where. Being stuck in a corner, I'm thinking tall plants towards the back, moving down to shorter plants towards the front. I'd really appreciate advice, including what to plant where. Once again, you guessed it, they must be hardy, and require little maintenance. Due to competing priorities, I'd be lucky to have an hour per week to spend on caring for this tank. Perhaps if I get more enjoyment out of it, I'll rearrange these priorities. I can accept that I might be wanting the impossible, and if so I'll walk away from it. Feel free to be brutally honest - I can take it! So, any advice from the ground up - substrate, plants, fish, equipment?
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of doing a low tech planted set up, maybe a 3 or 4ft tank. Never done plants, would like it low tech. No C02, expensive lights etc. Don't mind adding a bit of aquarium dirt and ferts though. Ive tried searching for articles on here but to no avail. Would just like advice on how to set it up very basic. Any articles worth a read floating around? Cheers
  4. Can anyone recommend some low light floating plants for my indoor pond? It gets sunlight for around 2-3 hours a day and ambient light all day. I'm not using any aquarium lights and I don't plan on using any in the future. Cheers!
  5. Hi, I am looking for a 20mm (3/4") or 25mm (1") bulkhead to fit a 65-75mm clearance at the back of the tank so I would need a bulkhead with a low profile or thin lock nut. Does anyone know where to get something like those in the pictures below? They seem to have a very low profile locking nut. I can easily take off the excess threads. (Images borrowed from the internet)
  6. .Hey guys and girls just starting to delve a little into plants and was wondering what plant would live under standard lighting and no co2. I alredy have Anubis, Java ferns, swords, and banana Lilly's, Just looking for other plants suggestions.
  7. It Hasn't Been Watered In 40 Years, But This Plant In A Bottle Is Perfectly Healthy. WHOA.
  8. Got a heap of small tanks to set ? Looking for a cheap Filter ? Then we have a BUY for you 10 x XY-2835 Sponge Filters for only $29.95 ($2.99ea or $2.70ea after discount) Use your 10% discount code QLDAF10 to receive an addition 10% OFF These filters are also IDEAL for placing in transportation buckets in replacement of a air stone (not much more cost than an air stone also) xy-2835 Sponge Filter Large Aeration. Don't forget about our flat rate postage of only $7.00
  9. Hi Everyone We have launched a new website and have been offering some specials check this one out JUST IN TIME BEFORE THE COLD HITS 300w Heaters only $12ea buy 10 or more and get them for $10ea, Use your forum discount code QLDAF10 to get 10 % off and that brings them down to a low price of only $9ea LIMITED STOCK Biopro Glass Submersible Heater Aquarium Fish Tank 300w (OEM) NO BOX DON'T MISS OUT
  10. Can anyone recommend cheap plants for a tank with low light? Substrate is just river sand. Plants need to be fairly hardy and unappetising for both native fish and turtles. If anyone as plants that may suit in the Logan area I would be interested in hearing. Thank you!
  11. Air driven low power internal fluid bed filter - a new take on the old bottle stuck to the back of the tank. Wanted to have a unit that looked good in a a display tank and worked well. So what do you think?
  12. Aquael MidiKani 800 External Canister Filter - A True Self Priming Filter with incredibly low running costs. 800 litres per hour 6 watts 4 stage filtration Biological, Mechanical & Chemical filter media included Quality Fittings ( hoses & spray bar inc ) A True Self Priming external filter - Thanks to the inline pump fitted to the inside of the aquarium Quiet and Extremely reliable Aqua-Stop anti leak system 2 year Warranty Suitable for up to 250 litres Made in Europe Dimensions 20.5cm x 20.5cm x 33.5cm ( l x W x H ) Priced at only $129.00 per unit link - Age of Aquariums - Aquael MidiKani 800 Ben
  13. Being new to aquarium keeping, I keep hearing people rave about sumps and various builds etc etc I hope I am not alone on being naive when it comes to sumps. So what are the advantages? how do you decide the best design for a certain tank? Are sumps only for marine/ reef aquariums? Is their a minimum size where sumps become not worth it?
  14. Ok i have Cichlids Venustus Fry Red Empress White Knights Convicts + Fry RF Jewels Angelfish Marble and Silver + Fry Livebearers Mollies Guppies Catfish/Suckerfish Common BN Sailfin Pleco Can someone please help first by coping and pasting my list and add to it whether they are Carnivores, Omnivores or Herbivores. Also whether they should have high or low protein food, or can have high protein as an occasional food. What would you call high and low protein levels? eg between __% - __% At the moment for my fish i have Dry Omega One Super Veggie Flakes 33% Protein AquaFX Marine Pellets 35% Protein (was recommended to me for my some of my Cichlids) Hikari Cichlid Gold Mini Pellet % Protein Ocean Nutrition Community Formula Flakes 47.5% Protein New Life Spectrum Grow .5mm pellets 50% Protein Hikari First Bites Powder % Protein Hikari Algae Wafers 36% Protein Frozen Bloodworms Brineshrimp Cyclops Lastly who would you personally feed what to? Not asking for much hey.....;-) Thanks heaps Nicole :-)
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hey guys, I should be picking up some new fish this week that need a ph in the low 5s. I was thinking wood chips over a neutral sand substrate with IAL on top and peat in the filter. Not sure whether this will push the ph low enough but even if it's steady in the high 5s I think it'll be ok. Anyone got any pointers?
  17. Hi All, We now stock the range of Aqualina Slimline LED lighting. Extremely low power consumption eg: 24" unit only uses 5 watts !!!. Priced from $69.95. Link, Age of Aquariums - Aqualina Slimline LEDS Ben
  18. Mved my discus and plants to the four footer :-)
  19. Hi guys, It was about time I posted this in the right section. This gives you a good guide of what can be done low tech low maintenance set up. It does not have to be the bees knees and go all out on high tech gear. This is running co2 however could be achieved with the same results without co2 (only running at 1 bubble per two seconds and getting hardcore pearling after two hours anyway). So for those who think it is too hard, too expensive, or cannot be done then you need to think that anything is possible. This tank runs mostly crypts, mosses, needle leaf java fern and anubias. It is the easiest tank to clean and take care of (apart from the huge ass BBA outbreak thanks to Zanes Needle leaf). It does not need weekly or twice weekly trimmings, does not need any care what so ever. Can neglect the ferts for a week or two if you forget or do not want to and the plants do not mind. I have stopped dosing EI and have only been dosing flourish and flourish iron just because I had them left over and they need using and have not noticed any different to the growth. You can keep shrimp, apistogramma pair, and small fish such as my green neons happily in the one small cube so stocking is not limited. Enjoy; Apistogramma munching on a big cherry (good food source haha) Green Neon Tetras and Sparkling Gourami; Thanks, Adam
  20. hi all, first (and second) attempt at a planted scape tank. it has elodea, java moss, a thin val, and something i dont know the name of. only has cherry shrimp at the moment but i will be looking for some type of small fish to go in with them. filtration is just a small sponge and it doesn't run a heater at the moment. the first pic is the first attempt, the rest are how it is now
  21. i have a tank that allways has a ph of 6 it has x2 fluval x5 a gg, toga and silver sharks i would like to know why when all my other tanks are up around the 6.8 they all have the same reguler cleaning and water changes
  22. Ok so I promised Liverpool Creek I would post some photos up of my tank after I emailed them to him (a promise is a promise right?????) My first tank was a 212 Litre 3 foot tank and 4 weeks ago I upgraded to a 6 foot tank (a lovely G Maher display tank). I dont use any CO2 and only use Seachem Products (mainly flourish - small daily doses, Excel - daily dosage & a splash of iron if I think of it, same with trace). I do WC every week of about 25 - 30%, I never miss a week. T5 lighting on only 7 hours a day (but there is also some natural light in the room too). I do have a UV Steriliser. My fish are freshwater - angelfish, rummynoses, Bolivian rams, Bristlenose & corys. Recently added 2 x Siamese Algae Eaters & 2 x Clown Loaches (to keep any stray snails down). Anyway, I thought I would share my results with you guys because I promised Jeff. These plants all came out of my original 3 foot Aquarium (yep they were all squished in there - you can actually see the photo of that under my Angelfish Spawn thread) and they are loving the room - especially the swords - anyway, these photos were taken a week after the tank "swap over day". None of the plants seemed to have noticed the switch at all. I had trimmed the plants and removed any ugly leaves before re-planting them (and the swords were cut to about half of their original sizes). Ok I shall be back shortly with the update 4 weeks on and with some of Jeff's plants added.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Hey guys, I am in the process of setting up a 3ft community tank, and am wanting to have a few plants in it. I am setting this up on a budget so I am not interested in CO2, fertilisers, special substrate or upgrading the lighting. There will only be 1 x 3ft 30 watt (i think) fluoro, lighting the tank. What plants will be happy in this setting? Thanks in advance, Beau.
  25. Got an 18L tank with a blue fighter in it. Few plants, filter, heater, rock structure and a thermometer. All up it has cost me around $70 (Expensive tank). Last time I cleaned the tank was about 3 months ago, I clean the filter every month. There is not a drop of poo to be seen and the plants are thriving, but not out of control, the fish is happy and gets light from the other tanks beside it. This tank would have to be the most simple and easily maintainable tank ever. Because of its size and plants there is not a speck of algae in sight, but its just the fighter, and no snails (copper in rocks I think, they all abandoned ship when they went in). Its next tank clean is due in a couple of days, will hopefully get some pics of it during the clean.
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